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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which tries to give the impression of a reliable online pharmacy. Nevertheless, I will try to find out more information about the pharmacy and what they have to offer. Some important things to mention is the claim of the pharmacy being a world famous pharmacy, they claim of having over one MILLION happy customers which is an extremely big number and other things such as: low prices (best prices on the web) as well as fast delivery. I found out they claim to be a Canadian pharmacy which has been online since 2001 or at least all of this information has been listed on the copyright. I hope this information is true as a 18 years old pharmacy is enough time to have trust in this pharmacy. I found their claim of being a CIPA and MIPA approved pharmacy, a seal suggesting they are having 5 stars rating by, they sell only FDA approved medications, verisign secure pharmacy and verified by VISA. All of this indicates the pharmacy is legitimate and regulated by some well known organizations, however I am going to check it all through my review. There are claims suggesting that customers dealing with this company are dealing with comes first in market of delivering and distribution of high quality medications throughout the world. They claim that the company’s primary target it is to supply professionally manufactured brand as well as generic medications at the lowest process you would never have come across in your local medical stores. They claim to ship all over the world and warrant top quality service. Customers dealing with this company are able to save money and time with them. So far, all of this sounds pretty good, but we need to check it more carefully.

Assortment Medications

The selection of medications on this online pharmacy seems to be really wide as they claim to have different categories of medications and there are a lot of categories such as medications for: muscle relaxant, woman’s health, pain relief, anxiety, blood pressure, allergies and many others. I was able to check it right on their main page where you can see the list of categories on the left side of their main or any other page on the website. With this being said, I assume selection of medications should be enormous. Of course, there are erectile dysfunction medications, lots of these medications with the most famous ones like Cialis, Viagra and Levitra being there as well and I said “of course” because this online pharmacy mostly seem to be oriented in selling ED types of drugs. Except for selling generic forms of these medications, they are also selling their brands too, or at least that’s what I found out by checking through their medications. In their catalog of categories of drugs, all the categories are alphabetically arranged except for the Bestsellers; ED sample packs and Erectile Dysfunction. This is mostly what made me think they are mostly oriented in selling ED types of drugs.

As said, the pharmacy is giving a big list of bestsellers medications that you can see right on their main page. As much as it seems, most of the medications found there are from ED category as an example of bestsellers include: Viagra, Cialis; Clomid; ED sample pack 1; brand Viagra; doxycycline and others.

If customers know the exact name of the drug that they are searching for then customers have 2 other methods to search for their needed drugs except for the search through the categories of drugs. The searching methods include: search by the keyword through the quick search or by the first letter of the drugs. Here’s how they look on their website:

Anyway, in the end, it seems that the online pharmacy is having enough medications in their drugstores for a lot of different health conditions. Customers can choose between OTC and prescription medications all along with brand (more expensive) or generic (less expensive) drugs. Taking in consideration all these facts my rate is 5 stars for this unit.

Prices Affordability

As I said it earlier, this online pharmacy is having a claim that the company is offering some of the lowest prices for medications – lowest prices on the web. That’s a huge claim.

It is obvious I had to check it myself and determine if the prices are indeed as low so, by checking the medications that I am mostly familiar with and the medications that they are mostly oriented in selling of: Erectile Dysfunction I have discovered the following: the prices here are extremely good as cheapest prices for single pills of generic Viagra: 0.27 USD, generic Cialis: 0.68 USD and for generic Levitra 1.00 USD. But remember that these are the lowest possible prices if you get the lowest dosage for each medication and the highest amount of drugs (which is usually 360 pills). But I also checked the prices for normal dosage/ quantity ratio and the price is still very and very attractive. I’ve done my research further and I found out that even the prices for brands are very cheap. Also prices for a single pill for same medications (in same order) but their brands are: 2.56 USD, 3.72 USD and 3.71 USD. Here the prices for the brand versions are lower compared to other pharmacies’ prices for generic versions.

To be honest, I didn’t checked the prices for all other medications found in the ED category or in any other category but I really hope that all the prices for all other medications are in the same price range as the ED drugs are. If that’s so then I can rate this online pharmacy with 5 stars as the prices here are indeed super attractive and much lower compared to local pharmacy prices.

Shipping Options

Been searching for information about the pharmacy’s shipping policy and options and I have discovered their claim that the pharmacy is offering world wide shipping meaning that everyone around the globe may order here. I also discovered that they offer 2 shipping options which may not be available in all countries, but at least there should be at least one option in your country allowing you to order here. The first shipping option is Airmail which has a standard waiting period for the given shipping type is 2 to 3 weeks. There are some packages that can be delivered faster. It has a shipping fee of 9.95 USD. The second shipping option is EMS with a waiting period of 3 to 8 business days but because customs may delay the shipping period, they don’t guarantee this delivery period. This option comes with tracking option unlike the first shipping option and it has a fee of 19.95 USD. In addition to this, the pharmacy is offering free shipping on all orders above 200 USD.

