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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which is mostly oriented in selling most famous erectile dysfunction treatment medications such as Viagra, Cialis, generic sildenafil but they are also offering other medications. According to the information on their website, the pharmacy has shared information suggesting that they have already provided amazing service to thousands of customers needing help since 1998 which means this is a 20 years old running pharmacy. There’s also information suggesting the idea that they are having a team of experienced and professionals contracted physicians and pharmacists that are being granted the license to practice medicine by US authorities. Also, they are suggesting the fact that absolutely all the drugs you can find on their drugstore are FDA approved, high quality, effective and safe to use. Except for being a pharmacy offering medications, they are also a doctor consultation provider as they claim that people can get free online doctor’s consultation and prescription with their order.

AccessRx has developed their business practices, so today they are the most efficient and reliable company of its type in the world purchasing drugs from the largest drug wholesalers in the US. They claim that up to this day, they have filled more than 1 million orders which is a big number and a big claim. They claim to offer big security measures to their customers and customers’ satisfaction is their main aim – that’s the reason why online orders at access rx continue to grow monthly. So they are a US based (in Tempe, AZ, USA) online pharmacy and prescription provider mostly helping people with ED issues for the last 20 years offering high quality drugs and outstanding service.

In this review, I am going to try my best to find out if all of this is true and if the pharmacy is indeed legitimate and reliable offering such good services.

Assortment Diversity of AccessRx

According to the information on the site, the pharmacy is offering exclusively only medications from reputable and well known companies and FDA approved drugs meaning that all the drugs you might get from here are effective. The companies they work with are known all over the world. By searching what assortment of drugs they offer, I found there are 9 different categories such as: erectile dysfunction; hair loss; stop smoking; weight loss; sexual health; allergy relief; skin care; acid reflux as well as sensual lubricant. These categories can be found by clicking on the “menu” on the upper right side of their page where the list of categories would appear near it.

As much as it seems, most drugs that you can find are in the ED medications with the following drugs being found there: Sildenafil Citrate Green Stone, Sildenafil Citrate Teva, Viagra, Tadalafil, Tadalafil daily use, Cialis, Cialis for daily use, Levitra, Staxyn, Stendra and Trial Package.

As said, they are mostly oriented in selling ED medications and some of them are being displayed on their front page as the following:

As much as we can see, there are not very much medications at this pharmacy. People do not really have a very big choice as their biggest assortment are in ED drugs category and yet – there are not a lot of them. Plus to that, only Viagra and Cialis comes in generic and brand name, while Levitra has its brand name version only. But, for example, people suffering from blood pressure issues won’t find their drugs here, as well as a lot of other conditions that cannot be found here.

In fact, their assortment is so small that they do not even require a search function on the site. In the end, my overall mark for this aspect gets 3 points. I would get it higher in case there would appear more categories and more drugs.

Prices Affordability

I guess there’s no need to mention why it is so so important to check the prices before purchasing anything here. In fact, people check prices before actually purchasing anything at all, something I find logical and obvious. With this being said, I went on further checking for the prices of medications and to be honest – I got shocked from what I saw. is offering extremely big prices! In fact, they are higher than those you can find at, for example, Walgreens, and this information is displayed on their site. They just claim that the bonuses include: free online physician review; free prescription included and medication shipped discreetly something I really have doubts it is worth it. here are the prices for brand Viagra 50 mg.

This means that the price for only one pill is 104 USD. The price does gets a bit better by purchasing a bit more pills, but not really good. For example, the maximum quantity you can get is 90 pills. cost per dose is 43.01 USD, that’s 25 mg. Obviously, price for a single 50 mg pill is twice that – 86.02 USD. 90 pills would cost you 7742.52 USD and they claim that your savings are 1612.98 USD.

To be honest, that’s an incredible big price. The reason why people are usually searching for online pharmacies is because they want to save some money and definitely they are not looking for spending more money than what they could spend for same medication at their local pharmacy. The prices that we see here are sky high!

But this was not all, I got another shock when I checked the prices for generic sildenafil citrate which I obviously expected to be much cheaper but it was only twice cheaper than brand Viagra, while usually that way much more cheaper.

I then searched for Cialis and Levitra and as much as you can guess – those medications were not any more attractive in terms of prices. Exactly as with brand or generic Viagra – those medications were having sky scrapping prices as well. The price for brand Cialis 20 mg is 94 USD per dosage.

Those are some extremely high prices that I have big doubts there are too much people who can afford. And I can’t understand why would people get medications here only for the free delivery and free prescription while they pay so much more for everything else. My verdict is 1 point since the prices for medications are higher than those in your local drugstore!

Shipping Options

According to the information that I have managed to find on their website, the pharmacy is being based in Arizona, and they are not shipping internationally. The customer living only US can order from this online pharmacy.

