differences between tramadol top dol and m77


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hey there all… for what it is being worth it, I have been given by somebody a few hundreds of m77 of 50 mg pill of tramadol like a week or so ago. so well, I have been thinking about this for a while but then I've taken the decision to stop using my usual and normal meds: the Hab and Top Dol and so I have tried those… I have switched to those ones in order to just try and see if there is going to be at least some difference in the potency between the 2 and if there is some then which is better and either is there a noticeable difference or not.


now, I've gotta mention that since I am usually taking 200 mg of it then it would really look like it would be a completely meaningless and mute experiment I was about to do, however since I do break those 200s and they are becoming IR version (they were ER - extended release version, IR means immediate release version of pills) anyway, I have figured that in quarters it is quite the same as a 200 one. I've been trying to make this experiment as fair as I could. my main indicator has been to be any withdrawal symptoms occurring.


so well, I began my experiment and I should tell you… even after 3 days after the switch over to those things, I am still feeling and since the very beginning I have felt exactly the same as I did using the 200s, have the same relief or slightly less and I am having no withdrawal symptoms. I decided to wait these 3 days in order to be sure that what I am saying is true, that's why did not wanted to say that after only first few dosages taken in a day (plus in all this time, any trace of the previous medication must have already flushed out completely).


and so, now, I just wanted to say that because of this experiment that I've done, I really do think that a foreign brand of tramadol, or at very least those2 that I have compared myself, are equally the same, they are exactly as good of a product as the m77's here as I couldn't feel any difference between the 2. and this is the reason why I am ready to venture any minute to differ in the opinions with those people who said (I've seen their posts all over the internet) that the foreign brands (again, I am only talking about tramadol alone here) are up to 25 % or so weaker. not sure if this applies to other medications (like anti anxiety, anti depression or any other pain killing medication) but I do know that this applies for tramadol as they are not all like that, and I am thinking that maybe none of them are, though I can't be sure here either. what I am sure about is that tramadol top dol and m77 are the same.


remember that this is only my opinion and my thoughts based on what I have experimented and tried it out and the exact reason why I feel that this is true and why I am right is that I really do not think that there are too many people that are actually doing a side by side days long comparison like this one, like the one I've done. if there really are such people who did such kind of comparison like that then please chime in reporting your results.


anyway, I just want to say that in the end result, I have simply switched back to my usual one and I have stashed the m77 to have it handy just in case my usual ones are running out. that way I would know for sure that they would be helpful and I won't be afraid to take them. now, I would just want to make a conclusion and say that if there are many people who do feel the same way as I do then trust me that it would be and it really is a really huge loss of us consumers to the foreign IOPs and the reason is very simple… the price it is just so much more cheap there compared to the prices we have here and I'm now comparing the prices for the exact same thing/ potency/ strength etc. in addition to that, I do know that this has pissed off a lot of people there in their high places and it is a cause of some retaliation such as the current raiding on the foreign buyers that it is going on for a while now. (it has at least 4 -5 months!). one strange thing which I am now wondering about is why no body with tramadol from here has been subjected so far to a raid, a visit? that's pretty strange IMO. plus to this, I am quite sure that if there would be a 'high placed' person who would see this they would try to do their best in order to remove this thread and to shut me up!


the illegal tramadol it is everywhere in here, you could find it nearly everywhere! the thing is that the price for it is a lot much more to purchase it on the street. of course.. everyone wants a profit… but hell… like I have said it a bit earlier… somebody just gave me a few hundreds and he is not having any pain issues…


anyway, my conclusion here: they are exactly as good as those you are going to find here for a much bigger price!



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oh yeah, you are definitely right and that's definitely true! there was a moment when the cops came to my house and they have asked me how much I have paid for the 100 of tramadol and when I have told them that I paid only $ 46 they were completely shocked! not sure but I guess that they were thinking that I am going to tell them that I paid hundreds for those!



