Searching for online pharmacies I can find a lot of different websites and a lot of different pharmacies and some of them even selling forbidden to be sold online medications. Like for example, such a pharmacy is, an online pharmacy which, as much as we can see, sells tramadol. Although I am not an expert in such medications, I just know that this medication is used for depression and for pain killing, but this is a narcotic medication which is why legitimate online pharmacies cannot sell it. however, online pharmacies often sell such products and that’s why, although this pharmacy might not be all legitimate, it still might be reliable. I am going to check this now. is a pharmacy selling not only tramadol and is a pharmacy that has a very good and well made website, which is user friendly, offers customers to change the currency (from USD to EUR only) and also offers customers to register an account and login here. Although I mentioned that this pharmacy does not seem to be legit, the pharmacy claims to be legit and on the bottom of the front page they are offering Pharmacy License number. according to the information on their website, this pharmacy has been around since 2012 meaning this is a 6 years old pharmacy and since there they have shipped thousands of items and have gained valuable data to make sure you receive your item fast and safe. I surely hope this is true. They claim to offer the following: exceptional quality; service standards; lowest price guarantee; choice of products and availability; security of ordering as well as discreet delivery either. Or at least that’s what the pharmacy claims to offer when I have accessed their *about page*. I got a bit disappointed seeing that this pharmacy has not shared information where this online pharmacy is located. Selection of medications and prices

As much as we can understand from its name, this online pharmacy is selling tramadol, however this is not the only drug that I found this online pharmacy to sell. According to the information I found there, they are only offering Indian FDA approved medications and as much as it seems they do not have a wide selection of medications at all. That’s because except tramadol they are also selling only Soma, Etizolam, Zopiclone and Modafinil. So this online pharmacy serves only for selling such kind of drugs. There’s not a single mention about prescriptions so I can assume that this online pharmacy does not require anyone to show a valid prescription here. unfortunately, I am not able to talk about the prices for these medications but at least I can give you an example so I can say that tramadol Tramadol HCl Capsules IP 50 mg (Tranzex) would cost you anywhere between 1.27 USD per pill (for 30 pills) to 0.50 USD per pill (for 360 pills). Either are these good prices or not, I am not able to comment. Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy does not sell to all countries meaning that you cannot order medications in case you do not live in countries mentioned in their *countries we ship to* list. There are countries as: Japan, USA, UK, Russia, Australia and around 5-6 other countries. They do not seem to offer multiple shipping methods and delivery times depends on each country individually. But I have noticed that it is anywhere between 4 to 14 business days. There’s also no information what are the shipping fees (as they might depend on the country you want to ship meds to) however they claim that it is free by ordering more than 50 USD. According to information on their site you can pay via: Bitcoin, Bit4Coin Voucher, Credit card, e check and Zelle Pay. Customer Support Service

As soon as I have entered their website I have noticed that they are only offering an email address, by going to their contact page to find out other forms of getting in touch with them I have only seen a contact form (which is basically the same as email) and no phone numbers, mailing address or anything in this matter. To my opinion, this pharmacy doesn’t offer enough contact methods. Coupon Codes

There are 2 things that I have already mentioned earlier which can save you money and that’s why I can mention them here. one of them is the fact that the price per pill on each medication is getting lower the more the amount of pills you’re going to order. In addition to that, by ordering more than 50 USD, you are not going to need to pay for shipping which is nice. Last thing to mention here is that upon checking out, the pharmacy says *enter your coupon code if you have one* meaning that they offer coupon codes. Since I couldn’t find any online, I can assume that not everyone gets these codes. Reviews

Although this pharmacy seem to be discussed on some forum threads (there does not seem to be any reviews about it), most of people there are only asking for other people to give their feedback if this pharmacy is reliable or not. As most people said there, they wouldn’t try to order there because of the information they’ve got about this pharmacy on by going there I found out this pharmacy is only a year old and is related to a number of high risk sites. On forums there are some people who said that they have got their products, however this was 2 years ago, while the pharmacy’s domain age is only a year ago, so who knows what this might mean.


This online pharmacy claims to be licensed but it sells narcotics without prescriptions so I doubt that it is legit, this means this pharmacy lies about something which therefore might mean that they are lying about all rest. They do not offer methods to get in touch with them and information on isn’t encouraging me to purchase medications here and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else doing. is getting a rate of 2 out of 5 since it has a chance of being a scam pharmacy. Reviews

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