Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy that is based in UK, or that’s what we can conclude by checking its domain address name and the ending of the company of ** which usually indicates the site is from UK. This has been confirmed by checking the information on their website indicating they are headquartered in Nottingham, UK. Plus, there is also information that suggesting that the pharmacy’s website is owned and managed by UK Meds Direct Ltd. Also, the medications are being dispensed by UK Meds Direct Pharmacy and also by Medi Direct International Ltd. and that’s why, there’s information suggesting that this site is relating to 2 different and official online pharmacies: UK Meds Direct Pharmacy and Medi Direct International Ltd. Also, according to the information on their website, the pharmacy claims to be officially registered at Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) which is something mandatory for a licensed pharmacy in UK. Also, there’s the online pharmacy’s licensed registration number which you can check on their site. They claim that UK Meds is offering a swift and discreet process to get the Medications that customers need at some affordable prices. They also claim to offer free delivery on UK orders, discreet packaging, GMC UK registered doctors and they are an UK based pharmacy. In addition to this, the pharmacy is an active social media user, customers can find them there if they want to (Facebook and Twitter). The pharmacy claims to offer privacy and security to all customers. All in all, the pharmacy is claiming that they are all legal with highest security level, highest quality for medications and low prices for medications. All of this sounds very good, with a very user friendly website. Nevertheless, I am going to need to try and find out more information about this company.

Assortment Diversity

In order to determine the assortment of medications, I would need to check the categories of drugs on this online pharmacy and I have found out they are offering 37 different drug categories, they can be found at the page called “Treatment”. The categories are being arranged in the alphabetical way so people can find them easier. Here is how they look on their website:

Remember that this is only an example, all in all there are 37 different categories including the following categories: acid reflux, acne, allergies, altitude sickness, anti-malaria, arthritis pain, asthma, beta-blockers, contraceptive pill, cystitis, dental, diabetes, emergency contraception, erectile dysfunction, flu, haemorrhoids, hair loss, hay fever, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormone replacement therapy, migraine, morning after, narcolepsy, nausea, neurophysics pain, pain relief, period delay, premature ejaculation, sexual health, sleeping tablets, stop smoking, testosterone, threadworms, thrush, travel sickness, travellers’ diarrhea, vitamin D, weight loss.

I am not sure what’s the exact number of drugs found at this online pharmacy but given the fact there are 37 categories and there are at least 5-10 different drug in each category, I can assume that there are enough categories to rate this pharmacy with 5 points. The customers are having a high chance to find whatever drugs they are searching for here and that’s really good. Except for this, customers can search for their needed drugs using the search box function available on their website right on the main page looking like this:

Prices Affordability

Remember that this is an online pharmacy based in UK and therefore, all the prices are in GBP and there is no way to change the currency display on the website. In order to determine the prices affordability, I am going to check the prices for ED medications, medications that I am familiar with. It seems the pharmacy is only offering 4 different medications: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Spedra. I will check the prices for 3 of them, most famous drugs. The first one is Viagra. In order to get 32 tablets of generic Viagra 50 mg you would need to pay 75.99 GBP that means there’s a higher price of 2 GBP for a single pill. That’s a really high price.

I have then checked the price for Levitra. This medication comes only in brand for and 32 tablets of 20 mg dosage would cost you 219.99 GBP. That’s a very high price as well that I wouldn’t be really attracted of.

The last medication price that I am going to pay attention to is Cialis which comes in branded and generic form. The price for 20 mg of Cialis 32 tablets in generic form is going to cost you 84.99 GBP and that’s nearly 3 GBP per pill which is a lot. However, the price for brand form of Cialis 10 mg 8 tablets is going to cost you 79.99 GBP and that’s 10 GBP per pill and I honestly think that’s a really high price that by far not all customers can afford.

All in all, the prices are not very attractive, they are not the worst prices that I’ve ever seen but they are definitely not the best out there. I guess that not all customers can afford such prices for medications and for this reason, I am going to rate them with 3 stars as the prices are *moderate* to my opinion, much higher compared to other online pharmacies.

Shipping Options

According to the information on their own website, the pharmacy is offering free delivery on all UK orders. This means that the delivery is free for customers in UK. There is information suggesting that this delivery in UK is going to take anywhere between 3 to 4 working days.

