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  • Visa, as the domain address name suggests, it is an UK based pharmacy which claims that it is a pharmacy that everyone can trust. Besides being an online pharmacy, it is also an online doctor consultation service website and they claim that all of the prescriptions are securely issues by a London based UK doctor. They claim that the prescriptions are free of charge, exactly as the shipping which they also claim that the delivery is free. They also claim to have low prices for UK only medicines. They never source abroad UK drug manufacturers and all drugs are high quality UK medicines. They have medications from such companies as Bayer, Lilly, Pfizer, Roche and others. They have listed the names of: Pharmacy Director, GMC Registered Doctor and also Operations Director therefore I assume that this pharmacy has nothing to hide and that’s very good! The website itself seems to be having a good speed, it is user friendly and easy to understand and use. They only have English language and you’re able to create an account and login. Assured pharmacy claims to be a regulated UK pharmacy. Customer Support Services

On the website they are not having a live chat function and this is the main reason why I never contacted them. But I usually think that such websites which provide online doctor consultations services should be easy to get in touch with the customer support service. And so if you do decide to contact them then you can do it by their emails (either to reach the team or to doctor: [email protected] or [email protected]), either by their phone number listed on the website. You’re also able to send them a message by a form which is pretty much the same as contacting them by email. They claim to try helping everyone even if English is your second language. These are all methods that you can reach them unless you decide to give them a visit by yourself at their address listed on the website.

Assured Pharmacy Drug Selection

This pharmacy doesn’t seem to have a very big variety of drugs as they seem to have drugs for the following health conditions: Lifestyle medicines, Erectile Dysfunction as well as Women’s Health and that’s it. They seem to have both branded and generic forms of some medications (not all) but they assure that even generics are made in UK and are made by top manufacturing companies. It seems to me that they have a total of 11 drugs which you can choose from. 4 in Lifestyle medicines category, 1 in Women’s Health and 6 in Erectile dysfunction category. Cialis, Viagra and Levitra are all there and only Viagra has generic version (by Actavis).

Assured Pharmacy Prices for drugs

The prices seem to be ‘OK’. To my opinion they are by far not the best but they are also by far not the worst. They are moderate in my opinion. Like for example Viagra branded -4 tablets 50 mg would be 11.50 GBP per tablet (an UK based online pharmacy – all prices are in GBP) but for 64 tablets it would be 8.12 GBP per tablet. For generic – 64 tablets 50 mg would be 2 GBP per tablet and for 4 tablets 4 GBP per tablet. Cialis and Levitra (both have only branded versions) have pretty much same ‘moderate’ prices. is requiring prescriptions?

Yes they do require their customers to have prescriptions for getting the medications, however as I mentioned it a bit earlier – they are having online doctor consultation service in which they are able to write their customers prescriptions for free. This means that the prices for pills you see include the fee for consultations which they claim to be for free. If you don’t have a valid prescription and they would refuse writing you a prescription then you won’t be able to purchase here.

Assured Pharmacy Payment options

Unfortunately, all that I could find on this is that they are accepting credit cards. However I couldn’t find any more information than this. I wasn’t able to find out whether do they accept other payment option than credit card and I wasn’t able to find which credit cards they accept (but I assume it should be VISA and Master Card only).

Assured Pharmacy Shipping options

I wasn’t able to find out whether do they ship anywhere else outside UK, but since there is no information about this then I assume – no. That’s why I think that is delivering medications only in the UK. They claim that all their orders are sent in discreet packaging. All orders that are placed before 3:45 PM are sent same day if they are placed later then your order would be sent next day. There are 2 shipping options: royal mail first class recorded delivery (you can track it) which gets to your door within 1 to 3 days. Add a day if you placed the order later than 3:45 PM. The shipping option is free. But there’s second option: royal mail special delivery which would cost you 4.95 GBP, however the order is going to get to you next day (working day) if you place order before 3:45 PM. If you place order later than 3:45 PM then you get the parcel 2 days later. Placing an order on Friday they don’t guarantee you get parcel on Saturday. You’re getting refunding for delivery charge if you placed the order on other days than weekends and before 3:45 PM and you haven’t got your order by 1 PM next day.

I assume yes, it is safe and I assume no – it is not fake. The fact that made me think this way is the number and the rate of customer reviews on Also the fact that they are a registered pharmacy plus they can write you a prescription. Plus on it has a 100% trust rate. It is not a scam and it is safe to use, however there might be other problems which I will talk about here.

Assured Pharmacy coupon codes or discounts?

Unfortunately they don’t have either one. They don’t have coupon codes policy and discounts. They just claim that the shipping is free (unless you choose to get your meds next day) and that the online consultation (and getting the prescription) is for free. But to be honest, I think that the fees for online consultations and the fees for delivery are already included in the price for whichever medications that you choose to purchase. Therefore, unfortunately, there are no facilities meaning that the price you see there is the price you will pay for. At least nothing more because they won’t add for shipping anything. Reviews

There are independent websites like or and external websites which have a number of customers reviews and you can easily see that the pharmacy is favored by many people. Many people say that the medications are really good, they have got their medications in good time and lots of them recommend this pharmacy. However there are people like Nick Perry who said that he has paid, but hasn’t received his order. Another person said pretty much the same: paid a month ago and still haven’t got anything. Another person said that the delivery has been to a wrong address. Many other people seemed to complain mostly on the delivery or that they haven’t got anything. Nobody seemed to complain though on the quality of medications. Nevertheless the pharmacy doesn’t seem to be fake and it has a good rate.

What’s the conclusion then? has full trust in this online pharmacy, many other people have a lot of trust in this online pharmacy and doctor services (most people to be more exact) and they have free shipping and free consultations. This seems to be perfect but it is not because of by far not the best prices, because of lack of discounts and discount coupons and also mostly because of a number of people who had unpleasant experience with this online pharmacy. Therefore I rate it with 3 out of 5 calling it a good online pharmacy, but it still has to work more for getting 4 out of 5. Reviews

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