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Aranesp Reviews

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I had only one shot of this aranesp but I won’t have anymore. I started to feel terrible and I am still feeling this way since them. for the last half a month when I had that shot I am feeling like I am having flu. I started this drug because my insurance company decided so. However, I am going to try to make them to return me on taking the epogem. I have taken that drug for 5 or even 6 years and I didn’t had any troubles. Now I find myself feeling horrible only after one shot. Thank you for your attention.
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I’m having CML and I’m getting the injections one time per month. I’m still having lacks of energy, I’m always tired and my red cells aren’t going up for nothing. One time when I was given only 3 pints of blood I was feeling instantly energetic. I didn’t felt tired anymore and I was able to do multiple tasks in one single day. In general, I was feeling great! I need to sit down and rest for few minutes or even more whenever I’m doing dishes but after that I was ok. However, my oncologists gives me the injections at his office once a month and with each day that passes I’m more and more tired. I have nearly zero strength and I’m feeling that I’m completely drained out of energy. I don’t know how much I’m going to feel like this but until know, I’m far from feeling normal. If I have a relatively “busy” da, the next day is “sleepy” day because I have no energy to get out of my bed for the whole day. I know almost for sure that these injections don’t help me. Before I was put on chemo pills for the leukemia I was anemic. I also have congestive heart failure plus retaining of the fluids. Nothing is helping me, nothing treats my anemia and nothing is making my red cells to increase! Not really what I was expecting when I’ve started the injections especially because now, after so much time, my conditions is still below normal and it’s always like that… for those who have success with this drug: you’re a lucky one…
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