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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy and an online drugstore that seems to be oriented in selling erectile dysfunction medications but they still seem to offer a wide selection of many different medications. By doing some more research about this pharmacy I managed to find out that they claim to be owned by EuroPharm Group Inc. which is headquartered in Czech Republic with an exact address offered there and this pharmacy claims to be around for the last 7 years and therefore offering the best services for a long time now. The information on the site suggests that they are a pharmacy that is claiming to offer safe and high quality medications all over the world. Some information I managed to find on their main page suggests that they are offering highest quality generic drugs; fast and free delivery; safe and secure payments; they are running money back guaranteed policy and they also offer free pills with every order. They also claim that anyone who has any questions or complaints are able to talk with them by contacting customer support department. As much as it seems, this is an online pharmacy that is mostly oriented in selling erectile dysfunction medications, but later I am going to check it all more carefully as it does seem to do offer many other types of drugs as well. The info on the site suggests that at this company works a team of highly trained professionals whose customer satisfaction is their top priority which means that they are trying their best so each customer is getting the most outstanding service. In the same time, people shouldn’t be worried about the quality of those medications as they are absolute safe to use, high quality and approved by the Indian FDA. This all sounds great, but we’ve got to check it all much more carefully.

Assortment Diversity at

Customers can search for drugs at this online pharmacy by using the search box function and the first letter of the drug search but they also are able to look up for categories of drugs as they are categorized by health condition so you just click on the health condition you need and then you’re going to be given the list of medications treating it.

Although I cannot say what it is the exact number of drugs found here, I can say that you can find medications treating: asthma, depression, anxiety, cholesterol, heart problems and many others types of drugs are also found here as much as we can see in the screen above. This is why I can conclude, even without a full number of drugs found here, that selection of drugs is pretty wide here. Plus, as much as we can see, all the medication categories are being arranged in alphabetical way except for the Bestsellers, ED sets and Erectile dysfunction. This is mainly what made me think they are mostly oriented in selling ED drugs. But there are other factors such as free ED bonus pills and most medications found in Bestsellers are from ED category.

But as said, the pharmacy is also offering a list of bestsellers medications and most of them seem to be from ED category such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Viagra Professional, but there are others as well such as Propecia, Meldonium, Dapoxetine, and many others too.

So, the conclusion is: a very wide selection of drugs including many different drugs from different drug categories, good searching options, everything is well arranged, both generic and brand medications including OTC and prescription drugs. All of this makes me think the company has assortment diversity quite enough large to give them a mark of 5 stars.

Prices Affordability

I earlier mentioned that this pharmacy claims to offer exclusively only safe and high quality medications. There are branded and there are generic medications and since they are mostly oriented in selling ED types of drugs and those are drugs that I am familiar with the prices – that’s what I am going to check to find out the prices affordability. I searched for the price information about the most famous ED types of drugs such as generic Viagra which is 0.35 USD per pill but remember that this is the lowest possible price as it can be higher depending on the dosage and the quantity of pills.

The exact same thing applies to generic Cialis and its brand analogue which is much more expensive. On this site, the price for generic Cialis 90 pills 20 mg would be 144.35 USD – 1.60 USD per a single pill. I really do think that’s a good price.

The last medication’s price that I would like to talk about is Levitra which comes in dosages of 20 mg and 10 mg. If talking about it in the same dosage as Cialis, and same quantity – Levitra 20 mg 90 pills would cost you 180.06 USD which means they are offering a price of 2 USD per pill.

I honestly think that these are some really good prices. I have checked their branded versions and those are priced really well too. For example, branded Viagra the lowest price is 3.17 USD per pill.

All in all, I honestly think that this company offers very good prices, however there are pharmacies with much better prices. For example, 50 mg of generic Viagra 90 pills can be found for less than 1 USD per pill while here is 1.12 USD. But still, that’s a good price which could allow you to save some money. My final rate for prices affordability is 4 stars.

Shipping Options

Everyone is free to order from this company if they wish to. Or at least that’s what the shipping informational page is suggesting which means that the pharmacy is offering world wide shipping. With this being said, everyone can order here. Plus, according to the information on the same page, all orders are being dispatched within 48 hours, but most orders are shipped within 24 hours. Yet, orders placed on weekends are going to be dispatched on Monday which I don’t really appreciate. The pharmacy is offering 2 different shipping options as much as I noticed, the first one is Air Mail with the shipment times that varies and it may be for about 2 to 4 weeks. Unfortunately, no online tracking is available for it. This option has a fee of 14.95 USD. There is the second option called EMS (Express Mail Service) which is more expensive – 24.95 USD but it does have online tracking option and it is faster than Air Mail with delivery of 5 to 7 business days.