Nevertheless, they do offer next day delivery. Here is the list of shipping methods available at this pharmacy. Tracked Next Day Delivery – £5.95 (delivery on an express service); Tracked Next Day Delivery by 10:30 – £13.95 (delivered on an express service by 10:30 the next day); Tracked Next Day Delivery by 12:00 – £9.99 (delivered on an express service by 12:00 the next day); Tracked Next Day Delivery (Saturday) – £6.95 (delivered on an express service on Saturdays); Tracked Next Day Delivery by 10:30 (Saturday) – £14.95 (delivered on an express service by 10:30 on Saturdays); Tracked Next Day Delivery by 12:00 (Saturday) – £9.95 (delivered on an express service by 12:00 on Saturdays); Tracked Next Day Delivery (Sunday) – £9.95 (delivered on an express service on Sundays); Tracked Next Day Delivery by 12:00 (Sunday) – £19.95 (delivered on an express service by 12:00 on Sundays).

Since customers can get choose their preferred shipping option and there are so many of them, the pharmacy is going to get a rate of 4 stars, only because not all customers from all countries can order here.

Payment Options

This online pharmacy is having information on their main page about the payment methods available. It includes only credit cards, unfortunately. They are accepting VISA, Master Card and American Express. These are the most famous payment method used by a lot of customers.

That’s a really big plus for the pharmacy, but a really big minus is the fact they do not offer any other payment options such as echeck, bank transfer, wire transfer and others. Because of this reason, I am going to rate this pharmacy with 3 stars only.

Technical Characteristics of

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

The google page speed data is extremely important information for a lot of customers as there are very few people who wish to wait for a page to load. Taking too much time is very annoying and that’s why I am going to use the page speed insights of google developers test and find out if the page loading is fast or not. according to the test, the mobile results are very slow scored with 22 only. The desktop version is much better scored with 69 and yet, the desktop version is having an average page speed.

Since the customers are most likely going to have big problems trying to load the pages (and by the way, I did have those problems myself), I am going to rate them with a rate of 2 stars only as page speed data is poor.

Mobile Version Test

I have used the mobile friendly test also offered by google developers and there I found out that the page is mobile friendly. I have tried to check the website myself from my own mobile phone and I did noticed the page is indeed mobile friendly. This means that the page is easy to be used on a mobile device. The problem that I discovered myself and that I noticed on google test is the fact that the site has page loading issues. This can be very annoying for a lot of mobile users as I had to wait a lot of time to load or even to reload the pages. Although this site has mobile version of their site, it is still annoying to use their site and that’s why, my rate is 3 stars.

Is the Connection Secure?

As soon as you enter their website you can check if the website is secured or not and that’s by checking for a green lock near the domain address bar. If the green lock misses it means the website does not offer a secure connection. Luckily, the green lock is there and in addition to that, we can see the website owner information as well. This means the company does not hide anything from their customers which is very good. this is how it looks like:

Every page is secured and company owner information is shared, nevertheless, the problem is the company is using only a 128 bit SSL encryption which is considered a low security level. The high security level is considered only the 256 bit SSL encryption level. For all these reasons, my rate is 4 stars. I would gladly rate them with maximum only with a maximum security level being provided.

Antivirus Presence

Searching for information on the website about an antivirus, I did have found out that this pharmacy is protected by DMCA antivirus. I have found an icon suggesting this and I clicked on it. The icon is clickable and the following page has been displayed.

It is very good that the site is having an antivirus installed on the site, customers can be sure that their devices while browsing this site are all safe. Because of this, I am going to rate this pharmacy’s antivirus protection with 5 stars.

How to Make An Order?

According to the information on their website, customers cannot order on this website without registration here. I don’t really love when pharmacies are asking customers to register because this registration process is too time and energy consuming. The registration process is in 2 steps: first one includes: first name, last name, date of birth and gender. The second step include marketing permission such as email, password and how to get contacted.

To start ordering, you need to find your needed medication using the categories of drugs or searching for them using the keywords. After you find your needed drug, select it. Then select the type of drug (generic or brand), the dosage and the quantity of pills. Click on *buy now* and you would see the added items. Go further and you would see that you should register, plus, you need to enter your medical history, product questions and order treatment.

Only after all these steps, customers can start ordering. I honestly think that ordering here is not very convenient. You cannot change the currency or the language on the website, you cannot order without registering and entering a lot of information. You cannot see the price per pill as well. All in all, the registration procedure is not very convenient. Too much time and energy is required until you can start ordering. My rate for this inconvenience is 2 points only.

Is Legit and Secure? Data about

I have checked the information on and according to this information I found, the site is 81% safe and that’s why, it overall looks safe. Since it has a high trust rating, there shouldn’t be problems using the site. The site seem to have a lot of visitors according to The problem is that domain age is only 2 years which is not too much. Plus, the website probably origin might be from US or Netherlands as well, except for UK.

All in all, for such a review, my rate is 4 stars since it doesn’t have full trust and all other factors that I have already mentioned here.

