If there are people following my pharmacy reviews, you know that I am currently searching for some cheap and good quality medications that I can get from an reliable (safe to purchase) online drug store and while I have been doing my research I come along another online drug store which can be found by domain address: qualityprescriptiondrugs.com so now I’m going to review it trying to make a conclusion whether it is recommended or not to purchase meds here. I’ve checked its front page for a little while and now I can make the conclusion that the website is easy to understand and easy to navigate through it with user friendly interface and that’s really good. The pharmacy has some seals on is front page suggesting that it is accredited by IPABC, CIPA it has 293 likes by Facebook users and it has some seals suggesting they have web security such as GeoTrust. In order to check if this is true or not I went on cipa.com and checked for qualityprescriptiondrugs.com. There I found that this online pharmacy is an active CIPA member. I have also found this online pharmacy being top rated (5 stars) by pharmacychecker.com. I’ve found information claiming that their headquarters is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, therefore this is an Canadian online pharmacy.

Selection of medications and prices for them on QualityPrescriptionDrugs.com

For searching for the drugs that you need you can use 2 buttons on their website: check prescription drug prices and another named Over The Counter meaning that their drugs are categorized by prescription and non prescription drugs. This means that this online pharmacy requires their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering any drugs in prescription drug category. By clicking on check prescription drug prices you can choose between brand, generic or both drug search which therefore means that this online pharmacy provides medications in both generic and brand form. Assumingly their selection of drugs is big. I’ve checked specifically for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and simply to give example of price: generic Viagra 50 mg tablet in 88 quantity would be 1.31 USD per pill (115 USD per total) and that’s a fairly good price, but I’ve seen prices much lower elsewhere.

Shipping and payment methods on QualityPrescriptionDrugs.com

This online pharmacy currently only ships to Canada, Puerto Rico and United States, the average delivery time is between 2 and 4 weeks, the shipping delivery fee is 9 USD and seemingly there’s a single shipping method. In regards to the payment methods this only pharmacy is accepting: personal checks, international money orders as well as certified checks and they’re also accepting E checks, American Express.

Customer Support Department on qualityprescriptiondrugs.com

You’re able to call this online pharmacy by toll free phone number but you can do it in their hours of operations to find someone answering your phone call. There’s a fax number which I can assume it is for sending your prescriptions or you can also send your prescriptions or simply talk with them by their email. Their customer support department can talk with you in Spanish if you call by another phone number. For getting in touch with them you’re also able to use their customer form which is basically the same as by writing them in email. One last way to talk with them is the old fashioned way via mail. There’s no live chat function unfortunately and that’s why I personally never contacted them.

Qualityprescriptiondrugs.com Coupon Codes

I’ve been trying to search if this online pharmacy is offering some coupon codes to their customers which can give you some discount and pay less, however I couldn’t find any coupon codes on their own website or external websites which means that they do not offer any, I can assume this is becase the information on their website suggests that by purchasing medications on this website their customers can save anywhere up to 80 % (20 – 80 %) on medications. But that’s by far not enough and especially since this online pharmacy isn’t offering anything else than that – no free pills, free shipping, coupon codes, deals, or special offers.

QualityPrescriptionDrugs.com Reviews

I’m a skeptical person by nature but I’m even more skeptical when it comes to online pharmacies and for this reason I’m trying to carefully check for customer reviews about an online pharmacy because they greatly help to understand whether it is worth or not buying from a specific pharmacy. So I obviously checked for customer reviews about this online pharmacy and I have found a lot of them on their own website which seemingly is a good sign especially since all of those comments where positive. Now the problem is that my skeptical nature makes me think that those are bogus reviews written to make people actually believe that they are offering amazing services. I hardly believe in customer reviews on the pharmacy’s website but I do believe in the customer reviews on interdepend/ external website and that’s what I have been searching for. I hardly found any customer reviews on internet, however I did found 25 of them all on pharmacychecker.com and the average rate of all those 25 reviews is 2 out of 5 meaning that it is pretty low. By checking through them I realized why, many people complained on a lot of things like for example: terrible wait time, nobody picks up phone when you call their customer care department or other people said that even if they do pick up the phone, they are unable to help you. There were very few actual positive customer reviews among all the rest which were negative with people saying that it is near to impossible to get in touch with them.


I would make a big mistake saying that this is a perfect online pharmacy as it is by far not the best that I have ever seen and this is by analyzing their special offers/ deals which are none and their customer reviews which are negative. With moderate (moderate – not best) prices and combination of mostly negative reviews and no deals/ special offers this online pharmacy receives 3 out of 5.

QualityPrescriptionDrugs.com Reviews

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