This online pharmacy is claiming that people are able to get Free Airmail Delivery for orders with a sum more than 200 USD. But if you spend more than 300 USD on their site you will get free Traceable Delivery.

The fact that this online pharmacy offers free shipping options that’s really good, exactly as it is the fact that they have EMS option. Yet, I rate this pharmacy with 3 stars since there is no option to get goods overnight – not even to people living near their stores, plus the shipping fees are pretty high – with the order total sum for getting free shipping is high too as well.

Payment Options

Searching for information on about payment methods, I have found some icons which are suggesting what are the payment methods. Those icons suggest the pharmacy is accepting Bitcoin as well as most famous credit cards: master card and visa.

I checked their FAQ page and unfortunately, I found different information: they are accepting Visa, American Express and e-checks. That’s sad because this information is misinforming so we are not sure what exactly this online pharmacy is accepting.

That’s pretty confusing so I went on their billing page to see what payment options they actually accept. There I found out they accept Visa, Master Card, AmEx and Bitcoin. But no e-check. I am going to rate the payment options with 3 stars only because the information on their site is pretty confusing, plus to that, more payment options added would be welcome, although that’s fairly good they accept 3 different credit cards and bitcoin.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

As much as we can see in the screen above, the mobile version of this online pharmacy is average page speed as it is yellow marked and scored with 87 out of 100. This means the speed loading of the pages of mobile version is fairly good but it has some issues. There’s a bit of another story about the desktop version which is green marked and is indicating a fast page speed data loading scored with 96 out of 100 and that’s indicating customers shouldn’t have any issues with the loading of the pages here.

My rate is 4 stars since the desktop version is very good but the mobile version still has a little bit of issues. There are a few issues that should be fixed for a perfect mark.

Mobile Version of

Unfortunately, the mobile friendly test offered by google cannot help us determine if this pharmacy has a mobile optimized version of their site because it is blocked by robots.txt. I don’t really like this is a good factor because this means that technical problems are still there.

Although I cannot find out if the pharmacy is offering a mobile version of this site using the google mobile friendly test, I can still find it out by accessing the site from my smartphone. Doing so discovered that the site does offer a mobile version as I can easily use the site from my smartphone – everything is well displayed, the clickable elements are far away from each other and text is not too small or too big. But I noticed the pages are taking too much time to load and plus to that, there are some technical issues with robots.txt. Because of this, I am going to rate them with 3 stars.

Is the Connection Secure?

Near the address bar there should be a “green lock” which is indicating that the connection is secure. This applies to any website. I have checked the green lock for and unfortunately, it misses when entering the site. Checking the information which you can find where that lock should be, I found out that the site is not being protected and not having a secure connection which is a huge problem to my opinion.

However, I continued with my research and I managed to find that the connection is getting secured when you get to the billing page. As much as it seems, the connection is being encrypted out by 256 bit SSL encryption and the certificate is being verified by COMODO CA Limited which is very good.

In the end, I do not love the fact that the pharmacy is not offering protection on all pages and there is no ownership information. This is the reason why my rate here is 3 stars for a high security level of the billing page only.

Antivirus Presence On-Site

Viruses and other internet threats are much bigger problems that people might think as keeping your gadgets safe is very important. The site administrators can keep the customers safe only by offering them antivirus software installed on the site. Without one, customers navigation through the site is not safe and is not recommended. Better install an antivirus on your own if you still want to browse it. Without an antivirus installed on their website my rate is 1 point.

Order Procedure on

The most important factor is the registration when talking about the order procedure on any online pharmacy. That’s because the registration is taking way too much time and energy to register to simply start ordering. So, you do not need to register here and there are also very good options. For example, you can see the price per pill which is helpful, your savings, and the full price of pack. In addition to that, you can choose from the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, BRL, CHF, CZK, HKD, HUF, JPY, MXN, NOK, NZD, PLN, SEK, SGD, ZAR or from the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.

I’ve tried to go through the whole ordering procedure myself to describe what’s like ordering here and so according to the experience that I have got during this procedure I can say that it is all pretty simple and very easy - with this being said the ordering procedure is super easy.

So, in the end, it seems that there are no unwanted time and energy consuming steps that people need to undergo before being able to order on the site. You simple search for the needed drug, click on *add to cart* and then click on *add to cart* once again as soon as you choose the needed dosage and the needed quantity of pills. You should then see your shopping cart.

