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First of all, should be stressed the fact that is an unusual online pharmacy. This is because it has nothing to deal with medical products for humans. This online market provides pharmaceutical remedies for pets and therefore their owners can find here medications for different pets’ health conditions. In fact, it is fairly understandable that this online pharmacy proposes drugs namely for animals, since the name of the site is highly suggestive. Let’s make a short retrospective on in order to make up an objective conclusion!
To begin with, the history of is not displaced on the site. It means that I don't know for how much time this pharmacy is operating on the internet market. That is a rather negative aspect, because for me, as a reviewer, it is of the most importance to know exactly on what principles the company/ pharmacy works, for how much it is in this kind of business. It doesn't mean that if a pharmacy is recently- created, I don't recommend it; it may be a pretty new pharmacy event if its period of activity is recent. Buy, the info about the history of a site speaks about its transparency in a certain way, so if this info is lacking, plenty of questions show up regarding its transparent activity.
Speaking about the drugs proposed by, here are the categories proposed by the pharmacy that clients might be interested in: dewormers, heart wormers, arthritis care, grooming, ringworm meds, syringes, farm animal supplies, ear/ skin/eyes care, antibiotics and pets health. By selecting any of mentioned categories, the customer finds a list with available products, as well as their general description, method of administration and price. On the left side of the front page, you can find a searching tool for quick searching by entering the name of a certain drug. A little bit lower, you will find the “all products” section where you are presented all the available products from the site in alphabetical order. On the left side of the front page you can select the preferred currency in order to receive the prices of the drugs according to your personal country of residence. Well, I should appoint that in fact, the customers do not have many currency options to select; only two currencies are proposed: American dollar and Canadian dollar. Euro, English sterling or french franc is lacking, unfortunately. In my personal opinion, should remove this section in general. It should be present whenever the customer has at least 4 currencies to be selected; otherwise, this section is absolutely useless, in the context that the highest percentage of purchases are usually made by either Americans or Europeans (according to general statistics). 
In addition, there can be found the clients’ testimonials on the front page, which, of course, are all positive. 
Getting in touch with
The only route to get in touch with is via email. No phone number, no video chat available. And here is the official explanation of “ has reduced all costs possible in order to provide the best prices possible”. So if you have a question, you have to send it from the “contact us” section by indicating your email address. promises to answer as soon as possible, while the time until receiving an answer will not exceed 24 hours. I made a small test in order to confirm this promise made by the pharmacy and i sent a question to them. The answer has came instantly and included the following details:” thank you for contacting our vet team. Our representatives work hardly to find the answer to your request, which will be sent soonly”. Maybe it's not the exact formulation, but the idea was the same for sure. So, I checked my email 24 hours later and I got no answer at that moment. A received my answer exactly 32 hours after I sent my request. It's not tragic, In fact. But, it means that definitely doesn't comply with its promises. If this pharmaceutical company has decided to reduce costs by canceling an available phone number, at least it should provide a highly qualitative email responding service. But, in this aspect, there seem to be some troubles. 
Shipping details 
I didn't find any info on the site regarding the countries where is able to ship its products. As far as I understood, it certainly delivers on the U.S. territory. About the rest continents (at least, Europe) there is no specifying information. The same story is about the delivery time. I have no idea when would I receive my order if purchasing from this pharmacy, because no specifications are displaced on the site, unfortunately. Based on the info found on Internet forums regarding, the delivery is far to be considered fast. Users reviews conclude that the shipping time ranges from 1 month to 2 months. It is an enormous shipping time, given the fact that the products are delivered from U.S to U.S. I don't want to imagine how much time would it take a delivery from to Asia, then. One thing is clear and, I would say, positive. All orders more than 100$ are delivered for free. Those that are below 100$ are additionally taxed with 5$ per delivery. It is not a high delivery price I would say, in context that other online pharmacies can require 20-30$ per shipping. 
As what refers to the payment method, promotes PayPal transactions, explaining that these are the most secure. As an alternative, clients could also pay through bank cards, in cas that there is no PayPal account available. 
In conclusion
As what refers to the site content, there are a lot of aspects to improve on But the content is not all that matters. The bad part of is that only standard prices are proposed. There are no discounts. I haven't found coupons for this site available. And this is a very negative aspect since the standard prices for vet products are relatively high and a discount or coupon would not be needless at all. So, 3 out of 5 would me more than enough, in context that 1 point is for encouragement. Reviews

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