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While researching for reliable online pharmacies I’m often finding a lot of different pharmacies that have to sell a lot of different products. Like for example, today I found an online pharmacy selling not regular products you find in a regular pharmacy and that’s I easily concluded by seeing its name which is which means that this is a pharmacy that supply their customers with cannabis products. I will check if they also have anything else to offer or not. As for now I have to say that I have accessed their main page where I found a really well done website, user friendly and with well arranged information on the site which is very important as we can easily find the information needed. While I was thinking that usually, such pharmacies are illegal and they are usually hiding their exact address, this online pharmacy, seemingly, has nothing to hide and has shared an exact address which people can visit at their wish, located in Bakersfield, CA, USA. There’s also information on the site suggesting that people could follow the pharmacy’s activity on social media pages as there are some such as on Facebook, Twitter and others. I have seen that people are able to register an account on their website and login which would make it easier for them to order in future or maybe this is mandatory to do for ordering here. in addition to that, people are able to switch the language on the website at their wish. They claim to be a well known pharmaceutical company which established in 2011, Oakland (California) of USA but they are conduct their business activities in USA, Australia, United Kingdom and Europe. They claim to have a great staff which would help and serve everybody regardless of their gender, language, health condition, status, age, religion or sexual orientation. They claim to be professionals trying their best to help people. Selection of medications and prices

As much as we can see from the name of this online pharmacy, they are a supplier of cannabis and it is expected to see different types of cannabis products. Plus to that, as I said it earlier, I am going to try and check if they are offering any other products. As much as I noticed, they do offer multiple types of products and the only way to search for them is by checking the categories of products. Like for example, there are products such as Hallucinogens, depressants and anxiety, opioids, stimulants, anabolic steroids, CBD products, concentrates, Weed Seeds and seemingly some various types of cannabis. As much as we can see, this is a pharmacy with multiple types of products, seemingly with a pretty various selection of products, however this is a pharmacy that does not supply regular products but some products that you can’t easily find at other pharmacies. I’m not an expert in the prices for these products but I can give example: weed seed named Super Skunk Feminized Seeds would cost you 10 USD and Diazepam 10 mg would cost you 7 USD per pill. Either are these good prices or not, I am not sure. The pharmacy does not require any prescription to purchase any products here. Shipping and payment options

As much as it seems, for ordering here it is mandatory to have an account and with this being said, I was not able to go on their checkout page in order to determine more details about shipping options. Plus to that, there is no a FAQ page or any other informational page like Shipping policy page or anything in this matter. For this reason, I am having no ideas about shipping details. As I said earlier, the pharmacy only claims to do business in Europe, USA and some other territories. No information about payment methods are given either. Seemingly, to find out answers to these questions I would need to contact them. Customer Support Service

As I earlier said, there are a lot of unanswered questions and for getting help we would need to use their customer support service. I’ve checked what are the methods available for those who do want to get in touch with the pharmacy and I noticed that they are offering online live chat function, the pharmacy is offering a phone number for calling and another phone number for writing them in either WhatsApp or Telegram mobile applications. Plus, there’s contact form available on their website, there are 2 different emails, you could write them in social media pages or write a mail at their exact address – maybe even paying them a visit. Coupon Codes

As much as I have noticed by browsing through this pharmacy’s site, I could not find any coupon codes, any forms of discounts or anything in this matter. I could not see a claim they offer any free products, free shipping, discounts for ordering in bulk, coupon codes or absolutely anything else. seemingly, they do not offer anything. Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important and that’s for good reasons. We cannot trust an online pharmacy that has no customer reviews to confirm the pharmacy is indeed worth using. The problem is that this pharmacy doesn’t have any reviews, seemingly, nowhere online. That’s quite a big problem but at least I checked the information I could find about this pharmacy on where I found that the pharmacy’s site has been established only one year ago unlike 7 years ago as it was claimed. Other than that, didn’t found any other problems and that’s why it has a trust rate of 76 % which is fairly good, although it could be better.


It is pretty hard to determine if this online pharmacy is reliable and safe to use when there’s such little information online. Nevertheless, only brave enough people can try ordering here but I personally wouldn’t. All in all, supplier of cannabis gets a rate of 3 out of 5 due to lack of customer reviews online and lack of special offers/ deals or anything in this matter. Reviews

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