Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy and as they claim is “your trusted sources of high quality medicines.” According to the information that I have managed to find on their main page as soon as I have entered there, I noticed their claim that have moved to which means that in the past, this online pharmacy has been formerly known as having a different domain address. According to the information on the same page, the company is having as an aim to provide their customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, customers health is their main priority as they are supplying the medicines only from the best manufacturing companies such as Cipla, Intas, Sun Pharma, Dr. Reddys and others. There’s also information suggesting that in case customers do not receive their medications in time, it is misplaced or damaged then they are going to provide their customers with a full refund. From as much as I noticed searching their pharmacy website, this seems to be an online pharmacy with a wide variety of different medications and as they claim – they are all of a high quality. According to the copyright information, the pharmacy has appeared online in 2004 which means this is a 14 years old pharmacy. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any information suggesting where exactly this pharmacy is located, but there are other ways to determine this. They claim that all of their products are genuine, FDA approved and shipped in their original manufacturer packaging. Plus to that, they are offering medications at low prices! They are taking customers privacy and security very seriously offering a high security shopping environment and discreet packaging shipping. The pharmacy is claiming to have warehouses in India, Hong Kong, Turkey and Singapore. On their about page you can see some photos shared how their stores look like.

Assortment Diversity

As I said it earlier, the pharmacy seem to have a wide selection of medications and this seems so by checking the categories of medications you can see on their main page, or any other page on the left side. Plus to that, there’s information on their site confirming that they have a wide selection of medications. But according to the list of categories, there seem to be a lot of different medications for: aids/ HIV, allergy, alzheimer; anti cancer, beauty; blood, cholesterol, diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, insomnia, migraine, pain killer, muscle relaxants, smoking and many other different categories. These categories are arranged in the alphabetical order so it would be easier for customers to find them. Here’s how they should look like on their website:

I got mostly interested in checking their men’s health category of medications and there I found out that this pharmacy does seem to offer most famous medications such as sildenafil; tadalafil or vardenafil. These are the generic versions of these famous medications.

However, besides these famous generic medications, the pharmacy is also offering branded medications and there are a lot of other different medications treating ED condition. There are less famous drugs, medications for same condition in other form than tablets (injection, capsule etc.) and generally an extremely big assortment of ED treating medications.

You can find whatever medication that you’re in need by using the search function as well that is being available on their website and they display all the drugs using the keyword you’ve searched.

All in all, it does seems that this online pharmacy has an extremely wide selection of medications. People can choose either generic medications or their genuine form. They are able to find a lot of medications for a lot of different health needs and plus to that, there also seem to be OTC and prescription drugs. With this being said, the customers have a high chance that they are going to find whatever drug they are searching for at For this reason I think that deserves a rate of 5 stars for this aspect.

Prices Affordability

It is obvious that when I was searching for the prices of medications at this online pharmacy, I mostly paid attention to the ED treating medications as well. There I found out that there are multiple forms of generic medications but I have paid attention to the lowest priced medications of them and here’s what I found: in order to get suhagra sildenafil (generic Viagra) people would need to pay 5.56 USD for 4 tablets. If you want to get more pills, you simply need to add more quantity of packs, however the price won’t get any lower by purchasing more pills. I do think that 5.56 USD for 4 tablets of 50 mg generic Viagra is a moderate price which allows you to save some money, however I’ve seen pharmacies with much better prices than this one.

Also on their website I found out that they are offering 50 mg brand Viagra by Pfizer for 53.72 USD for 4 tablets. A bit higher or a bit lower price is getting if you get a higher dosage or lower dosage per pill. In the end, it seems that a single pill of 50 mg brand Viagra is more than 10 USD and that’s by far not the best price I’ve ever seen.

The same big price goes for brand Cialis as well, that’s because if you plan to get 4 tablets of 20 mg Cialis brand you would need to pay 77.20 USD and that’s quite a high price.

Exactly as with generic Viagra, the price for generic Cialis is a bit more affordable compared to their original forms on this website, however they are still not the best prices that I’ve ever seen. 88 tablets of 20 mg of generic Cialis would cost you 159 USD.

In the end, I think that the prices for branded medications are really high as other online pharmacies have much better prices for these medications while the prices for generic medications are fairly good, but still not the best. The prices for medications you can find at this pharmacy aren’t the best by far but did found other online pharmacies with much higher prices than here. That’s why I think that is deserving a rating of 3 points.

Shipping Options

On their website you can find a page which is entitled *shipping and delivery* and since I was searching for information about this, it is obvious I got interested in reading the information from that page. But I got disappointed to see what information I saw there. Everything I found on that page was the information suggesting that all the orders are coming with a reliable shipping method and they are offering it world wide to most countries. They haven’t mentioned which countries exactly but assumingly – most of them.

