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Self-Introduction is an online pharmacy which claims to be a world famous pharmacy all around the world and they seem to claim being so famous because they are having over one million of happy customers. This is a huge claim and we hope that it is true as having so many customers is a sign of reliability and trustworthiness. The company is claiming that every customer is going to get quality, privacy and secure. Plus to that, there is information suggesting that here you would find low prices – best prices that someone can find on the web and in addition to that, customers can get a fast delivery which is 100% guaranteed. This is a trust pharmacy which seem to have special offers and many offers at all. I found some claims made by pharmacy that they are a Canadian pharmacy that has been online since 2001 – that’s all information which has been listed on the copyright. I hope all of that is true as a 18 years old pharmacy along with one million happy customers is to have trust in this pharmacy. Plus to that, there are some icons indicating they are CIPA and MIPA approved pharmacy, a seal suggesting they are having 5 stars rating by, they sell only FDA approved medications, verisign secure pharmacy and verified by VISA. All of this indicates the pharmacy is legitimate and regulated by some well known organizations, however I am going to check it all through my review. Although they claim to be a Canadian pharmacy, I couldn’t find a mention about the exact location of this online pharmacy. I also found info which claims that the company ships all over the world and warrant top quality service. Customers who are dealing with this company are able to save a lot of money and time with them. So far, all of this sounds pretty good, but we need to check it more carefully.

Assortment Diversity

Searching for medications here can be done through the quick search function and also through the first letters of the medications which are very helpful options allowing customers to search for the medications they need really quick.

But they are also having the catalog of drugs where they are categorized by health conditions and those categories of medications are being alphabetically arranged so customers can easier find what medications they need. So analyzing the catalog of drug’s categories I can assume the selection of drugs here is very big and very wide. There are medications such as: antibiotics, arthritis, heart disease, gastrointestinal, pain relief, diabetes and many other types of medications. With this being said I can assume that they are having a wide selection of drugs.

As much as we can notice in the screen above, the online pharmacy is offering the medications alphabetically arranged except for the best sellers, erectile dysfunction, and ED sample packs. With this being said, I can assume that the pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling ED types of medications, especially since in their bestsellers list of drugs, most medications seem to be from ED category. There you can find Viagra, Cialis, Clomid, ED Sample Pack 1, brand Viagra, Doxycycline and others.

I have also checked their ED medications where I found a really big list of ED types of drugs and I have checked through other types of drugs. They seem to have both generic and branded types of drugs, there seem to be OTC and prescription drugs and a lot of different categories of medications, all of which indicates that this online pharmacy is offering a very big selection of medications. Customers are having a big chance to find whatever medications they need here and for this reason, I think that the assortment diversity unit well deserves a rate of 5 stars.

Prices Affordability

In order to check the prices affordability I am going to pay attention to prices for ED medications, that’s because they are mostly oriented in selling these types of medications and in addition to that, I am mostly familiar with prices for these types of drugs as well. Remembering the pharmacy claim, they said to have the best prices on the web and now I am going to see if that’s true.

I have accessed their ED types of drugs where I found out that the lowest possible prices for Viagra generic is 0.27 USD per pill. For generic Cialis – 0.68 USD per pill, for generic Levitra – 1 USD per pill. The brands also seem to have very good prices as well. For example – Brand Viagra lowest price per pill is 2.56 USD, Brand Cialis lowest possible price per pill is 3.09 USD and brand Levitra lowest possible price is 3.71 USD per pill.

But remember that these are the lowest possible prices these medications per pill. The price can get much higher, depending on the dosage you want to get per pill (higher) and on the quantity of pills (lower). For example, to get the price of 0.27 USD per pill of generic Viagra you need to get 25 mg 360 pills. Gut if you get only 10 pills of 100 mg generic Viagra the price per pill would be 3.61 USD. Assuming you’re looking for a normal dosage and normal quantity of 50 mg 90 pills of generic Viagra the price is going to be 0.94 USD per pill which is an extremely good price to my opinion which allows you to save a lot of money.

All in all, it does seem to be that the prices for all ED medications are very and very good allowing you to save a lot of money. So, because the prices are affordable, my mark here is 5 stars.

Shipping Options

By doing my research about the shipping options I have managed to find right on their main page 2 icons which are suggesting that this pharmacy is offering shipping through EMS and United States Postal Service. Plus to that, they claim to offer free shipping on all orders above 200 USD.

