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Spiriva (tiotropium bromide) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

Spiriva (tiotropium bromide) is a drug for the treatment of bronchial asthma and obstructive bronchitis. One way to save money on the Spiriva retail cost regardless of income and insurance status is to use Spiriva coupons or discount cards from RXCoupons. Use this Tiotropium Bromide coupon at this online pharmacy and receive up to 75% off the sale price.

Spiriva pharmacological action

Spiriva (tiotropium bromide) is a drug for the treatment of bronchial asthma and obstructive bronchitis. This drug is available as capsules, including powder for inhalation.

Spiriva contains tiotropium bromide - this substance improves the process of relaxation in smooth muscle of the respiratory tract. Tiotropium bromide is a long-acting antimuscarinic and anticholinergic agent. The drug has a positive effect on patients with COPD. The bronchodilator effect is dose dependent. It lasts for at least 24 hours.

Spiriva indications

The drug is taken in the following cases: - Chronic bronchitis; - Emphysema; - COPD.

Spiriva dosage

Standard dose - 1 capsule 1 time per day. Do not swallow the powder. Capsules are used with the HandiHaler device.

How to use HandiHaler:

  1. Open the cap by pressing the button.
  2. Lift the cap and the mouthpiece.
  3. Take the capsule and place it in the inhaler.
  4. Close the mouthpiece.
  5. Place the inhaler in your mouth, hold the mouthpiece tightly. Take a slow breath to perform inhalation (to get the lung space completely filled).
  6. Hold your breath and take the inhaler out of your mouth.
  7. Repeat the inhalation until the capsule with the powder is empty.
  8. Open the mouthpiece and remove the capsule.

You will need to clean the inhaler once a month. To do this, rinse the cap, the mouthpiece, and the base of the device with warm water. The inhaler can be cleaned with a paper towel.

Do not use Spiriva inhalations if the capsule is damaged.

Spiriva side effects

Spiriva therapy may lead to unwanted side effects: - Dry mouth; - Bronchospasm; - Candidiasis of the oral mucosa; - Dysphonia; - Dizziness; - Tachycardia; - Dysphagia; - Hives; - Rash; - Constipation; - Cough; - Gastroesophageal reflux; - Supraventricular tachycardia; - Increased intracranial pressure; - Irritation of the pharynx; - Intestinal obstruction; - Anaphylaxis; - Nasal bleeding; - Atrial fibrillation; - Urinary tract infections; - Blurred vision; - Angioedema; - Glaucoma.

Digestive disorders: dry mouth, stomatitis, constipation, gastroesophageal reflux; rarely - gingivitis, glossitis, intestinal obstruction, dysphagia.

Respiratory tract: dysphonia, cough, pharyngitis; rarely - paradoxical bronchospasm, laryngitis, sinusitis, nosebleeds.

Cardiovascular system: atrial fibrillation; rarely - tachycardia, palpitations.

Kidneys and urinary tract: delayed urination (in men), dysuria; rarely - urinary tract infections.

Allergic reactions: rash; rarely - hives, itching, hypersensitivity reactions, angioedema.

Musculoskeletal system: swelling of the joints.

CNS: dizziness; rarely - insomnia.

Spiriva contraindications

Spiriva is not prescribed for pregnant women (I trimester) and children. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

The drug is used with caution in case of angle-closure glaucoma, bladder neck obstruction, hyperplasia of the prostate, kidney failure.

The drug should not be used in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Spiriva interactions

It is not recommended to combine anticholinergic drugs and Spiriva.

It is possible to perform inhalations with other drugs used for COPD therapy (methylxanthines, sympathomimetics, inhaled or oral steroids).

Spiriva overdose

Spiriva overdose symptoms may be accompanied by dry mouth, tachycardia, bilateral conjunctivitis.

Additional information

Acute bronchospasm attacks are not treated with Spiriva.

Spiriva inhalations may lead to anaphylaxis, reflex bronchospasm.

Avoid contact with the eyes. Spiriva inhalation powder may cause pain, discomfort, blurred vision. You should consult an ophthalmologist in this case.

The drug may also cause dizziness. Therefore, you should practice safe driving.

Elderly patients may use standard doses. Patients with hepatic pathologies may use standard doses as well. It is advisable to undergo a regular examination of kidney function in case of kidney disease.