They claim that all orders are shipped in less than 24 hours while orders that are placed before 3 PM MST are being processed the same day. as much as I noticed, the pharmacy is offering the 3 different shipping options including: overnight; 2 day and priority (usually delivery is 3 to 5 days). But, unfortunately, except for this information they have not shared any information such as: do they offer tracking? And most importantly – what are the shipping fees.

All in all, this online pharmacy offers shipping only in USA, they are not offering too much information about shipping options and the most importantly – about the shipping fees. What we do know is that it is not for free. My overall mark here is 1 star. I could rate them with 2 stars but there is just too much mysteriousness and only people in USA can use this company.

Payment Options

According to the information on their website, the pharmacy is accepting Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards, as well as money orders. They claim that ordering online is completely secure. People who want to pay with money orders are being given an address so they can do so.

There are few different payment options and yet, there are many people who would appreciate other payment options as well such as echeck, bitcoin and others. For this reason, my mark for payment option policy is 3 stars.

Technical Data Access Rx

Google Page Speed Data

It is obvious that when you’re entering a website you don’t really want to wait too long until it opens up. When a website is having technical issues that’s pretty probable to happen. That’s why it is important to check the technical characteristics and data about a website so we should know what to expect. Using google page speed data I can check this information and below I’m going to post the results that I have got from checking it.

As much as we can see, the situation for the mobile version is a bit better than the desktop version as the page loading speed is faster. I do understand the tendency of people browsing websites more and more from their phones but yet, the number of PC users still greatly outnumber those using sites from smartphones. The medium page loading speed for a computer is quite a problem to my opinion. In addition to that, as much as we can see, the optimization for both versions aren’t really good and that might be a problem as well. I assume that the site administrator should do something about it improving the technical characteristics of their site. Overall, my rate is 3 stars for this unit.

Access Rx Mobile Friendly Test

Using the google tools we can determine if this online pharmacy is having a mobile version of their website and it does seem so. As much as it seems, the site can be used from a smartphone as the elements on the site aren’t too large and the text is readable.

Nevertheless, there are some problems going on. The page didn’t load fully and this means that technical problems are still going around it.

Plus to that, using the site from my smartphone – not all elements were clickable. All in all, I think that this unit deserves a rate of 3 points.

Is Connection Secure on

Yes, it does really seem to be very secure. Absolutely all of the pages, all connections and all transactions seem to be very secured on meaning that all your personal data should be absolutely safe. According to the information the personal data is being protected by COMODO CA Ltd. – the company which certified the security and there’s even the company owner shared – Secure Medical Inc. I could check it all as soon as I entered their website by checking the info near the address bar.

In addition to the fact that absolutely all pages are secured plus there’s the company owner information. The pharmacy is using the most advanced security level – 256 bit SSL encryption. Since the pharmacy is taking so seriously the customers’ personal data it is obvious I will rate them with maximum of 5 points!

Is Antivirus Present on AccessRx Online Pharmacy?

While I have found so far a lot of different pharmacies not having any antiviruses on their website, I have found out that AccessRx is offering 2 different antiviruses. As much as it seems, this company is taking customers’ security very seriously. I have big doubts that you would catch any viruses browsing through their website with such a security level.

I guess there’s no need to explain why this online pharmacy receives 5 stars for this unit.

How to Make an Order at AccessRx?

I got disappointed when I started to check this unit more carefully and that’s because, honestly talking, it is very inconvenient to make orders with this company. If you’re going to wonder why I will try explaining in a way that everyone can understand. So well, first off, absolutely everyone is obligated to go through their long lasting and energy consuming registration. You need to write a lot of information as you can’t register real quick.

After you’ve done it and you’re finally logged in, you are searching for the needed medication which is not that hard, but it is really hard to understand what’s the dosage, what are the shipping options available and what’s the final price. As if that was not enough - after you have done it all, you need to undergo some kind of medical questionnaire and then wait for it to be reviewed.

All in all, the pharmacy claims that there are 5 different steps for ordering (which you can find on their FAQ page) including: 1. Find the medication(s); 2. Create a member account; 3. Online consult; 4. Re-orders; 5 Pay by credit Card or Money Order.

I really do not like such a hard ordering procedure where barely anything is clear, that’s why, since I got some pretty big inconveniences trying to make an order here my rate would be 1 star!

Is Access Rx Legit and Safe? about Access Rx usually really helps in determining if an online pharmacy should be avoided but it can also give confidence that if we’re going to use a pharmacy we won’t get scammed in case it shows a high trust rating. Using its services I did found out that is having a High Trust Rating and this site looks safe to use. It did not got a 100% trust rate, but it got 81% which is still good. The pharmacy is really popular according to and the pharmacy is indeed 20 years old plus the location of the site is indeed USA.