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oh wow, honestly, I am also shocked that you've spend $ 46 for those pills, but unlike the policemen, I am shocked because I think that what you've spend it is way too much for that quantity of pills. I mean, I do know they were shocked to see such a price since they thought that it is too low, but I'm shocked to see you've spend so much! LOL! I would say that even 500 pills of them (each of 50 mg, to be exact) should be even at least a bit less than what you've spent ($ 46) from the overseas sources. having that said, you can be sure that the source that sold you those pills for such a price made (and I guess still makes) a really good profit because my vendor, which sells them for a cheaper price is still making money, so just think about it yourself. also, just wanted to say that I do know that on current moment (as I've heard, never tried it to buy), a 50 mg tram pill on the street is around 3 bucks here and needless to say that the price is going up as the dosage is going up (accordingly). having that said, I guess this is the reason why those policemen were shocked, I can bet that they were comparing the price you've paid for yours with the street price a user pays (which, as you can see, it is an extremely big difference). I've also heard that when they are reporting a bust then the numbers are getting extremely (ridiculously) inflated due to the fact that they are using the cost of the last person who has gotten in the chain. having that said, it is obvious that there would be such inflation in prices for this, in fact, cheap stuff. as for the tramadol, only just some years ago the people were giving them away and now they are just about the only thing that it is around steadily out there as far as the pills are going. now that I am thinking about this a bit more… oh my god… how much the times have changed. if I only would know about this years ago… anyway… to be honest, in my opinion, I think that it is all just going crazy. I barely can understand this all. it is like putting Kratom in the exact same category as heroin is, what is that??? I mean, c'mon, even the dumbest drug user in this world cannot equate these 2. if you know what I mean…



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hey there Suffes, to be honest with you, I really don't think that they are all alike (the tramadol from overseas with the one here). maybe this is wrong, I am not sure, but I have had some from Romania one time that I have had to throw away due to the fact that they were giving me some really really bad stomach cramps that I simply could not stand with… besides, again, to be honest with you, I don't really like the Capmodol or Pacmodol either so I do think there is a difference between them because I do like the Tindol, in fact, it is the only thing that I do work, I mean, the only thing that it is working well for me. however the problem now is that I can guess that I just cannot get those ones anymore and that's due to Thailand that might be now under the investigation so I don't really want to risk to get them from there. are the other ones from India?


but anyway, I have never tried the ones that you're talking up there so maybe those are indeed good, not trying to say anything about those since I've never tried them. however I just do know very well that there is a difference between Tindol and for example Capmodol or Pacmodol… so they are not the same tramadol.



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ummm, I guess yes, there might be a difference between those since you say that there is, I can't say for sure because as you, I haven't tried the ones you're talking about. so I just can't say if they are all good or not and that's because there are just so so many of them out there that a person simply could never try all of them and I think that nobody would even if they REALLY wanted to try them all, which, to be honest, I don't. I guess that's because there is no need for me to do it. I just found the ones which work well for me and they are good for me as a price as well. and I think that you just can't try all of them because there are so many world wide that you can't even know that some of them exist. and again, to think about it a bit, you don’t even need to. in the end, everything that I'm trying to say here is that those brands that I have used (overseas and here) are all equal in the way they work and therefore I can assume in the quality for me. those overseas trams that I have tried are the same as our own here trams but maybe it depends on the country where it comes from either because I've never tried the Romanian ones….


plus to that, I just want to say that in my opinion, most of the differences that people are feeling are most likely from the various filler production than their normal tramadol usages. I'm trying to say that tramadol is tramadol everywhere and anywhere, it is only the fillers which make a bit of difference. either way, I am now only ordering from India, for now. but anyway, once again, all of this is only my humble opinion and nothing more. not trying to say anything with certitude here. after all, we're all different.



