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We all know that purchasing anabolic steroids without a valid prescription is not a legal thing to do and yet, there’s an online pharmacy with the domain address name suggesting that people can purchase steroids here. although the information on their site suggests that you can’t purchase products here unless you agree with their conditions listed including holding a prescription, I doubt that ordering them online is legal. Anyway, even if this is not a legal pharmacy, I do realize that there are people who are still doing it and it is better to do so when you know the risks and when you know how to do it and especially, when you purchase from a safe pharmacy instead from a scam. That’s why I’m still going to continue with my review but I ask all my readers not to use anabolic steroids without having proper knowledge AND a proper prescription. According to the information on their well designed website, is an online anabolic steroids shop which has been established in 2007 meaning this is a long lasting pharmacy if true. They claim that in their shop there are only genuine steroids products and they claim that their products are coming directly from pharmacies, manufacturers, legit sources and veterinary. As I said, right on their main page there are terms and conditions that people must agree with before ordering anything there. There is a lot of information about anabolic steroids on their site if there’s someone interested in reading it. They claim that this is an online overseas pharmacy that’s specialized in anabolic steroids only and you can purchase top quality steroids online cheap. Not surprisingly, I could not find information suggesting where this online pharmacy is established. I just noticed that people can register an account on the site and login to their accounts. There’s a lot of information that people could check on their site. Selection of medications and prices

As much as we can see, this is an online pharmacy selling anabolic steroids and they do not seem to sell anything else than steroids, like any other prescription or OTC products. They claim, as I said earlier, to offer only top quality medications at the best prices and they also claim to offer some of the most famous steroids. Searching for them on the site can be done using the search function or you can also see the categories with a number near the category suggesting how many products are in the category. There are: oral steroids (12), injectable steroids (20), anti estrogens (3), weight loss steroids (3), steroids stacks (5), special offers (1) and steroids e-books (2). These seem to be all the types of products you can get here. talking about the prices, I am going to share only the price for a random product as I’m not an expert in such products and in their prices. So, For example, Deca Durabolin 300mg/ml would cost you 89 USD and they claim that it used to had a price of 109 USD. Either is a good price or not, I am not sure. As expected, there’s no need to offer a valid prescription in order to order any products at this pharmacy. Shipping and payment methods

There’s an extremely helpful page about shipping and payment methods as there’s a special page about these points you can check yourself. As a summary: they are offering regular shipping either by first class or priority mail (they decide which to use). Shipment is not traceable, and estimated delivery time is 6 to 18 working days depending on the destination. Shipping fee depends on the package weight. They seem to offer shipping worldwide, but I’m not very sure as it is not confirmed. They are accepting payments via: credit card, pay pal, western union and money gram. (strangely, they call them Western Woman and Money Goh, for whatever the reason). Customer Support Service

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy might be essential for a lot of customers since, as much as I realize, a lot of people might have a lot of questions to ask firstly. To do so you can either call them at their USA/ Canada phone number or at their UK phone number. Except for calling, people are also able to use the contact form available on the website and that’s it. No other methods to talk with this pharmacy. Coupon Codes

As I said it earlier, this online pharmacy is claiming that they are offering lower prices for their products than they should be. Like for example, the product I was talking about Deca Durabolin 300mg/ml should cost 109 USD but they offer it for 89 USD. Plus to this, they are claiming that orders of 700 USD or more are getting free DHL delivery. In addition to that, they claim that that by paying with Western Union you are getting a 10% discount by entering a coupon code listed for each product individually. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews online and it seems I found a lot of them, with people discussing about this source on forums as well. Although I did found customers who said they have got their products in a timely manner and they’ve got indeed good products, it seems that I found most reviews sharing their negative reviews. People said that they got fake products, they’ve got products extremely late or there are even those who said that never got anything – no products and no refund calling this pharmacy a scam. rates it with 51 % trustworthy which is not enough to my opinion and it was not a shock to see that they hide their identity and to see that this is a rogue internet pharmacy.


The reason why I’m going to rate this steroid shop with 2 out of 5 is because they do have a few positive customer reviews and the domain age is 10 years. But I can’t give them more due to negative reviews and due to the risk that they could rip you off any minute sending them money. Reviews

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