You can submit your order on the billing page simply by entering all the necessary information about shipping and payment. All in all, I do think that it is pretty easy to complete an order online without any problems or headaches. For this reason, I think that the ordering procedure unit deserves a rate of 5 stars.

Is Legit and Safe? about the Website Security Rate

Sadly, but has 0% of trust rate index according to that’s a huge problem indicating the site shouldn’t be used and it is a very high risk ordering here since it can be a fake pharmacy. Since it has a low trust rating, according to scamadviser. may be not safe to use. The site is US based but it also may be from Russian Federation which is a high risk country and no mention about Czech republic. The site is not popular among customers and worst – 1 year of domain age, but they claimed to be online for much more than that.

Plus to that, a lot of information such as organization and owner is hidden information which is a big problem. The website overall receives 1 point.

Prescription Requirements

There might be some people out there being happy hearing the fact that this online pharmacy is not asking for a valid prescription but I need to warn you – that’s a big problem as this indicates the site is illegal. Not asking for a valid prescription while selling prescription drugs is a problem as it is a sign of illegal activity of the pharmacy so they may be breaking other laws as well. With this being said, they might also sell counterfeit meds or put customers health at risk by selling to someone who doesn’t know how to take a prescription drug by selling it to him without asking for a prescription. For this unit, the pharmacy is receiving only 1 point. Approval Status of is an online pharmacy which is considered to be a rogue internet pharmacy website according to and this only confirms the fact that this pharmacy is not legal and may be breaking customers laws. Ordering here is indeed dangerous. My mark for rogue pharmacy is 1 point.

Customer Reviews about

Reviews on Website

Been searching for customer reviews on their own website and I found *testimonials* page, there should be reviews left by customers that had experience with this online pharmacy. But my question is – are those real people who had real experience with the pharmacy? I am having this question due to the fact that I have read those reviews on multiple other online pharmacies. The reviews are not unique and there are other problems as well, even though they are positive.

There are other issues as well such as: they are not informative and there’s a lot of unknown data like when the review was left or from which country this reviewer is I simply cannot have trust in them. I honestly think that they are there only to make people believe those reviews are real so to manipulate with real customers’ opinions and decisions. I can’t highly rate customer reviews that were most likely simply copied from other sources. This unit receives 1 star.

Customer Reviews on Foreign Sources

I searched for customer reviews on third party sites since the customer reviews on their own website cannot be trusted due to high risk of being fake. However there’s still a big problem – there are no customer reviews anywhere online. It seems that no customers have ever written at least a single review about this online pharmacy and this greatly makes me doubt that this online pharmacy has ever had some customers at all. The pharmacy claimed to be online for 7 years but found it is online for only a year and maybe that’s the reason why there are no reviews. However, without reviews we can’t make highly rate this unit. My mark is 1 point. Coupon Codes

Although there is a space left for the discount code on the cart page after choosing the preferred drug – the coupon codes are not available anywhere. I couldn’t find any coupon codes anywhere online and that’s why I can only say that the pharmacy has other attracting offers. One of them being the fact that there more pills you’re ordering the more the discount per pill is getting. In addition to that, the pharmacy is offering free bonus ED pills.

As I said it earlier, the pharmacy is also offering free shipping options but the last thing to mention is the fact that they are also including sets which are making you save some more money.

All in all I think they deserve 3 stars for this aspect.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

According to the information on the Contact page, the pharmacy offers a physical address which is located in Czech Republic, Praha even with a map displaced. Also on this page you can find a contact form which you can use for getting in touch with them or you might also use the phone numbers located on their website.

What’s really strange is the fact that they are claiming to be in Czech Republic while information didn’t share anything about Czech Republic. This doesn’t add up making me think they are most likely a fake pharmacy. 3 points for the unit.

Customer Support Service

I have tried to get in touch with this online pharmacy’s customer support service using the contact form and asking about the coupon codes. Answering my questions would make me think that there’s at least someone who cares about customers. But yet, no responses ever arrived in more than 24 hours. No answer from their customer care department doesn’t deserve more than 1 star.

Conclusion: No Reviews and No Legitimacy and No Support Service is an online pharmacy with a wide selection of drugs and fairly good prices that are affordable, a pharmacy that is run by a company located in Czech Republic, Praha. However, is a site that didn’t found anything with Czech Republic with this site. plus to that, there is a lot of hidden information such as owner, or owner address, and they claimed to be online for 7 years while found out they are only online for a year.

There are many other factors indicating that this online pharmacy shouldn’t be trusted. They have fake customer reviews on their own website, no customer reviews on other websites, I caught them with various lies, no customer support service and no trust from or I definitely can’t recommend a pharmacy that seem to be fake. Reviews

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