Previous Names is an online drugstore which, as much as we can understand from its name, is an online drugstore only for pets and seemingly they sell all sorts of things for pets, not only medications. As soon as I entered the website I saw the claim that all of their products are 100% authentic and they are offering free shipping until December 31st since it is now November that I now write it, this offer seems to be more than a month. I went on their about us page and there I found out the claim that this online pharmacy has been online only since 2016 but even so, they claim to have experience in pet industry for many years. I have tried to find out where the headquarters of this pharmacy is located, however I failed to find it. The website features user friendly design and seems to be easily understandable. selection of drugs and prices

Due to the fact that I am not actually having any ideas in veterinary and especially in medications for pets and vet supplies, I doubt that I am going to be able to say too much about this pharmacy’s selection of drugs and prices for them. When you enter the website you’re given a choice: dog and cat. Not sure if they have medications treating ONLY dogs and cats. I’ve clicked on Dog Meds and I found quite a big list of stuff such as: heartworm prevention for dogs, artistopet, cazitel, canex, dog accessories and many many other things. Although they seem to have less things for cats, there still seems to be some. Just to give example of prices: PAW Osteosupport joint care for cats 60 capsules costs 32.95 USD. Dermoscent Essential 6 spot on for cats 4 pack – 24.95 USD. Bravecto for dogs depends on number of tablets and lbs of your dog but the prices are anywhere between 40 USD to around 240 USD.

Payment methods and Shipping methods on

Talking about payments they do not differentiate from most other online pharmacies that are out there as they are only accepting credit cards. They accept only VISA and Master Card with no other payment methods available (although the information on their bottom of the website suggests that they also accept American Express and Discover, however these are still credit cards). As in regards to the shipping, they claim that they ship items from Australia (so I assume that’s where their headquarters is located) to United States, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom, nevertheless they have shared a list of delivery times depending on the countries and it goes as following: Australia up to 7 business days, United States up to 15 business days, Canada up to 45 business days, United Kingdom, Europe AND Rest of the world: up to 45 business days so I am not actually very sure if they offer world wide shipping. All orders within 500 USD will NOT get tracking number while orders above 500 USD will get one. They do not seem to have express shipping and so, the flat shipping rate is 5 USD.

Customer Support

The pharmacy seems to be really well made, what I didn’t like is the fact that the only way to get in touch with this pharmacy is to fill a form in their contact us page. There are no phone numbers listed and there is no live chat function or anything else, not even an email listed. coupon codes

The only thing that I found out in regards to special promotions and offers on this online pharmacy is: the shipping is offered for free to all orders, regardless of how small it is and to which country is being shipped, until 31st December. Free shipping is really good, however, except for this there are no other special promotions. I have tried to find for coupon codes on external websites and I did have found a few websites offering coupon codes for this website which makes you save a bit of money. customer reviews

Although the site doesn’t seem to be very popular (and generally, according to scam analyzing websites – it is rarely visited), it still does have a good number of customer reviews on independent/ foreign websites. I have found at least 3 different external/ independent websites where people wrote some reviews about and the reviews were a bit different… that’s because there are people who said that they wouldn’t actually have trust in this online pharmacy while there were others who said that they have ordered and everything went smoothly. While on the other hand we have people who said that they are waiting for their products for 52 days with no delivery, no refund and no response back to their emails. Another person said that he has got stolen 200 USD and never responded to his emails. However on the other hand we have other people who said that they have ordered a number of times from and their orders always arrived, they have always got answers to their emails and generally, according to a number of these reviewers they have had nothing else but good experiences. So we have people who said that they have used for 10 times or so and they are really happy with the pharmacy even recommending it to other people, and we also have other people who said that they are thieves and they have stolen their money. Went on and I checked what I can find out. Domain age is nearly 2 years which means the pharmacy wasn’t lying about it plus they haven’t actually hidden their location. On on *notes* there are nothing to make us stay away from it.

Conclusion has mixed customer reviews and it doesn’t have full trust from scam warning engines like and has no trust from and Nevertheless, the pharmacy doesn’t hide their location and doesn’t lie to their customers with no *bad* notes from about it. Also, the number of positive customer reviews is bigger than the number of bad reviews. With all of this said I rate it with 4 out of 5 which means that I won’t recommend because there are still risks, but seemingly not as high as compared to other online pharmacies. Reviews

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(Updated: November 30, -1)
Pets of oz is great. I order from them for dogs flea meds. I'm from US and only order from them. They aren't just a pet meds site, they actually care about animals and their customers. They recently helped me and it was a blessing. God bless you all and thank you.
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(Updated: November 30, -1)
I used pets of oz for years.they are legitimate.i ordered heartworm medicine regular and I always got it i like them and would use themagain.. because you have to be current with vet in us to get it..thex send it no problem 
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(Updated: November 30, -1)
They are great.  It takes about 2 weeks to get the order.  I have ordered about 10 times never a mistake.  Highly recommend 
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