Menu Close is the online pharmacy that I have found while doing my research for reliable online pharmacies and I am will try my best in trying to determine as much details about this pharmacy and in the end to check whether ordering here is worth it or not. As soon as I have entered their main page I have been offered to select *your all care pharmacy location to refill a prescription* and there was a google map showing all their pharmacy locations and then I saw the *community pharmacy locations* and there were a total of 15 different locations of pharmacies, all located in AR, USA, in different cities such as Rogers, Texarkana, Trumann and others. So, as much as it seems, we’re dealing with a pharmacy which has multiple locations across the AR, USA. I have also seen on their website that this pharmacy is offering their customers mobile applications on Android or iOS devices. Plus to this, people are able to login to their accounts on the website which is good for those who want to be a member of this pharmacy. The pharmacy headquarters is also located in AR, however I found information suggesting that they are a Specialty Pharmacy that is licensed in selling drugs in all 50 states of USA and that’s because they have the following accreditations: URAC, VIPPS as well as ACHC accredited all of which is amazing. I checked if that’s true and it does seem to be so. This online pharmacy is offering the following: long term care, assisted living, correctional as well as specialty pharmacy (in complex diseases) and each of these have their own benefits according to the website which you can check by accessing the site. They claim that they are having more than 40 years of experience and that’s amazing in case that’s true. You can check a lot of information on their website and also you can *refill your prescriptions* at a special pharmacy according to which one you want to use. Selection of medications and prices for them

As I have said earlier, you need to fill up the patient enrollment form and only after that you’re going to be able to order here. With this being said there, people are not being able to order any medications from this online pharmacy without showing a valid prescription first and that’s why, if you don’t have one, this pharmacy is not for you. What’s more important is that, unfortunately, I am not being able to talk about the selection of medications and prices for them because there are no categories of medications listed or a list of medications and with no price list. With this being said, I don’t know what are the prices that they have here and I have no idea if they are offering a selection of medications or not. I can assume that to find out information about these points people would need to contact the customer support service and find out more information. Shipping and payment methods

There is absolutely no information about shipping and payment methods on the site, they are not featuring a FAQ page and there’s no shipping informational page or anything in this matter, you cannot go on the checkout page either and there’s absolutely no way to find out what are the shipping details or the payment details without getting in touch with this online pharmacy’s customer support. To be honest, that’s really sad that this online pharmacy does not share such information on their website. Customer Support Service

As much as we can see, there are a lot of questions that people might have before actually ordering from this pharmacy, or at least, if I would order I would definitely want to get in touch with this online pharmacy first and get all my questions answered. In order to get in touch with this pharmacy people can use the email function, the mailing function or the phone function. Each of these 15 pharmacies on the site are having their own email, their own phone and their own address which you can use to get in touch with the pharmacy. Coupon Codes

I was not able to find anything being offered by this online pharmacy, maybe because they are not offering a medications list or a price list, maybe due to other reasons, I am not sure, what I do know is the fact that this online pharmacy is not offering anything on their website. There is no information claiming that they could offer free shipping, or any kind of discounts, or some special offers or coupon codes. That’s really sad to my opinion as people often choose their preferred online pharmacy by the offers a pharmacy has. Reviews

This online pharmacy has only few reviews as much as it seems by searching for them online but the good news is that those few customer reviews are positive and that’s very good. you can see some of them online by searching for them and you would see that there are people saying this is a very good pharmacy. I continued doing my research for scam warning websites and see what they can say and I found out that this pharmacy is indeed legitimate and it seems to be reliable. Therefore people should not be worried about getting scammed. The verification websites are having a good opinion about this pharmacy as much as nearly all those few customer reviews – all of this is a good sign for this pharmacy.


People live in Arkansas might find this online pharmacy helpful as they can get help through this pharmacy’s website. Nevertheless, they are having quite a big lack of customer reviews online and I guess the reason for that is because they are only covering one particular state and that’s why I guess they are not really popular, which is quite a problem. Plus to that, the pharmacy does not seem to have any special offers or deals with no price list and medications list on the site. All in all, gets a rate of 3 out of 5. Reviews

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