This company suggests that they are offering world wide shipping and with this being said, everybody regardless where they are living is able to order from this site. The information on the pharmacy’s FAQ page mentions that they are offering 2 shipping options which includes: Airmail shipping option that has a fee of 9.95 USD, and the common waiting period for this shipping option is 2 to 3 weeks but it they claim it can be faster. Unfortunately, no tracking option is available for this shipping option. The second shipping option is EMS (express mail service) with a delivery fee of 19.95 USD. The usual waiting period is anywhere between 3 to 8 business days, but it can take a bit longer as much as they warn customers because sometimes, there may be delays at customs which doesn’t depend on them and they can’t do anything. For this reason, the period of 3 to 8 business days is not guaranteed. This EMS shipping option does have an online tracking which customers can use to track their parcels. They claim in case that delivery fails, they offer free reship or full refund.

All in all, I do like they offer free shipping and world wide shipping, but I don’t like there’s no overnight shipping not even to people living near the store and plus, by far not everyone can afford to spend that much to get the free shipping. My mark is 3 stars.

Payment Options

Unfortunately, it seems that this online pharmacy is not accepting any other payment methods except for the payment via credit cards. And they do not accept any other credit cards than Visa and Master Card, or that’s what it seems like.

I’ve done a bit more research and on FAQ page I found out their claim that all the payment methods are available on the billing page. I went on the billing page and there I found that they indeed only accept Visa and Master Card. Credit cards are very good payment methods especially since they accept these 2 major credit cards, but that still may be very inconvenient for a lot of people as there are lots of other credit cards and generally lots of other payment methods such as wire transfer, echeck or forms of payment. I doubt they deserve more than 2 points.

Technical Characteristics Rx 24x7

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

Google Page Speed test discovered what’s the loading speed of and from as much as it seems, the test showed really good results. In fact, that’s one of the very best result that I’ve ever seen. They scored mobile version’s page speed with 98 out of 100 and the desktop version with 100 out of 100. This indicates both versions are having a page speed data. You can see them both green marked.

With this being said, I think that the page loading speed doesn’t have absolutely any issues and customers shouldn’t have any issues with this unit. That’s why, they well deserve the maximum mark of 5 stars.

Mobile Version Rx 24x7

The technical characteristics are important to check and that’s not only the page speed but the mobile version as well, including few others points that I am going to talk about later in my review. As for now, I can say that google test – mobile friendly, discovered that is a site that doesn’t allow google bots to reach the page.

Because of this, google services can’t determine if this online pharmacy is offering a mobile version or not. But instead, I can easily check it using my smartphone by accessing the site. From as much as it seems, the pharmacy does offer a mobile version of their website which is great to my opinion. Mobile users can easily access and navigate their site. I just don’t like that the google bots can’t access the site indicating a problem. My mark here is 4 stars.

Is the Connection Secure?

The connection with this online pharmacy’s website doesn’t seem to be secure until you get to their checkout page. That’s the only page secured by an SSL encryption which is good that at least this page is secured. Another very good thing is that this page is secured by a high security level of 256 bit SSL encryption which is much better than the 128 bit SSL encryption. Nevertheless, there are few points which I do not like – the pharmacy doesn’t share the company owner name and not all pages are secured which is preferred. My mark for this is 3 points.

Antivirus Software Installed

With an antivirus on the website, the customers can be sure that their browsing through the site and all the ordering procedure is safe for them as they won’t catch any viruses. But without an antivirus, their browsing through the site is not very safe. The antivirus is extremely important, exactly as it is the SSL encryption, but it seems that the safeness level on this website while browsing and ordering here is 0 and that’s because they offer encryption only on checkout and they don’t offer any type of antivirus on the website. My rate, obviously, is 1 point. Site needs to be protected by an antivirus software.

Is Rx-24x7 Legit? about Trustworthiness

The information that I managed to find out on isn’t really encouraging us to have trust in this pharmacy and there is a number of reasons why, as much as we can notice in the screen I posted above. The site is new with limited and hidden information. That’s not a trustworthiness sign when pharmacy administrators tries to hide information. The site may be from US, but the real location is being hidden. The website’s popularity is not known and overall it got a trust rate of 72% which is much higher than expected, but still not satisfactory. The domain age is only one year although we were said they are online since 2001. All other information is hidden – organization, owner etc. we just can’t have trust in a pharmacy that tries so hard to hide as much information as possible and is lying about how much time they were online, plus having trust in a newly opened pharmacy isn’t the best idea.

My mark here is 2 stars. it could be lower but only thanks to 72% of trust I gave them one additional star.

