Menu Close is the online pharmacy that I will be reviewing today and hoping to be able to put it in the list of *reliable pharmacies* after making a conclusion. This is a Canadian Pharmacy Online, or at least that’s what it seems on their website. Except for the fact that you’re able to register and to login to your account here on the website, it seems that this online pharmacy is also offering a mobile application which you can download on your phone and as much as it seems, this would facilitate your navigation and ordering of medications by doing it from your phone. The website is pretty well done to my opinion, it has a user friendly interface, it is claimable secured by Norton and you can easily access anything that you need. Plus to this, the website is supporting other languages as well. They claim to help people outside of Canada to fill a prescription online and you can fill new or refill a prescription online 24/7. I have found out the exact address of this pharmacy which is located in Ontario, Canada. This pharmacy also claims to be a pharmacy top rated by and I checked this out online. It does seem to be true. They also claim to be having a certificate of accreditation from OCP (Ontario College of Pharmacists). All in all, so far, everything seems to be good. Selection of medications and Prices for medications

According to the information on the website, they made it clear that they are not selling and/ or shipping narcotics, controlled or refrigerated products to residents outside of Canada. Plus to that, they claim that all medication orders except of OTC products are requiring a legal and original prescription. With this being said, you cannot get prescription drugs without having a prescription for it. medications on this website are listed either are they OTC or Rx. Unfortunately, the medications at this online pharmacy are not categorized and that’s why I am not sure what kind of drugs are they offering. Nevertheless, I can still assume there’s a wide selection of drugs, plus according to they have over 500 drugs and that’s quite a good number. I’ve been searching for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and I found all of the but only Cialis with generic forms while Viagra and Levitra only in brands. Simply to give example of price: Viagra brand by Pfizer 50 mg 8 tablets would cost you 145 USD and compared to other online pharmacies, that’s a really high price. With such high prices I would definitely go elsewhere… where I could save some money for products. Shipping and payment methods

This pharmacy ships internationally, but not sure if world wide or only to some countries. In Canada, the regular shipping is having a fee of 7 USD and it has a delivery time 2 to 5 days. The Rush shipping is having a fee of 16 USD and a delivery timeframe of 24 to 48 hours. In USA, a refill order has a delivery time frame of 5 to 10 days while new order has a time frame of 10 to 15 days, both are having a shipping fee of 17.50 USD. For international orders, the regular delivery timeframe is 2 to 3 weeks and it costs 32 USD. The rush shipping option has a delivery timeframe of 1 to 2 weeks, but for finding out the price you need to call them. there is delivery insurance for an additional fee. This online pharmacy claims to have 3 different payment methods and as according to their website: you may pay by eCheck, money order or credit card. Customer Support Service

As I have said earlier, this online pharmacy has shared their exact address which you could use it for mailing in case you want such an official way to get in touch with them. but except for mailing you could use one of their 4 different phone numbers listed on their website to call and talk with them. plus to that, you can write them by using the contact form on their website. And lastly, there are different email addresses for different needs such a: orders, inquiries and customer service. but I also found out that they are having online live chat function which is amazing! coupon codes

The fact that this online pharmacy does not offer any discounts or coupon codes was a very big disappointment for me. As I said earlier, the prices at this online pharmacy, compared to others, is pretty high. this is why, I was searching for at least some methods that could make people save some money purchase here. but no, I couldn’t find any. No free pills, no discounts, no coupon codes or anything. Only people living in Canada and ordering more than 89 USD while the package is less than a certain weight would get a free delivery. Reviews

I have been searching for customer reviews online and I found a single customer review elsewhere than reviews on The good news is that the reviews on the other independent website and the review on the are positive and that’s amazing. Problem is that this is not quite enough, and yet, that’s still good. a bit of a problem posed the fact that this online pharmacy is considered to be unapproved internet pharmacy website by legit script. So while the customer reviews aren’t enough – they are good and is considered unapproved by but does have trust by I’ve got some strange results to be honest.


In the end, this online pharmacy might be risky to use since it is not approve by legit script, however there are good customer reviews which indicate the other way around. But one major problem is the fact that this online pharmacy has quite big prices for medications and they are not having any discounts or special offers so it is hard to save money here – but that’s exactly what I’m searching for. That’s why I rate with 4 out of 5 and say that ordering here isn’t as risky as other pharmacies, but it still poses a risk and not sure if you would save money here. Reviews

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Nervous about ordering my medication from outside the US, I spent quite a lot of time perusing the Internet for quality pharmacies in Canada. When I discovered that ADV only orders their products from Canada and the UK, both countries whose medication products are "the real thing," I then did more investigation into their company , how it works, how to get orders to them from doctor, etc. There were no negative reports on ADV on the pharmaceutical quality site. I made my decision to order from them with confidence. The transfer of medical orders from my doctor to ADV went smoothly. I received my medications with 10 days, as promised with all pill packages sealed properly by the product maker. I am relieved my search let me to ADV. I trust this company, you can as well.
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