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Having a good health often means resorting to medications but then again, resorting to medications often means that you would need to spend big money for getting your health in shape. For this reason, lots of people are taking vitamins and other nutritional products so they won’t resort to medications later in life. If you’re among those people searching such products then is the online pharmacy which claims that can help you acquire them for affordable prices and today, this is the pharmacy I am going to review. According to their logo, they claim to make good health affordable and I surely hope this is true as I would really like to get any medications (or vitamins) for affordable prices. I have checked this online pharmacy’s website and I can say that the site looks pretty good, it seems to be user friendly so you can easily navigate through it and get to the information that you need, something that, to my opinion, is very important. I also noticed that this on the website of this pharmacy you can register an account and login here. The pharmacy claims to be a pharmacy and the pharmacy recommends to read their positive reviews about their pharmacy – something I am going to talk about later. I have noticed this online pharmacy has shared their exact address which is located in Farmingdale, NY, USA meaning this is a US retail store. I also found out information suggesting that you can register on this website and login to their accounts. You can also go directly to their place and get what you need in person. Information on their site suggests that Total Health was founded in 1985 and is located in Farmingdale, New York as I earlier mentioned. So far, this all looks good. Selection of medications and prices

It is very important that an online pharmacy have a wide selection of medications to my opinion as people can find for whatever they need online in a single place. Exactly or maybe even more important is that an online pharmacy offers good prices. so I checked it all. The medications are categorized in different categories such as: brands, conditions, children’s health, sports nutrition, women’s and men’s health and many others. By searching for condition medications, or men’s health or any other category, I couldn’t find any prescription drugs, with this being said, as it was expected, this online pharmacy does offer only vitamins and nutrition products or generally products not requiring a prescription. That’s why I cannot find ED medications here. all I can find here is: Econugenics - Men's Longevity Essentials Plus - 180 Veg Caps which has a price of 33.96 USD (while they claim that retail price is 39.95 USD). Either is that a good price or not, I am not sure all I know is that they do not require a prescription since they do not sell any prescription drugs here. therefore, they do not have products that are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease which therefore means that this pharmacy has not been evaluated by the FDA. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information that I managed to find, this online pharmacy is shipping medications world wide which means that everyone can order here, however there’s a good list of countries to which they do not ship medications to (you would need to check it). A minimum of 50 USD is required for international orders and they charge 7 USD for this option. 7 USD is also the fee for local shipping excluding Hawaii, Alaska, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico which has a fee of 9 USD. There’s also store pickup option. For more information you would need to check their shipping page. This pharmacy is accepting credit cards such as Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover and they also accept checks and money orders. Customer Support Service

As I earlier mentioned, this pharmacy has shared their exact address and with this being said, you are able to go to their store directly and ask questions or you could use the mail address. Plus to that, you can call them at the phone number listed on the website or you could use the contact form available on the website available. These seem to be all the methods. Coupon Codes

I’ve been researching on their website for whatever methods are available to make you save some money. Therefore I did have found that they are offering free shipping for orders that exceed 85 USD in 48 states. Except for this they are offering free shipping with any Solgar (a specific brand of medications) purchase. There are some specific products which have discounts so people can save up to 10%/ 20%/ 25% etc. etc. by purchasing some specific products. I could not find anything else being offered by this pharmacy except for these things here mentioned. Reviews

I have been searching for customer reviews online except for those that the pharmacy recommended to read on their own website. I tend to believe that those might be fake reviews so that’s why I spent little time reading them. by searching for customer reviews elsewhere I still found good customer reviews and that’s very good. nevertheless, I still have found some negative reviews and that’s not very good. I did have found some people saying that *this place is awesome*, however I also found those of them saying that *they overcharged me* and another one said that he paid 69 USD while he was promised the shipping was free. All in all there are still positive reviews and that’s good.


In the end, this online pharmacy seem to be fairly good but only for those who do not need prescription medications as those who do, need to search for other pharmacies. I am going to rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5 because of the negative reviews and say that ordering here might be a good idea, but you could also regret it. Reviews

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