What I definitely did not loved is the fact that all other information is said to be *REDACTED FOR PRIVACY*. I guess that’s the reason why it has got only 81% of trust rate instead of 100%. Summing it all up, my rate is 4 stars for this unit.

Prescription Request

This online pharmacy claims that they are having a team of licensed and professional physicians that are capable to arrange an online consultation and if approved, they are capable to write you a valid prescription based on which you can receive your medications.

But on their FAQ page there’s information suggesting that if you’re already having a prescription you can either fax it or scan it and send through email. Whatever the case, they seem to be serious in what comes to prescriptions and for this reason I rate them with 5 stars for this aspect as they seem to have strict rules. Approval Status

Checking the information that I have managed to find on, I have seen an ultra rare approval status for online pharmacies: *probationary certification*.

As much as it seems, usually, this status is being granted when the website’s or merchant’s current business practices appear to meet Legit Script’s certification criteria for legality, safety and transparency, but there have been previous instances of non-compliance with Legit Script standards. With this being said, it seems that the pharmacy has got the approval status, yet there are still some drawbacks. Specifically because of those drawbacks I have come to the conclusion that I still can’t rate it with maximum 5 stars, but I can definitely rate them with 4 stars.

Quality Certificates

According to the information on the website, the pharmacy is having multiple certifications such as: HIPAA compliance, ATA corporate member BBB accredited business and others. I have checked for their authenticity by checking this on and indeed, does seem to be there with the best rate.

This is going to make me rate this unit with 5 stars.

Reviews about

Reviews on Access Rx

Customer reviews are extremely important because this assures customers that what they are purchasing is absolutely safe and that they are purchasing from a legitimate and reputable source so that they won’t get scammed. That’s why I think that customer reviews should be there. Usually, people are reading reviews about whichever they are going to buy or about whomever they are going to buy from. First off I wanted to check the reviews on their own website but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reviews. There is no page with testimonials or anything that would imply they have some reviews. Instead, they are recommending people to read the customer reviews that people left about them on trust pilot.

That’s at least something so my rate here is 2 stars.

Customer Reviews on Foreign Websites

So, I got interested in those reviews that this online pharmacy recommended to check and as expected (otherwise they wouldn’t encourage reading them) most of the reviews were positive. Nevertheless, there were negative customer reviews as well.

Although there is a number of negative comments, the positive ones definitely outnumber the negative reviews and all of this suggests one thing – the pharmacy is real and working. 5 stars. Coupon Codes

As soon as you are entering their website you can see that they are offering a coupon code. By entering the code BUY7 people are going to save 7% on their order.

I honestly think that this is really good as 7% (especially from the extremely high prices they have) is quite some money. Another thing to mention is that the more you’re ordering the more savings are going to be

All in all, I am going to rate this unit with 4 stars. Coupon code is good along with discount by purchasing more pills, but free shipping and other special offers should be added to my opinion.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

As I said it earlier, this online pharmacy is offering an opportunity to get online video consultation so I doubt that getting in touch with them should be too hard. I checked their contact page and it seems that I found all the necessary information needed.

As you can see in the photo, there is the physical address of this pharmacy, the phone numbers, live chat function available, email address, contact form and shared their working hours. I can easily rate this pharmacy with 5 stars for this unit.

Customer Support Service

As I said, there are a lot of ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy so I decided to do so by my favorite way – live chat function. I’ve tried to do so in their business hours otherwise I could expect that nobody would answer my question. Asking them a few questions they were replied back really fast in a professional manner. It seems their customer support service is indeed going to answer everything you need as soon as you contact them. For fast and professional responses my rate is 5 stars!

Conclusion: Legitimate Online Pharmacy with Extremely Big Prices

Access Rx is an online pharmacy which is mostly oriented in selling ED medications but they have 8 other different categories of medications as well. The pharmacy offers online doctor consultations and it is a pharmacy located in USA which started to operate 20 years ago. What make me still recommend to stay away from this pharmacy is their sky high prices, of course, unless you don’t care about the money, but otherwise I don’t understand why you’re searching for online pharmacies. One single pill of 50 mg Viagra passes 100 USD mark and that’s way too much.

This online pharmacy has a lot of positive customer reviews and that’s a very good sign suggesting that it is a company keeping their promises. They are BBB accredited, Legit Script *approved* and high rated. Nevertheless, there are big inconveniences in ordering procedure and the site has some technical issues overall. This is all a little bit of a problem to my opinion.

In the end I let you all decide if this pharmacy is worth it but I one don’t see what’s the point overpaying for drugs that you can find cheaper at your local drugstore. Reviews

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I am the kind of person who is interested in authentic products and will pay more if that’s the deal. That’s how I ordered from accessrx, they promised real stuff – real stuff I got! Everything came as in pictures, now I understand why accessrx is a reliable source, they do what they promise. Plus, customer support is way above the average, from the very beginning I received answers to all my questions in less than 24 hours.
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