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Actoplus Met

Actoplus Met

Actoplus Met (pioglitazone/metformin) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

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Actoplus Met (pioglitazone/metformin) general information

Actoplus Met is a drug consisting of pioglitazone in combination with metformin. It is classified as an antidiabetic drug for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The drug increases cell sensitivity to insulin and stabilizes blood sugar levels. Actoplus Met therapy has a significant positive impact on the majority of cardiovascular risk factors and can be used for the prevention of cardiovascular complications in patients with type 2 diabetes. Moreover, this medication reduces the risk of heart and vascular diseases, reduces capillary fragility, increases the secretion of insulin.

What patients should know about possible side effects of Actoplus Met (pioglitazone/metformin)

Actoplus Met practically does not cause dangerous side effects. However, people who take this drug may suffer from indigestion - bloating, nausea and diarrhea. Some other side effects may include stomach pain, vomiting, rash, skin redness, headache, dizziness, hypoglycemia. Also, the vast majority of patients find that these disorders weaken over time as the body gets used to the constant presence of the drug. Very few people really can’t tolerate this medication.

Note that metformin can also cause lactic acidosis if you have heart failure, problems with liver or kidneys. If you do not have these complications, the risk of lactic acidosis is close to zero.

Note that pioglitazone causes fluid retention in some patients. This may result in swelling of the legs and a relative decrease in red blood cell mass. Also, due to fluid accumulation, patients receiving Actoplus Met therapy may gain weight.

Special instructions as to take Actoplus Met (pioglitazone/metformin)

This medication is prescribed with caution in patients with diseases of the endocrine system (disorders of carbohydrate metabolism).

Pioglitazone can cause fluid retention and lead to exacerbation of congestive heart failure. Therefore, patients who use the drug must be under the supervision of a cardiologist for learning the early warning signs and symptoms of heart failure.

Patients should refrain from driving or operating machinery for as long as side effects last.

Actoplus Met therapy should be carried out by a specialist in conjunction with diet and exercise program.

How to take Actoplus Met (pioglitazone/metformin)

The dosage of Actoplus Met must be individually adjusted. The usual dose in early treatment is 1 tablet 1 time per day during the meal. The maximum daily dose is 3 tablets. Tablets should be taken without chewing, with plenty of fluids.

General contraindications for Actoplus Met (pioglitazone/metformin)

Do NOT use this medication if you have hypersensitivity to any of the components of the drug, kidney disease or renal dysfunction, acute myocardial infarction, acute or chronic metabolic acidosis, diabetic ketoacidosis, lactate acidosis, infectious diseases. Avoid taking Actoplus Met if you suffer from alcoholism, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The drug is not used to treat children.

Check for possible drug interactions

Metformin impairs the absorption of vitamin B12.

It is best not to administer other medications with Actoplus Met: antidiabetic drugs, fluconazole, MAO inhibitors, sulfonamides. They can increase tissue sensitivity to insulin and cause a reduction in blood glucose, which in some cases can lead to hypoglycemia.

Actoplus Met Reviews

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i’ll try to make it as short as possible so everybody would understand what I want to say and to get it easily. So I have started to take this medication approximately one year ago as I remember that I have started to take it in summer 2014. So since I am using this drug my sugar level condition is a lot better so it does help my diabetes. however, there are side effects. since I am on this drug I have gained more than 20 pounds now, moreover, I have noticed that my hands and my feet are cold, I’m suffering of constant shortness of breath, my general health feeling are somehow pretty irritable especially if comparing to how they used to be, and also besides nausea I can say that I’m feeling somehow worse if talking about overall day by day health than how it was in the past before I have started to use this drug. Besides everything I have mentioned above I’m having some severe diarrhea to not having any bowl movement in approximately one week now, however, my doctor is telling me that this is normal and I have to respectfully disagree with him. Also, since I’m on this drug I have asked him a couple of time to change it, however, he always tells me that my side effects I’m suffering are not related with the drug so I really don’t know what to do know. I believe that if he would listen to me I would feel much better and if I would finally stop taking it. however, I know that I cannot and that I need to listen to him. So, in order to change this medication I have one simple plan: in about less than a month I’m having one more appointment with this doctor and I’m going to insist with all my best to make him understand that this drug need to be changed. In case if he won’t do anything and he won’t change my medication at the moment (or at least until that time) I almost sure that I’m going to visit another doctor and I would be searching for another opinion. I’m sure that another doctor who won’t be so “stuck up” about taking this drug would be doing something about making it all better which means in changing the medication. Well, good luck to me for now and I also wish you good luck to everybody.
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