Menu Close is an online pharmacy which claimable is located in Canada, or at least that’s what the information on their own website suggests. They also claim that all of their medications are being approved by Canada’s Health Protection Branch (this is Canada’s regulatory body, which is similar to the United States FDA) and they promise that they do not and have never shipped medications from any other country except Canada. According to the information I could find on *about us* page I could find that is operated by Ellis Pharmacy and its headquarters address is located in Manitou, Manitoba, Canada and they claim to have Manitoba Pharmaceutical association license (and the number of that license). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find for how long they have been in the business, however there is a seal suggesting that Thrifty Meds Now is an BBB accredited business (Better Business Bureau) and according to the information on this company has been for 25 years in business. Being in business for 25 years and being a BBB accredited company this is all very good so these are good pluses for the pharmacy. In regards to the website I can say that it doesn’t have an ordinary interface as many other online pharmacies do, however everything still seems to be easy to understand and navigate through the website.

Selection of medications and prices at

Unlike a lot of other online pharmacies, this online pharmacy doesn’t have their medications categorized by health condition. Instead you need to go on their Shop page and there you can search the medications by letter (first letters) or by searching by keywords using the exact name of the medication that you need. By changing letter you are given the number of results found by that letter and for example, on A there are 366 meds, on V there are 174 meds and so on and so forth. All of this means, in my opinion, that selection of drugs is extremely high with only 2 letters and more than 500 drugs. When searching, the pharmacy wrote this note: *Note: RX 'Y' means only available by prescription.* and therefore it means that this online pharmacy only accepts orders with prescription meds by showing a valid prescription first. I have used their search by keyword function to search for Viagra where I have found out they have 7 different forms of Viagra including generic and brand form as well. The problem is their price, regardless if it’s generic or brand, those are some unbelievable high prices! generic Viagra 50 mg 4 tablets: 31 USD! Viagra by Pfizer 50 mg 4 tablets: 47 USD!

Shipping and payment methods

According to the information that I could find on their checkout page, this online pharmacy is only accepting orders in USA and Canada, no other countries can order from this online pharmacy. Seemingly there are no multiple shipping options, and shipping fees and delivery times, as they mention, would be calculated as soon as you have provided your exact address. In terms of payment methods, this online pharmacy claims to be accepting only the following methods: VISA, Master Card, Cheque and Money Order. There are no other payment methods available.

Contacting Customer Support

According to the information on their contact page, they can be reached at: 2 phone numbers (one toll free another one is direct) 2 fax numbers (same as earlier), at their exact address which you can find it on their contact page or lastly, via email which you can also find it at their contact page. Sadly there is no live chat function available, however there is enough ways and methods to get in touch with them, I would just appreciate if they could add the live chat function as well. Coupon Codes

There are no discounts by ordering in bulk and there seemingly are no discounts by re ordering from this online pharmacy and what’s an even bigger problem in my opinion is that they do not offer coupon codes to their customers. I use to think that only those online pharmacies which really care about their customers tend to offer coupon codes,, unfortunately, doesn’t. The only thing which I noticed to make every customer save at least a bit of money by using this online pharmacy is that, seemingly, shipping is free if you’re ordering medications that have sum more than $ 100 in total. And one last thing: you and a friend can each earn $10.00 when you tell them about them. The money cannot be cashed out, however you can use them in your further orders. Sadly but there’s nothing else making you save money.

Customer reviews

This online pharmacy doesn’t seem to offer their customers to read *testimonials* and while that’s absolutely not a problem for me since I don’t tend to believe in them, other people might get manipulated by those testimonials and the fact that there are none on their own website, to my opinion, that’s actually good. That’s because the only reviews we should look up are those written on third party websites. Now the problem is that the only reviews I found are on BBB and although they are all positive, there’s a chance they might be fake. Generally I have a feeling that there’s something wrong since this pharmacy has changed their domain address for some reason and they have mentioned on their own website that they only trust BBB and they are not a member of anything else like Manitoba, LegitScript etc. since they need to pay for that. and now the single reviews I found are on BBB website. That’s suspicious.


There are no customer reviews anywhere online except for BBB website where this online pharmacy has mentioned to be a member of. Therefore there’s quite a high probability in my opinion that those are reviews written by the pharmacy itself. No customer reviews anywhere online in combination with such high prices for medications and in combination with nearly no special offers or anything else can make me rate this pharmacy with only 3 out of 5! Reviews

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