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S Sandy
" Pets of oz is great. I order from them for dogs flea meds. I'm from US and only order from them. They aren't just a pet meds site, they actually care about animals and their customers. They recently helped me and it was a blessing. God bless you all and thank..."
D Dee
" I was hesitant to order from this place, even though the man I spoke to was very knowledgeable and nice, I just didn't know what to expect. But the company is 100 percent legit and has high quality products. I will def. Order from them again! Highly recommend it. ..."
T Tim
" SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! "
S shari
" i paid 600 for 2 meds on June 23, 2023. It is now October 26, 2023 and I have PAID ADDITIONAL 100 for insurance then 300 delivery THEN an ADDITIONAL 500 refundable deposit.  I have paid UKMEDS over 1500.00 and NOW they ask for an ADDITIONAL 1000.00 refundable deposit!!!! this is..."
MT Mark Travline
" I used pets of oz for years.they are legitimate.i ordered heartworm medicine regular and I always got it i like them and would use themagain.. because you have to be current with vet in us to get it..thex send it no problem  "
J James
" My ordinary shop for direct delivery to my hotel here in Pattaya .. Reliable and fast delivery, used this shop now my 5th holiday here. The kamagra jelly has strong potency. AAA+ "
C carlton
" i have been ordering legally offered items from this website for many months. all orders have been filled quickly and accurately and also delivered to me with a normal time frame. i have contacted them on one occasion and received an answer to my query very quickly. i rate this website..." Stats

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