I really love the fact they are offering world wide shipping options as everyone can order and that they offer free shipping among with 2 shipping options to choose from. However there are still some minuses. For example, there’s nobody who can order here overnight, not even those who live near the company’s store. That’s a minus. Another thing is that not everyone can afford free shipping as you need to spend here 200 USD. Analyzing all the information on shipping I can rate them with 3 stars.

Payment Methods at Trust Pharm 365

By searching for information about payment methods, I have found on their website 2 icons which are suggesting that they are accepting 2 credit cards: visa and master card.

I’ve done more research and on FAQ page I found out their claim that all the payment methods are available on the billing page. I went on the billing page and there I found that they indeed only accept Visa and Master Card. That’s good they accept these 2 major credit cards, but that still may be very inconvenient for a lot of people as there are lots of other credit cards and generally lots of other payment methods such as wire transfer, echeck or others. Taking all of this in consideration, I can’t rate them with more than 2 points.

Technical Characteristics of

PageSpeed Insights Test Data

The technical characteristics of any modern website is something very important that should be taken in consideration because I personally wouldn’t want to do business with an online pharmacy that has a poorly technically running website in terms of page loading speed and others. I can determine the page speed data using the google service page speed insights for and that’s what I’ve done. The results were pretty good – this is what I’ve got:

As much as we can see in the screens above, the mobile version is having an average page speed data scored with 89 out of 100. This means that some issues may arise but overall it is fairly good. But the desktop version seem to be just perfect, green marked and scored 100 out of 100. The data I’ve got here is fairly good looking so my rate is 4 stars.

Mobile Version

I have tried to find out if is offering a mobile version of their website while using another google service named mobile friendly test but unfortunately I couldn’t. Here’s why:

As we can see in the screen, the website is either not available or it is blocked by robots.txt. Since the site is available then we do know there’s something wrong with their robots.txt. So the only way left to find out if this site has a mobile version is to check it from my own smartphone. I’ve done it and it seems they do have a mobile version of the site as everything seem to be pretty easy to use on a mobile device. But the administrators should do something about the robots.txt issue. My rate is 4 points for this unit.

Is the Connection Secure?

Unfortunately, this online pharmacy does not offer a secure connection. They did claimed to offer maximum security to their customers by offering SSL encryption etc. but this seems to be a lie. I have discovered that the only secured page is the billing page. They are using a 256 bit SSL encryption and that’s really good.

However, I can’t highly rate their secure connection since not every page of this pharmacy is secured and since no ownership information is given. Because of this my rate is 3 stars.

Antivirus Presence on

On the bottom of their page you can see there’s an icon which suggests that they are McAfee Secured. But the icon is not clickable and it is right next to the other icons which I discovered that they are fake.

Since they can’t prove that the site is being secured and protected by an antivirus I can’t have trust in their useless icon. Without an antivirus installed on the website, the customers navigation through is dangerous. For this reason, my rate is 1 star.

Ordering Procedure and Convenience

I am going to explain now what it is like to order and how customers can do it when trying to order anything from I think that’s an important point because I’ve often come along online pharmacies that are making it so hard the ordering procedure and convenience that I was ready to simply give it up. So, to order here you simply can follow the steps:

Search for your needed medications using one of the methods that I explained earlier either by search function (keyword), first letter of the drug or through the catalog of medications. Search the needed medication and after you have found it click on it. You need to see all the information about that medication including all the available dosages and the available quantity of pills for that medication. Click on *add to cart* next to the needed dosage and quantity of pills. what’s great is that you can see the price per pill, your savings and the full price pack.

After you have done this, you should see your shopping cart with all the added items. There you should select the bonus, add a coupon code if you have one, select the shipping method, review all the information including your total order sum and then click on *checkout*. By doing so, you’re going to be redirected to the secure billing page. You can review the information once again but on this page you need to enter all the necessary information such as billing address, payment information and other important information. Doing all of this, you can finalize your order.

Other great thing that I can mention here is the fact that you can change the website’s language and the prices displayed in different currencies.

Plus, as much as you may have noticed through my guidance of how to order here – there is no need to register which is great as I find the registration to be useless and time consuming. All in all, the ordering procedure is very fast and it is very convenient to order here to my opinion without the need to register and good options. My rate for all of this is going to be 5 stars.