Prescription Requirements

I have managed to find information suggesting that does not make the prescription requirements mandatory and that’s because the pharmacy is requiring to fill up the medical examination in the form of medical questionnaire. According to the information on their site, the examination is done by a doctor that is working in the online pharmacy field. So, pharmacy is not asking for a prescription because they are giving a prescription but pharmacy offers prescription without a video chat. This means that a lot of customers may simply give false answers and therefore get a prescription for an improper diagnosis. For this reason, my rate is going to be 3 stars. about UK Meds Legitimacy

According to the information that I have managed to find on, is not a legit pharmacy, but it is not a rogue internet pharmacy. It has an unapproved approval status. This pharmacy should follow some requirements in order to get the approval status, but UK Meds doesn’t seem to do it.

In the end, I am going to rate this pharmacy’s approval status with 3 stars because it is not approved, but it has not got a rogue status.

Reviews about

Reviews on

There is a *reviews* page and I was hoping that I am going to read customer reviews on their own website. Unfortunately, I did not found any. On that page, the pharmacy is offering to read the customer reviews on trust pilot. The pharmacy is offering to read *what our clients think* and that’s it. There seem to be 6000+ customer reviews on trust pilot but unfortunately, there are none on their website.

Without any customer reviews on their own website, I am going to check the reviews on, but for lack of reviews on their own site – my rate is 1 point.

Foreign Resources Reviews about

As I said, I am going to check the reviews on As I earlier said, there seem to be 6000+ customer reviews. Most of them seem to be positive.

However, before checking those reviews, I was interested in checking the reviews on other sources. What’s super strange to me is the fact that this pharmacy has been online for only 2 years and it has 6000+ reviews on trust pilot and strange thing is that it has no customer reviews anywhere else online. That’s a bit confusing. Most of the customer reviews are positive.

However, there are negative reviews as well such as:

In the end, there are fairly suspicious things and that’s why, my overall rate is going to be 5 stars for this unit. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, there is not a single word about the coupon codes on their website and that’s a really big problem as there’s nothing to attract customers. I have searched for the coupon codes or any other forms of discount on their FAQ page and all other pages, including foreign sources. Unfortunately, I failed to find any.

It is not the fact that there are no coupon or discount codes, the pharmacy does not offer free pills or anything in this matter, there is nothing to reduce the customers’ expenses. Since customers are not able to save anything purchasing at this pharmacy, I am going to rate them with 1 point for this unit.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

I have clicked on the *contact us* page and I was checking what methods are available to customers to get in touch with this online pharmacy. I have noticed that there is the exact number of the pharmacy, the company registration number, phone number, email, social media pages and contact form. customers can also fill up complaints in case there’s something going wrong.

Problem is, there are no operating hours, no multiple phone numbers in case something goes wrong with the first number and no live chat function. In the end, my mark for this unit is going to be 4 stars.

Customer Support Service

I was interested in checking if the pharmacy is indeed offering any coupon codes or not, and for asking a question in this matter I have use the contact form. As I said, there is no live chat function and that’s really disappointing, that’s the reason why I used contact form. The company should provide this option to my opinion. I have used the contact form and the response I got back many hours later was the automatic robot response. Nobody answered my coupon codes questions. My rate for this is 1 point.

Conclusion: Many Customer Reviews but no Coupon Codes and Expensive Medications is an online pharmacy which offers many medications in generic and brand form for 37 different drug categories. They shared the registration number, they are a UK based pharmacy with the company owner information being shared. A big minus is the fact that not all customers can afford such high prices for medications at this pharmacy. The pharmacy doesn’t share where they ship and they accept only credit cards.

This pharmacy’s site does not have satisfactory technical data with a low security of website. Although they do offer mobile version and antivirus, the ordering procedure is very hard and time consuming with registration mandatory. The site got an unapproved status on but it seem to have a high trust rate on The company offers prescriptions to people who need one.

The company does not offer reviews on their own website, but they do offer lots of reviews on foreign site: There are 6000+ reviews but no reviews anywhere else. Despite the fact there are pretty high prices for drugs, they do not offer coupon codes or anything to reduce expenses. Bigger problem is the fact that no customer support team is answering your questions. My conclusion, the pharmacy is not very worth it. Reviews

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i paid 600 for 2 meds on June 23, 2023.
It is now October 26, 2023 and I have PAID ADDITIONAL 100 for insurance then 300 delivery THEN an ADDITIONAL 500 refundable deposit.  I have paid UKMEDS over 1500.00 and NOW they ask for an ADDITIONAL 1000.00 refundable deposit!!!!
this is SO ILLEGAL!!!!!
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