Prescription Request

I couldn’t find absolutely anything that could have stopped me from purchasing anything I wanted from pharmacy in terms of prescription requirements so I was wondering why. Searched for info on their FAQ page and I found they claimed that a prescription is not required. Selling prescription drugs without a prescription requirement is against the law. My rate here is 1 star. Approval Status

Unfortunately, doesn’t seem to have any information about this online pharmacy. I can’t rate this unit without an approval status.

Quality Certificates

There are icons on their website indicating they are a pharmacy that’s CIPA, MIPA and approved pharmacy.

However, this seems to be a lie only. Except for the fact that the icons are not clickable, I have went on official website and I searched for and the result is negative as they couldn’t find it in their membership database. Obviously they get 1 point. Customer Reviews Reviews On-Site

By doing some research on their website while been searching for customer reviews, I did have found out that this online pharmacy is having a testimonials page where people are allowed to read and write reviews about this site and pharmacy’s services. I have accessed that page and I have read the reviews.

As much as we can see, the reviews are indicating where the customer is located and his/her name. but we cannot see a date which is a problem as we don’t know when the review was written. I also don’t like the reviews themselves. They are too short and not informative to my opinion. But there are 2 other problems which are even worse: I have no idea how the reviews appeared on the site as there’s no option to write a review and plus to this, these reviews are non unique. Other websites are having the exact same customer reviews.

I do not recommend having trust in such customer reviews as they are most likely fake. That’s why this unit receives 1 star.

Reviews on Other Websites

I have been searching for customer reviews online and I have found absolutely any. I just don’t get anything which could make me have trust in this pharmacy. I found fake customer reviews which we cannot have trust in and that’s why I was hoping that at least some customer reviews on third party websites would be much trustworthy. But there are none. I do remember the info on that they are online for only a year but still, without customer reviews we just can’t normally estimate the overall performance of the company. in addition to that, the copyright info on their site indicated they are online for 18 years and plus to that, they claimed to have more than one million customers.

It is not possible to have so many customers and there’s not a single mention about this company anywhere online. It is obvious that this unit also gets 1 star.

Coupon Codes

While I have searched for coupon codes I couldn’t find this pharmacy to offer any, however I have found that they are offering discount codes for people who reorder from them which means that returning customers are getting discounts. I am not sure if what I found on their site is given only for returning customers:

Except for returning customers getting discounts they are also offering free bonus ED pills.

They also offer free shipping – EMS is free from 300 USD and registered is free from 200 USD as I have already mentioned earlier in my review. The pharmacy also claims to have special offers too:

One last thing is ordering in bulk – this is going to save you money as the more you buy – the more the discounts. I think they should add proper coupon codes to get maximum rate here, so far they get 4 stars.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

A good customer support service is mandatory, otherwise few customers are ready to do business with an online pharmacy that doesn’t have any customer support service team. I have checked the contact information and so I accessed the contact page, here’s what I found:

There is a lot of information that misses on that page such as email, and many more but the worst thing is they have no physical address shared on the site of this pharmacy. That’s a big problem and for this reason, I only offer them 2 stars only thanks to the phone numbers listed on the site which customers can call them and get live assistance.

Customer Support Service

The customers can get in touch with this pharmacy using the phone number and the contact form, I didn’t wanted to talk with them by calling so I decided to use the contact form which I was promised I am going to be answered back shortly. I waited for more than 24 hours and I got no response back. I can’t rate this pharmacy with more than 1 star since they do not respond back to the questions I asked (about coupon codes and their location). I recommend them to start answering to questions.

Conclusion: is an online pharmacy which doesn’t seem to be trustworthy. As much as it seems to my opinion, they only seem to attract customers by offering really good claims and information on their website but in reality they doesn’t seem to keep their promises. Here is what they claim: trust pharmacy, more than one million customers, best prices on the web, really good options to save money, good technically website, easy to order, wide selection of drugs, customer reviews, 18 years online and quality certificates indicating the pharmacy is worth it.

However, if you are going to do more research you would find out: the pharmacy is not popular at all so they don’t have one million customers, I doubt they have one hundred customers, they are not online for 18 years but only a year, the quality certificates are fake, the customer reviews are fake, there is no customer support to answer back to questions, no info on, no need to show a valid prescription – sign of illegal activity and site administrators try their hard to hide as much information as possible about them, this pharmacy and their location. I doubt that’s a pharmacy that’s worth it. Reviews

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