Is Legit? about Trust Pharm 365

I got disappointed to read the information that I found on report about this online pharmacy. The site has a low trust rating and this means the site may not be safe to use. Plus, they claimed to be from Canada however the site is either Netherlands based or from France. It has a trust rate of only 5% which indicates a high risk ordering here. Plus to that, the website is online for only one year but on their site we found information suggesting that they are online for 18 years!

Plus, as much as we can see, there’s a lot of very important information that seems to be missing such as owner, owner address; company address, phone numbers etc. This scam adviser report receives 1 star.

Prescription Policy

I didn’t found anything that could have stopped me from purchasing at this pharmacy in terms of prescription requirements and then I found on their FAQ page information suggesting that a prescription is not required. Selling prescription drugs without a prescription requirement is against the law. My rate here is 1 point. Approval Status has reviewed all the necessary information about and the conclusion is: the site is rogue internet pharmacy. This indicates that customers rights may be violated by the company administrator and breaking the law. I do not recommend ordering from such a pharmacy which may be selling fake products or may try to scam you by not sending you anything after payment.

Quality Certificates

As I earlier said, the pharmacy claims to have some quality certificates. They claim to be CIPA and MIPA approved pharmacy including some other certificates as well.

However, this seems to be a lie only. Except for the fact that the icons are not clickable, I have went on official website and I searched for and here’s the result:

My rate for such a lie is 1 point. Customer Reviews Reviews On-Site

The reviews are extremely important to check as they are offering a very good idea about the pharmacy’s services and other important facts. I started with the customer reviews on their own website and luckily, I did found out a testimonials page. But as soon as I entered there I got disappointed. The testimonials page are displayed around 20 different reviews all of which are positive. But I don’t recommend anyone to have trust in them and there’s a multitude of reasons why. First of all – how they appeared on the website as there’s not a single option to write a review? Second, all of them are positive – that’s way too suspicious that only positive reviews appear on the site. Third, the reviews are not unique, you can find the exact same reviews on multiple websites. Fourth, there are no dates – we have no idea when they appeared on the website. Even if they are somehow legit and trustworthy, they may be outdated.

In the end, I have big doubts that customers should have trust in such customer reviews and I recommend to look further for other reviews on other sites. Fake reviews get 1 star.

Customer Reviews about on Foreign Sources

As I said, I recommend to have trust in the reviews on other sources so I checked for customer reviews on independent online pharmacies and sadly I couldn’t find any! I was truly hoping to find customer reviews to give me at least some insight about this pharmacy but I got nothing. I only found most likely fake reviews on their own website and no reviews on other sites – too bad. My rate is 1 point. Coupon Codes

In the time that I have been searching for coupon codes I have found out that the more pills you order the cheaper the price it gets for a pill. Therefor ordering in bulk makes you save money per pills. Another thing that I mentioned earlier is free shipping for bigger amount of orders’ sum (200+ USD). Plus to this, offer free ED generic pills Cialis, Levitra or Viagra.

Other than that I have found out that they are having a special offer for Viagra and Cialis purchased together. That’s a great option for those who still don’t know what drug suits up better for them.

My rate for all of this is 3 stars only as I found no coupon codes.

Customer Support Team

Customer Support Department

As most other online pharmacies, getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done via the contact form on their website. But people don’t usually prefer this method as it requires a while until you get a response back. For getting a faster response you’re able to use their phone numbers. There is an US and an UK phone number which you can dial and get in touch with their customer support department. Now another problem is that except for phone numbers and customer form on the website, there are no other ways to talk with them, unfortunately. That’s a big problem so my rate is 2 stars.

Getting in Touch

As I just said, the only 2 ways to get in touch is the contact form and the phone numbers. Unfortunately, there is no live chat function. I don’t really like talking so I decided to write them through the contact form. I asked them about the coupon codes as I couldn’t find any but no response ever arrived to my email, even after 24 hours and more. Without customer support to answer questions, my rate is 1 point.

Conclusion: Rogue Pharmacy with 5% Trustworthiness and Fake Certificates turned out that it is not a very trustworthy pharmacy. I find it pretty ironic that a pharmacy with such a name is not very trustworthy. They do seem to have a big selection of drugs, very good prices for drugs, some methods to save money, good technical characteristics and pretty convenient to order here. But it seems that this is only done to attract customers and then to scam them out. This indicates a multitude of factors:

Fake testimonials on website with no reviews on other websites, fake quality certificates on website; rogue internet pharmacy to and 0% trustworthiness on, with no important information shared and lies about how much time they were online or where they are located. And all of this is along the fact that customer support department seem to be inexistent. I guess avoiding this pharmacy is a good idea. Reviews

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