Spiriva Reviews

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I don’t know how about others but I had a strange experience with this drug. I don’t know exactly if it works because my doc prescribed to me this med combined with other drugs so it’s difficult to understand what really helped me. My problem was that I was diagnosed with cateracts and I have had a surgery some years ago. After this I started to use spiriva combined with other drugs. The strange thing happened since the beginning. When I started to use spiriva I found out that 20% of the capsules were empty. When I saw this for the very first time I thought that it’s not so grave and that maybe there was a mistake. I started to check other capsules in order to see with there are other empty capsules and I found out that almost 20% of them were empty. I called them and I explained my situation. They said that they’ll take care about this and that they’ll send to me other packs of this drug. Since that day passed more than 8 months but nothing changed. I tried to call them again but no one answered to me. During this time I ordered other packs of spiriva and in some of them found out the same problem. Don’t know want to say. Just pay attention to this drug.
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I am having COPD with bronchospasm prevention for which I am taking Advair 500 as well as Spiriva. The first thing I need to say about them is that they are both very expensive, waay too expensive than should be. I am going to meet my gap on the medicare in about half a year or so. Now, I am wondering how much do I pay only for the advertising of these two almost ineffective drugs. I think that there should be something would make people stop paying for advertising for prescription drugs. I am paying an extremely high price for both of them and I really need to discontinue taking at least one of them, otherwise, I will spend all my money only on medicine, I won’t be able to buy foods. Besides the fact that I am paying a very high price, they even have side effects. I am not sure what product is causing me urine retention in my bladder but I think it is Spiriva. This is causing bladder infections which can lead to other severe problems. But the most annoying thing is that they don’t even fully work. I pay a lot, I have side effects and even with both drugs taking I am still having to use the albuterol. This is some kind of a nonsense to me. however, it seems that I do not have any alternatives so I’m not sure what should I do now. if someone wants to help me I would be very happy. I am not pleased at all even though these medicines are ease to use! I want my doctor to put me on something else that would work better. I know that there are a lot of medications and I also know that some medications may work the best for certain people and other medicines for others. Maybe, these two are not meant for me, maybe there is something else for me. I really hope so.
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Lately my COPD was getting worse and worse and my life was getting harder and harder. I’ve understood that I have something to do otherwise I can end up really bad. Talked to a doctor and he recommended one medicine but I was forced to stop it due to the fact that it was making things even worse. I won’t describe it here because this is another story with another medication. So well, my doctor seemed not to help me at all until the moment she said that I could try on Spiriva. I had it but I couldn’t use so I’ve waited nearly one week to first try it. when I had a little bit more time from my work I’ve understood that it is the right time to finally try it out. I was able to feel some changed, I was feeling a little bit better quite quickly after the shot but it only lasted for a couple of hours. Because I haven’t seen any side effects but I was able to notice some relief I’ve decided to continue using it. I’ve used it for 3 more weeks and now I am feeling a lot better than before. I had to use it for 3 weeks to reach such good results but it’s worth it. when I woke up today I didn’t had to take my usual morning albuterol. Sincerely, this is something new for me. After this morning I am having big hopes on this medication so I can recommend it to everybody else. About the side effects noticed in 3 weeks: only dry mouth. In general side effects have been very mild, compared to what others wrote here and on other sites. I really hope that it would continue to work in years the way it is now. so far so good until now.
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I am taking Spiriva for more than 5 years now and I have experienced a big improvement with my breathing and in general with the ability to carry on with a normal and active day. It lasts long enough and I don’t have any negative side effects from it. Absolutely all the effects I had from Spiriva were only positive. Nothing bad happened in all these years. I’m sorry for those who have problem with it but I don’t so I can recommend it! My HMO covers all the costs so I don’t have nothing to worry! Perfect product, at least for me…
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Similar situation to the previous poster, I guess this drug works identically for everyone! I mean that I was prescribed Spiriva about few months ago. As the previous poster said, it really works in the beginning but then problems started. At first it was working fine and I had nothing to complain, it was easy to breathe with its help but with time I started to experience some bad effects that I’m sure were caused by Spiriva. The side effects include: SEVERE dry mouth, continuous muscles pains, frequent ocular migraines, and continuous bad coughing. Later, few weeks after suffering with these issues I also started to develop badly blurred vision. The thing that made me sure that Spiriva is responsible for all of this is that I noticed that everything started to be happen about after one hour when I was using Spiriva. I started to search information online about side effects, other people reviews and so on and I found that all those symptoms were listed in drug’s list of side effects. That was the moment when I finally decided that I won’t take this drug anymore, I called my doctor, and told him my story. Now I’m very mad at him because he said nothing more than to stop using this drug and return to my old drug. He never mentioned any other drug that should help me and the worst part is that he never told me that this drug has several and severe withdrawal symptoms! I quit taking this drug, within few days I developed feelings of light headed, and dizziness and I had frequent and severe panic attacks, which I never had before. I suffered from this for few days until I finally realized I should do something about it and I took Xanax twice per day until everything was gone and I was finally feeling back to normal. Even though I’m fine now, I don’t want to go through all that once again.
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I don’t know, maybe it would work for certain people but for me it doesn’t. I mean that it helped me a little bit for about a month but then problems started. I took it about 2 months ago for about a month and 2-3 weeks. I’m now 2 weeks off it. In the beginning everything was fine, my breathing was easier and it seemed that I finally found a good product. However, after only one month of using this medicine I have developed chest pains every morning that were lasting no less than one hour. I’m sure that it is a side effect of this product because it happened each morning about 5-10 after I was using it. Well, the pain was disturbing but I could live with that. After all, one hour doesn’t seem that much to live with a moderate pain. But no, that wasn’t all. After few days of morning chest pains I started to have really crushing tightness in my chest. Well, that wasn’t something I could tolerate anymore. After that I quit taking this Spiriva completely and currently I’m on my old medicine that also has side effects but at least not that bad as this one has. Good luck!
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Took advair as doctor prescribed for a while and I had troubles breathing anyway. Even though I was breathing a little bit easier, I had other side effects such as dizziness, stomach upset and pains so I could not take it anymore. Found on the internet about Spiriva, read some reviews and how it works on other people. In the beginning I was dubious about it. Read some reviews where people described pretty harsh side effects such as insomnia, troubles with urination, muscle spasms, pains and even more. Read about other medications and they were even scarier to take. Decided to take try this one. Now I have only one conclusion: very good and helpful medicine. Spiriva has helped me breathe much better (especially if compared to other medicines) and I have no side effects so far. I take it for a month now and it work wonders. I can now deeply inhale which helps me to walk longer without being tired, do some house work and work in my yard. 46 years old and feeling like an 30 one. When using other medicines was feeling like an 80 years old. Would like to say thanks to the inventors, you’ve made my life better.
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