I also found there information about their regular air mail shipping option. They claim to have a delivery of 6 to 21 days but average within 11 days. They do not offer tracking number with it and a signature is not required. They claim that all the pills are discreetly wrapped and packed for your privacy and protection. They are shipping their meds in their original manufacturer packaging. Here’s how that page looks like:

I tried to find any other information about shipping and I couldn’t find anything at all except for the information that I already mentioned earlier. There’s information suggesting that customers may get a refund or free reship in case their order got lost in transit, got damaged or misplaced. The pharmacy is receiving a rate of 2 stars here only because of their world wide shipping policy. Can’t rate them more because there are a lot of unanswered questions such as: do they offer other shipping options? What are the shipping fees? Where exactly they ship? And many more.

Payment Options

Exactly as with the shipping, there is an entire page dedicated to the payment methods. By accessing that page I have noticed this pharmacy is claiming to accept: credit card: master card and bitcoin. Plus, this pharmacy seem to encourage their customers to use the bitcoin as the payment method because customers who pay with bitcoin are going to get a 10% instant discount at checkout. Except for this information, there’s only a lot of information about bitcoin, how to use it and other information of this type which is not really useful to my opinion.

Unfortunately, there is not a FAQ page to see any other information and plus to that, the pharmacy is not allowing to go on checkout unless you’re registering on their website. I am going to rate this pharmacy with 2 stars for this unit and that’s because they do not seem to accept visa among credit cards and we all know that a lot of people use visa. They do accept master card which is good but that’s not enough, even if they do accept bitcoin as well.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

Technical characteristics of any website is really important and that’s why I think that the administrators should do everything they can so that their website to have good  technical characteristics, otherwise people might refuse to do business with a pharmacy that has a slow running site. I checked the information on Google Page Speed Insights and there I found out that the page speed indicator for both mobile and desktop versions is medium which is not too bad, but it is not too good either. This means that customers may experience some delays while loading pages on this site. The optimization is a bit better on the test but it is still not perfect. The optimization for mobile version is medium while for desktop is good and yet still not perfect.

To my opinion, the site administrators really should follow the recommendations of Google for the improvement of the technical characteristics but overall, the information we have got is not too bad but it is definitely not too good.

For all of this my rate is going to be 3 stars here.

Mobile Version

From as much as I see by running another Google Test named Mobile Friendly test, does not have a mobile version and this is a big problem in the modern day. That’s because a lot of customers lately are using the online pharmacies from their smartphones and the numbers of such customers just keep on growing. Nevertheless, google test showed that the page is not mobile friendly and therefore it can be difficult to use on a mobile device.

According to the information on google, there are 3 issues that needs to be fixed and then again, I honestly think that the site administrators should do something about this. The problems found includes: viewport not set; text too small to read and clickable elements are too close together. This makes it all very and very hard to browse this online pharmacy’s website from your mobile device and that’s why my rating is 1 point for this.

Is the Connection Secure?

Everybody can easily check if their connection is secure with any given website they decide to access the first seconds they are accessing that website. You can check this by taking a look at the address bar where you enter the website domain address. Near that address should be a green lock which indicates that your connection is secure. If that green lock misses it means your connection is not secure. The green lock should look like this:

As we can see in the screen shot, the connection is secure with and it seems that every page is secure. Also, you can check what kind of security level the pharmacy uses by clicking on that green lock and check for more information. There is more advanced 256 bit SSL encryption technology which is more secure and less secure 128 bit SSL encryption technology security level. Luckily, uses the most advanced security level and that’s why my rate is 4 stars for this unit. Perfect rate receive only pharmacies with full information of the owner that seem to be hidden for this pharmacy.

Antivirus Presence

There is no antivirus software that is being installed on this site. Because of this, there is a high risk that your computer or mobile gadget will be infected with viruses and other online threats such as spywares, malwares and many more. The customers should ensure the security by themselves as only this would protect them from Trojan Horse virus or some other dangerous viruses that your device might catch. This is dangerous as sensible and personal information might be stolen by hackers. My mark for this unit is 1 star.

How to Make an Order?

As I earlier mentioned this, the online pharmacy does ask their customers to register on their website, otherwise customers do not have the opportunity to order here. So unless you make an account – you can’t order here, something that I find pretty time and energy consuming.

What’s good news is the fact that registering an account is super easy as much as it seems. People can create an account simply by filling up 4 different fills with: first name; last name; email and password. Simple as that.

Seemingly after this, you can start ordering. To do so you need to choose your needed medication found by either search function or in categories of medications. Choose the dosage and the quantity and then click *add to cart*. After added all the needed items go on your virtual cart and click *checkout*. There you’re going to see you should go through 5 different steps to complete the order. Billing information; shipping information; shipping method; payment method and order review.