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hi. I am pretty sure that you have read Suffes, I personally think that most of the tramadol are pretty much the same with little to no differences at all, maybe the only difference is the fillers. but yeah, I also should say that the only difference (certain difference) that I have spotted it is the extended release pills of tramadol versus the instant release pills of tramadol. let me explain… just before the 100 mg pills of it started to be common and popular among a lot of people, those people would try the 100s ones and they were thinking (expecting) that they are just about to get a bigger bang (more of an effect) however then many of them found that they are not liking it and that's mostly because it is not only that they had the same bang as they used to get, but they were even feeling weaker. umm, well, it is logical that they would get a weaker feel and that's because a 100 mg of the extended release pill is only releasing approximately 25 mg instantly and only then the rest of the 75 mg of the pill is release over a course of the next 8 to 10 hours. this is made, logically, for the effect to last LONGER, but definitely not BIGGER. that being said, as for blood concentration of tramadol, the 100s are, obviously, lower. I mean, even if one person is going to take 2 of them at once then it would give a bigger effect, but it is still only approximately 50 mg that would be released immediately and the rest of 150 mg would be released in the same amount of time of 8 to 10 hours. if you want an INSTANT effect and get a BIG effect then you're going to have more success of taking 2 pills of 50 mg of instant release than one of 100 mg extended release. and the difference in the period of release is depending on the filler…


and now, I do know very well that there is a really big debate on the fact which ones are being extended release and which ones of them are not and that is why I am not trying to open here that can of worms so I won't. it is a really moot point anyway.


now, I do know very well that there is a really huge debate over which ones of them are extended release and which ones of there are not! now I've got to say that I do know that people are using this tramadol for different reasons and that is why there are people who love the instant release more and there are others who love the extended version. I happen to be one of those who prefer the extended release tablets more, however I do know that there are also a lot of people who love the instant release more (in fact, I might be wrong on this one, but I think that there are more people who love the instant release over the extended release version). but anyway, once again, this pretty much is depending on what are your expectations of getting from using the drug. I personally, I just want that my knees, my ankle and my occasional hip not to hurt anymore, this is my only wish and expectation I am having when I am using tramadol. of course, this is what I want to get from using it. but other people want something else, of course. having that said, I've also tried multiple tramadol brand because of difference reasons and so, every single tramadol brand and dosage that I have ever taken has done this for me and this is why, I can guess that at least personally for me, they are indeed all the same with no difference. though, as Suffes said, there are so many tramadol brands that you can't take all of them and that's why I can't say… maybe there are indeed some that are worse/ better than others.


and yes, there is one more thing that I wanted to add here about this all: I did have had those green and yellow caps from the Thailand which were branded as about 5 or 6 different brands. either it is only me like that or not, but for me they are all exactly the same as I couldn't feel any difference at all. in fact, judging by how close and similar they all worked for me, I am just about to swear that all of them are made in the one exact place but they are just distributed by several companies and under several names. but of course, either that's true or not I can't say. just my opinion. but I've seen that even the weights of those meds are the same which is indicating that the excipients are all exactly the same and by this I am trying to say that if they were all made by different companies (different places etc.) then at least the excipients would not be exactly the same. Well, this is not the case with those ones. in fact, even the green and yellow caps from another continent are all the same, the only thing is that they are another brand or 2, nothing more.


anyway, this is just my contribution 2 cents worth.



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Suffes, yeah, I do agree with you, in fact I am in a total agreement with you and what you're saying, that's because I have had the exact same experience as well!  umm… just besides that really generous gift that you have had from your friend, I don't have anyone who would give me such gifts, but I made this gift 'myself'. I have taken the M77s from here (I mean, US). that's when I have been reduced to being extorted out of money and that's thanks to IOP shipment delays and so I can say for sure the IOP versions are exactly the same. exactly as you, I am also only ordering from India and I am not sure but I think that this must be stated, maybe the trams from India are the same as the M77s from here? maybe the tram from different countries (like as it has been said by another member, for example Romania) are not the same? anyway, thank you very much for great helpful post (at least to those who were still spending lots of money for the M77s from here)!