Menu Close is the name of the company that I will be reviewing today. By entering their main page I have seen that the website is supporting Spanish language and a well made, user friendly design of the website which, as I usually am saying – this is very important when everything is understandable and easily accessible. This company claims to help customers save up to 50% on prescriptions. They claim that you can use a preferred network pharmacy and save on copays at all CVS Pharmacy® locations nationwide and thousands of other chain, regional and local independent pharmacies. While on their website you can find a pharmacy, you can sign up for online EOB and also Enroll to their plans. This is an Insurance company which, according to their main page, are having some social media platforms on Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. This company pharmacy network is offering limited access to pharmacies with preferred cost sharing in rural areas of AK and OK so they are warning that the lower costs advertised in their plan materials for these pharmacies may not be available at the pharmacy you use. This company claims to be one of America’s Largest Medicare Part D insurers. They are specialized in Medicare Part D so *you don’t have to*. They are having comprehensive coverage and a lot more as they claim. Online you can see their plans depending on your location as you firstly need to enter a valid zip code. There was *for example 94110 zip code* so that’s what I entered and that’s for California. There are 2 plans – Sivler Script Choice with monthly premium of 28.50 USD and Silver Script Plus with monthly Premium of 79.70 USD. There are other points you can see either. In the end, those people who are searching for an insurance plan, claims to solve your problems.


I am not able to talk, as much as you can understand, about selection of drugs and prices for them as well as about shipping and payment methods about and that’s due to the fact that this is not an online pharmacy but they are an insurance company. Therefore there’s no selection of drugs I can talk to. About prices for these plans they differ on your region and preferred plan. There’s no shipping of anything but payment methods may include cash if you go to their offices (I guess) and I can also guess they should accept credit cards. Either there are other payment methods I am not sure.

Customer Support Department

I guess that it is quite obvious that before paying and getting insured here you might have a lot of questions to ask first. So for getting in touch with this company they claim to offer a toll free number to everyone which is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But make sure you call the right phone number as there are numbers for enrollment support, for people who are already members etc. in addition to call them you can write them an email, I can assume that you can write them at social media platforms, going to their offices directly or writing them at the mailing address (which is in St. Louis, MO or another mailing address in Phoenix, AZ). No live chat function unfortunately. Coupon Codes

Regardless if they are selling medications, other goods, insurance or anything else – the companies might offer coupon codes or discounts or whatever else which can make you save money. Unfortunately, I have been searching for coupon codes or ways to make people save money and I couldn’t find any. It might be a good idea to ask the customer support service first, but on their website I couldn’t find coupon codes, discounts or anything else. Reviews

It is extremely important to check the customer reviews because you might want to see what other people are saying about this company before actually having some business with them. The reason is that usually, customer reviews are greatly helping us determine whether the company/ pharmacy or whatever else is worth using or not. I used the google search function for finding reviews and I did found a lot of them but although I don’t want to disappoint you, the reviews weren’t good at all. Out of 41 reviews on the average rate of this company is 1.5 out of 5 and that’s an extremely low rate. Plus to that, I found 32 reviews on pissed consumer with 0 issues resolved. People claimed to lose money on both these reviews. Like for example there’s a person who said that his medication costs 25 USD (with the insurance) and his monthly fee for the insurance is another 25 USD which means that he has to pay 50 USD in total. However he would have needed to pay 40 USD for the medications without the insurance so he, obviously, saves money. Other people said that they are not even keeping their promises paying for what they promised. Others said that they have an extremely poor service, they treat customers like nothing and there are working incompetent people, ignorant people with lack of knowledge about their internal system and procedures. Too many people complained on too many things including losing money and saying that this is a *lying company*. With this being said, I doubt that SilverScript is a good option, based on all those reviews. There are very few people who wrote positive reviews about this company, in fact, there are much more negative than positive!


The average rate based on 41 reviews on yelp is 1.5 and the average rate based on pissed consumer based on 32 reviews is 1 out of 5. I have big doubts that I have the right of changing this rate so I will say that Silver Script, based on customer reviews, deserves a rate of 1 out of 5 since it seems that most people are unhappy with the Silver Script’s services. Reviews

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