Ultimately, the registration on the website is mandatory however, it is not that hard to register here and generally, it seems that ordering here is not that hard. For all these reasons my rate is 4 points.

Is Safe and Legit? about the Website Security Rate

The screenshot that I provided above proves that this online pharmacy should be avoided. has 0% trust rate and that means there’s a high risk ordering here. a low trust rating site means that it may not be safe to use and it has high chances that it is not really safe using it. The site is only 239 days old, absolutely no information about their company, address or phone number, owner or anything. Plus to that, we can see in their notes many alarming things as well.

Such a review about the website does not deserve more than 1 point.

Prescription Requirements is no requiring their customers to fax or send any prescriptions to the online pharmacy even if they are purchasing prescription requesting drugs. It is absolutely illegal to send medications without a prescription and that’s even if the pharmacy is located in Hong Kong. All the ED drugs are intended for the sale with a private prescription only. Because of that, it is necessary to visit a doctor before establishing the diagnosis and the required for the treatment dosage. This pharmacy doesn’t follow this rule. My mark for this unit is 1 point.

Is Legit According to

From as much as we can see here, is not legit and that was pretty much expected since the pharmacy does not ask a valid prescription before sending such medications and they have 0% trust index rate. Since the status of this online pharmacy is rogue it means that it doesn’t meet any requirements to become a legal and approved online pharmacy. Because of this, there’s nothing that can give you guarantees that you’re going to purchase certified and high quality drugs. You have good chances to receive fake products or not receive anything at all. Such an attitude deserves a rate of 1 point.

Customer Reviews about

Reviews on

As much as it seems, there are customer reviews on this online pharmacy but those reviews seem to be posted for a specific medication and not about the pharmacy in general. As much as it seems, the pharmacy is having only good customer reviews, but most of them are super short and not informative at all.

What’s strange is that all of those reviews are positive, there are no negative customer reviews, they are all super short and the most alarming thing is – I don’t know how they appeared on the site as there does not seem to be a way to leave a review myself. Because of this reason, my rate for customer reviews on their own website can’t get any higher than 2 stars.

Customer Reviews on Foreign Websites

Regardless of how much I was searching for information and customer feedback about this online pharmacy –, I couldn’t find anything. Sadly but I didn’t found a single word about this company online. There are no customer reviews anywhere left on the foreign resources on the internet and I do think that this can easily be identified as a sign of an unreliable service. We all know that usually, people leave comments when they are absolutely satisfied or absolutely disappointed in the service that’s why we cannot make a conclusion how good or bad this pharmacy is. Lack of customer reviews on foreign sources deserve a rate of 1 star. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, it seems that this online pharmacy does not offer coupon codes. In fact, I couldn’t find anything at all being offered by this online pharmacy except for the thing that I already mentioned – 10% discount for people who decide to pay with bitcoin. But we all know that by far not everyone can use bitcoins so this means that by far not everyone can get this discount. And there’s nothing else – no free pills, no free shipping or any other forms of discounts or saving money here. Since there’s no way to save money here my rate is 1 point. Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

According to the information on their website, there are 3 different ways that people are able to get in touch with this pharmacy. you can check all those 3 methods by accessing their contact page where you can see that you can either contact them by email, by live chat function or toll free phone number. For whatever the reason, they claim that the best way to contact them is through email. They are claiming that they would respond back to all email enquiries within 12 hours period.

The information is not complete – no legal address is offered and for this reason my rate is 3 stars out of 5.

Customer Support Service

Although they claimed that the preferred method to get in touch with them is email, I decided to get in touch with them with live chat function. In fact, they got in touch with me even before I wanted to talk with them and I honestly think this is super helpful, especially for newcomers.

Customer support service receives 5 stars.

Conclusion: Good Customer Support but Not Reliable, formerly known as, is an online pharmacy with an extremely wide selection of medications but medium prices. This pharmacy has a really limited shipping policy and payment methods policy which can be inconvenient for some people. They do not offer special offers which can be a problem and the technical data is medium without a mobile version of their site.

They do have a very good customer support which allows customers to ask instant questions and get instant answers, nevertheless the information on, and their non prescription policy suggests that the site is not legal and trustworthy. Customers shouldn’t risk with their money and health without reviewing all data twice. Reviews

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I have order lots of medication from them ! I am more than happy with all the medications I have received from them . I trust India way more than where our medications in America are coming from with China and Bill Gates Pfizer and other big pharma companies . Many don’t realize this but most all our medications come from India , Belgium and China ! I will continue to buy from them ! Just remember it takes 3 weeks to get your items ! 
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