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Mentax (metoclopramide) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

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Indications for use of Mentax

Mentax is an antifungal agent. It is used mainly in the treatment of tinea pedis caused by certain fungi Epidermophyton floccosum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Trichophyton rubrum. Butenafine is also used in case of cutaneous candidiasis and tinea versicolor. It has fungicidal and fungistatic effect (reduces inflammation and itching).

When applied topically, the active substance (butenafine) is absorbed well through the various layers of the skin. The active substance is partially metabolised and excreted in the urine and bile. The half-life is 2-3 days.

Butenafine is prescribed only for adults in the form of applications (it should be applied on the skin in a thin layer).

The duration of treatment depends on the patient. As for dermatomycosis, the duration of therapy is usually from 2 to 4 weeks, but it can be increased up to 8 weeks in severe forms of fungal disease. As for Candida, the duration of treatment is about 4 weeks.

Patients are advised to continue the therapy for 2 weeks after the disappearance of the clinical signs of the disease (in order to prevent recurrence of the fungal disease).

Do not apply the drug under occlusive dressings.

It is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly after each procedure.

When Mentax is contraindicated

There are no absolute contraindications to Mentax. Care should be taken in case of individual intolerance to butenafine.

The drug should not be applied to the damaged skin areas (burns and wound surface).

Avoid contact of the drug with eyes and mucous membranes.

Care should be taken during pregnancy, lactation. This drug is not used in children (no evaluation of the efficacy and safety).

Mentax during pregnancy and lactation

The drug is approved for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding (with caution). Butenafine has no teratogenic and embryotoxic effects (when applied topically). However, it is recommended to use the drug under the supervision of a doctor.

The drug is used with caution during lactation.

How to use Mentax

Adults should apply a thin layer of cream to the affected skin 1 time per day for 4 weeks. The affected areas of the skin should be cleaned and dried thoroughly. Wash the affected area with warm soapy water, wipe thoroughly (especially between the toes). It is sufficient to use this medication on the visible parts of the unhealthy areas and within 1 cm around. Patients should not use occlusive dressings.

Duration of treatment in case of dermatomycosis: 2-4 weeks (optionally up to 8 weeks); erythrasma: 2-4 weeks; candidiasis: 4 weeks.

Treatment should last for at least 2 weeks after recovery (to prevent recurrent infection).

Periodic monitoring of liver function is recommended in patients with hepatic insufficiency.

The treatment should be stopped if you see signs of hypersensitivity or irritation. Be sure to consult a doctor if no improvement is observed.

Possible side effects

Topical effects: dryness, skin redness, burning, itching, irritation of the skin.

Specific guidance for Mentax

The drug is not intended for ophthalmic use. Avoid getting the cream in your eyes.

Significant drug interactions involving butenafine are unlikely.

Mentax storage conditions

Keep out of reach of children. The drug should be stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Proper storage conditions: below 30° C.

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