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Online pharmacies can greatly help us save money and that’s why researching for new online pharmacies is so important. But the big problem is that many of the online pharmacies are scam pharmacies which only want to rip you off money and nothing more. With this being said, before actually ordering from an online pharmacy, it is extremely important that you check every detail about the pharmacy carefully. In order to make it easier for you to check all these detail and determine whether is this pharmacy worth it or not I am going to write this review where you can find it all. Bio Plus is the name of the pharmacy that I will review and it can be found at the domain address name where, as soon as you enter the domain address you can see their claim that they are a Specialty Pharmacy where the customers are able to check different services for all – prescribers, physicians and patients. This online pharmacy claim that they are being based in the USA and according to the information that I have managed to find, they have been operating for the last 27 years. If that’s true that’s really good as it is much easier to have trust in an online pharmacy that has been operating for a long time now. according to the information that I have managed to find on the site (a user friendly interfaced site – by the way, which is very important to my opinion), this pharmacy includes several different accreditations such as: SPARQ certified, URAC as well as VIPPS accredited and they claim to be accredited by ACHC and by NASP as well – something that people can check all of this themselves. I have found information on the site suggesting that they are being located in Altamonte Springs in Florida, USA as only pharmacies sharing their addresses can get such accreditations. People are able to follow the pharmacy’s activity on social media pages if they want to. Selection of medications and prices
I was trying to check what kind of medications they are having in their drugstores and there I found information suggesting that the pharmacy is being mostly focused in helping people with rare and long going health conditions such as: HIV, Hepatitis C, psoriasis, oncology, hemophilia and many other conditions as well, nevertheless, they are claiming to sell other types of medications either. I cannot comment on what’s their selection of medications and prices at all here and that’s because I could not find a list of medications being offered or a list of prices for those medications. the only way you can order medications here is to enroll online and they are going to send the medications according to the information on your prescription. Therefore, people without a valid prescription are not going to be able to order any kind of medications here and that’s because, as much as it seems, this pharmacy does not sell any OTC type of drugs. To find out more details about drugs’ availability and their prices you should get in touch with their consultants. Shipping and payment methods
This is a pharmacy based in USA and this is a pharmacy that does not sell medications outside the US territories and with this being said, those people living somewhere else outside the US should go search for other pharmacies. There is no information on the site confirming that they are shipping medications to all 50 states of USA so I am not sure but usually, VIPPS accredited pharmacies are licensed in selling drugs to all states. Unfortunately, I am not able to talk about any other shipping details as there is none being shared on their site, maybe only except for the fact that they claim to cover the home delivery costs. Not sure what are the shipping options or delivery fees or delivery timeframes. There’s also no information about payment methods but I just know they are accepting most insurance plans and I can assume they accept credit cards either. Customer Support Service
As much as we can see, there are a lot of unanswered questions and that’s why I think that only customer support service can help us with this. In order to get in touch with their customer support people can use the phone number available on their website, you can use the fax number that’s also available on the site, you can use the contact form or the email as well. There’s also the mailing address available too with the social media for talking with them (if they would respond there). Coupon Codes
Sadly, there’s nothing I can mention here only except for what I mentioned earlier that this pharmacy is covering the costs for home delivery service. The pharmacy does not offer coupon codes, doesn’t offer any discounts or anything for free as much as it seems from the information on the site. Reviews
To be honest, for whatever the reason I was expecting to get quite a high number of customer reviews when I was checking it online. Unfortunately, it seems that I was wrong and that’s because a very limited number of customer reviews was available. What’s even worse here is that there is a review suggesting that this is a terrible place and therefore they only want to rip you off money and that’s definitely not the information that would make me want to order medications here. since this is a VIPPS, URAC etc. accredited pharmacy it was expectable to see that they are legitimate (I guess that’s why I expected a big number of customer reviews) and scam warning websites just confirmed this. but although they seem to be a reliable/ legitimate pharmacy – there seem to be only few reviews and they are negative which isn’t a good sign at all.

As much as we can see, this pharmacy is only helping people living in USA but those people who ordered here said that they got deeply disappointed although the pharmacy is all legitimate. I think that it is very good that this pharmacy wants to help people, but without showing a price list, having negative reviews, having no coupon codes and special offers I doubt they can achieve this. Therefore, will be rated with 2 out of 5 stars! 

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