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What should you know about Suprenza?

Suprenza (phentermine) is a drug for the treatment of obesity. It is widely used for the suppression of appetite. Phentermine is a medicinal product that belongs to the group of drugs for the treatment of obesity.

Studies have shown that phentermine helps reduce weight gain by 3-4% (compared with placebo). This substance increases the release of norepinephrine in certain areas of the brain, which leads to a decrease in food intake.

It is necessary to carefully monitor blood pressure in patients receiving antihypertensive therapy.

Suprenza is approved only for short-term use.

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic agent that helps suppress appetite. Such therapy will be more effective in combination with hypocaloric diet.

The most common side effects of phentermine may include nervousness, dry mouth, constipation and hypertension. In this regard, phentermine is not recommended for patients with arterial hypertension and concomitant cardiovascular pathology. In addition, phentermine should be prescribed with caution to patients with anxious and depressive conditions.

Phentermine is close to amphetamine. Therefore, phentermine can cause physical and mental dependence. In this regard, phentermine is not prescribed to patients with a history of substance abuse.

Indications for Suprenza

Suprenza is used in the treatment of obesity only as part of a complex therapy that includes dietary restrictions or physical stress. The duration of therapy is usually limited to several weeks.

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic drug that reduces appetite. This is an excellent alternative to surgical intervention, as well as other painful procedures for weight loss. You can control your hunger thanks to this drug.

Phentermine was created specifically for treating overweight people. It is basically used in cases where other drugs are not effective. Phentermine is your chance to lose weight and start a new, healthy life.

Phentermine stimulates your brain and central nervous system. This drug is the most popular agent for getting rid of excess weight. Phentermine blocks certain impulses in the brain. Thus, the person does not experience the desire to eat food. Thanks to this, you can control your hunger and eat whenever you want. The fact is that phentermine slowly destroys your fat deposits and helps get rid of excess weight.

How should you use Suprenza?

Phentermine is taken at a dose of 1 tablet per day. The course usually lasts for 3 months. Do not take phentermine more than once a day. Do not break and chew Suprenza tablets before use.

Learn about Suprenza side effects

The main side effects include: dry mouth, constipation, insomnia, dizziness, high blood pressure, tachycardia.

CNS: sleep disorders, tremor, nervousness, excitability, dizziness, euphoria, dysphoria, psychotic episodes.

Cardiovascular system: high blood pressure, tachycardia.

Digestive system: dryness, unpleasant taste in the mouth, diarrhea, constipation.

Reproductive system: impotence.

Symptoms of overdose: anxiety, tremor, hyperreflexia, confusion, aggressiveness, hallucinations, fatigue, depression, heart rhythm disorder, hypotension, collapse, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, coma (in severe cases).

Treatment: it is necessary to induce vomiting.

Learn about Suprenza contraindications

Study all the contraindications before using this drug. It is not recommended for people with diabetes, allergic reaction to the drug, glaucoma, or liver and kidney problems. You should not drink alcohol together with the drug to avoid unwanted side effects.

This drug is not recommended for children under 16, as well as for elderly people.

Suprenza therapy in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Phentermine is not recommended for pregnant women. Phentermine is not recommended for lactating mothers and children under 16 years of age.

Medical Conditions

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