Menu Close is the online pharmacy that I have found while doing my research for reliable pharmacies so today this is the pharmacy I am going to talk about. I have entered the front page of this online pharmacy and I have realized that *Homeo* stands from Homeopathic and therefore, this online pharmacy claims to be a Leading pharmacy in selling Homeopathic products brand. I have entered the website’s front page and there I found out that you can change the country from United States to India and therefore I can assume that this pharmacy is also operating in India, or that’s my guess. I have noticed that people are able to register an account with this pharmacy and login to their accounts. Also according to the information on their website, the minimum order is 15 USD but you get free shipping on order that gets over 30 USD. This pharmacy claims to have its presence in several countries and they also claims to distribute over 5000 products that are listed with the US FDA and manufactured according to homeopathic pharmacopoeia of the US. The pharmacy claims that their distribution center is located in Lewisville, TX and there’s an exact address as well. there’s a page *why rxhomeone?* and the reasons are: minimum order, free standard shipping, free express shipping, same day shipping and more payment options. RxHomeo was established in India in the year 1993 and selling online since 1998 and in year 2002 has been incorporated RxHomeo, Inc in Delaware as a private corporative. They claim to be a US FDA registered pharmacy so they claim to be all licensed. All of this sounds all good but there are still a lot of things to check further so that’s what I intend to do. Selection of medications and prices

Since this is an online pharmacy that is oriented in selling only homeopathic products, I have some big doubts that you’re going to be able to find any medications other than these. Although there are no medications that can treat any conditions as traditional prescription drugs, they still seem to have a wide selection of homeopathic medications since they shared information suggesting they are offering over 5000 drugs and that’s an extremely big number. there are homeopathic kits, blank pellets and tablets, biochemic cell salts, single remedy pellets and many others. In case you’re a person needing prescription drugs then I recommend you to move on searching for other pharmacies, however if you’re a homeopathic user then you stand high chances to find whatever you need here. Since they are offering exclusively only homeopathic medicines, they are all over the counter meaning that there are no prescription drugs which is why this pharmacy doesn’t require a prescription. I’m not an expert in homeopathic medicines that’s why I cannot comment on prices, however I can give an example and mention that a product called Abies Canadensis (30 C – 400 pellets 4dm) costs 5.75 USD (but 200 C – 400 pellets 4 dm) costs 8.25 USD. Either this is a good price I am not sure. Shipping and payment methods

I was searching for shipping details this pharmacy is offering and on checkout page I found out that they are only selling medications within USA. Maybe by changing country to India the pharmacy is going to offer shipping to India as well but I am not sure. according to the information on site there is standard shipping, express shipping as well as same day shipping. Standard shipping has a delivery timeframe of 3 to 4 business days, express shipping 1 to 3 business days while same day will delivery only of orders are received before 1 Pm central time. Among payment methods I can mention Amazon Payments, Pay Pal as well as CCNow to pay for order. Customer Support Service

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done via their mailing address, via contact form on their website as well as via phone number if you want to get live help be calling them in their working hours. There does not seem to be any other methods getting in touch with this pharmacy as I can see. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a great way to save some money and this pharmacy does seem to offer one. There’s information on their website claiming: $2 Off on your 1st order, no minimums, use coupon: $2-OFF-1st-ORDER. Although this doesn’t give you a big discount that’s still fine. Plus to this, the pharmacy offers free standard shipping by purchasing more than 30 USD order or free express shipping if you purchase more than 45 USD. The last thing that I have found is the pharmacy is offering quantity discounts and it goes as following: $100 - $200 - 15%; $201 - $500 - 20%; $501 - $900 - 25%; $901 – more - 30%. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews but I was not able to find any except for the reviews on their website and that’s not really encouraging since I do not have trust in the reviews on their website and I have found reviews which I can have trust in: on external sources. I checked to get more help and I found out that their email address is a free one, the website may be related to a number of high risk sites and suggests that site has some negative feedback (although I couldn’t find it). this Is not very encouraging purchasing here, nevertheless, does seem to have quite some trust in this pharmacy.

Conclusion is selling homeopathic products and the pharmacy claims to be the best pharmacy for getting such products. I am not able to talk about prices here but I can say that their offers does seem to be quite good. what I didn’t liked is the fact they are not shipping outside the USA and plus to this, it has no customer reviews. Because of these things and other points I found on I rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5. Reviews

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