Menu Close is an online pharmacy which I just have found it by doing my research and I decided that it must be reviewed finding out whether is it worth spending our hard earned money here or not. So, this online pharmacy has a user friendly interface or at least that’s what it seemed to me by analyzing its front page for a while. Everything seems to be clear and easily understandable so I really like such online pharmacies where you can easily navigate through them. The website offers such options as choosing your country and by doing that the website’s language and currency is going to change according to your country. Or you can manually change the currency and the language as you wish. To my opinion this is a very good feature facilitating the understanding and navigation through the website to a lot of customers, all along with its good and user friendly design. Tried to find more information about the pharmacy itself and so on the information > about us I found their claim that the pharmacy is on business for 10 years and that’s a good number! I’ve tried to find out information about where the pharmacy is located but I couldn’t, unfortunately.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

As soon as you enter this online pharmacy’s website you can see they are having *categories* which you can click and you’re going to be shown some categories of medications and they are according to health condition meaning that the online pharmacy has medications which can treat: alcoholism, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, migraine, diabetes and many other health conditions with, erectile dysfunction being one of them. I’ve click on it and I found out they are having a lot of erectile dysfunction medications, different types, brands, forms etc. with Levitra, Cialis and Viagra being some of them. Those medications are coming in both generic and brand forms too meaning this online pharm offers brands and generics too. Cheapest prices per pill according to their website: generic Viagra: 0.69 USD, generic Levitra: 1.50 USD, generic Cialis: 1.30 USD per pill. Brands are obviously more expensive: 9 USD, 10 USD and 9.67 USD for same medications in brand form. This online pharmacy requires you to show a valid prescription if you’re trying to order prescription medications. Placing an order with prescription medications without show a valid prescription in 3 days the order is going to be cancelled.

Shipping and Payment methods on

This online pharmacy claims to accept orders to nearly all countries of the world only with exception of a few countries in Asia, medications are shipped from India and you can choose from 2 shipping methods: express international mail with a flat rate of 30 USD, having a delivery time of 5 to 9 days and comes with a tracking system. The second option is standard international airmail with a flat rate of 10 USD, delivery time of 10 to 21 days and it doesn’t have a tracking system. According to the information on their website, they are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method as well as credit card, since they haven’t shared which credit card, I can assume that they accept any.

Customer Care Department

Talking with their customer care department can be done via 3 phone numbers: 2 US numbers (one of which is toll free) and the third is UK phone number. In addition to that you can talk with them via email or by filling up the contact form on their website which is basically the same method: email. They are speaking only English and according to the information I could find on their website – customer care department works 24/7. Coupon Codes

The online pharmacy is offering a number of bonuses and I really love such online pharmacies because they are really good and can make you save money. Like for example, the online pharmacy is offering 5% discount for second order and 7% discount for third and further orders. They are offering free 100 mg Viagra pills: 4, 10 or 20 free pills by ordering 20, 60 or 100 respectively erectile dysfunction pills. One last thing is that they are offering free standard airmail service for orders with a sum over 150 USD. In addition to everything that I have mentioned, on the checkout page you can also apply a coupon code and that is going to get you an even bigger discount. If I could rate only their coupon codes/ special offers I would rate it with 5 out of 5. Reviews

Unfortunately the customer reviews lack and that’s a big problem. Regardless of how good their coupon codes or special offers might be – that’s all doesn’t matter as long as the online pharmacy isn’t worth using and since there are no customer reviews I am not sure if this online pharmacy is worth using, honestly talking. There are customer reviews on their own website – testimonials, but there’s a high probability that they are fake reviews so I don’t trust them. By searching and searching online for reviews I’ve found a lot of customer reviews to an online pharmacy with a similar name to this one, but it is not the same pharmacy. Searched for information on which suggested that this is an rogue internet pharmacy while suggested that there are some risks chances, but they aren’t that high – 60 % trust rate with the negative sides: a malware has been detected for this website and this website may be related to a number of high risk sites.


The website is offering very good deals and has very good prices. They are offering free shipping, shipping to all countries, good payment methods and lots of method of getting in touch with the customer care service. Everything looks perfect on the website itself, however there are no customer reviews and scam warning websites suggests to take care using this online pharmacy. Customer reviews are very important and since they lack I would rate it with 3 out of 5 saying that the risks purchasing here are still there. Reviews

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