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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which, as much as we can assume from its name, is an online pharmacy which is oriented in selling Ventolin. We’re going to check if the pharmacy is offering anything else or not. I have accessed their main page where customers can find answers to 3 main questions: how do you sell cheaply?; how to sell without a prescription? And lastly; can I trust you? We’re going to check each of them individually through this review but I got interested in the answers of *can I trust you?*. There’s information suggesting that they are having thousands of happy customers from all over the world in about three years. From this I can conclude the pharmacy has been around for around 3 years and that they are offering shipping world wide. They claim to read customer reviews about them if you are in doubts or you could start with a small order. But I still recommend to read this review which can be helpful. Also, on their main page I have found a few points why this company claims to be worth using: all of their medicines are fresh and are having long expiration dates; they are ordering their medicines after you order from general dialer; customers can buy here with confidence; they are not selling any generic medicines; all of the items you can get here are authentic and come from manufacturer; customers can buy with confidence again. They claim to be an active social media user so customers can follow them on Facebook or Twitter. I have tried to find out info suggesting where they are located, but I couldn’t find such info anywhere online. They just claim to help people all around the world to get affordable and high quality drugs.

Assortment Diversity

I’ve been searching for information about assortment diversity on their website as I think that this is important. Remembering its name, I can’t expect too much. Customers are given a search function on their website so if they wish, they can use the quick keyword search for the needed drug.

Nevertheless, there are still categories of medications displayed on their website and although I thought they are going to sell only Ventolin drugs, they offer quite a bit assortment of drugs. There seem to be lots of different categories of drugs which seem to be categorized alphabetically. The pharmacy is offering medications for: acne; allergies; anti cancer; anti viral; anti inflammatory; antidepressants; birth control; cholesterol; diabetes; epilepsy, erectile dysfunction and many other drugs.

In addition to that, the pharmacy is offering a list of *popular* medications on their main page. The first 4 all seem to be Ventolin inhaler HFA 100 mcg 200 doses – it is only changed the fact that there’s one, 2, 5 and 10 boxes.

I have clicked on few random products and I can’t say that assortment is really wide. For example, there are only 2 different ED types in this category: Levitra and Viagra.

In addition to this, we’ve already been warned that they are not selling any types of generics so I doubt that any product you can find here is able to save you some money. So, since I started to talk about the money, let’s go further and check the prices policy at But for assortment diversity, since no generics are given and they do not have enough drugs in each category, I am going to rate them with 4 stars as we’ve been warned to generics would be displayed here and that’s a pharmacy supposedly for the selling of Ventolin.

Prices Affordability

Since this online pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling Ventolin then I can mention here that a box of Ventolin would cost you 20 USD, 2 boxes – 29 USD; 5 boxes – 59 USD and 10 boxes – 99 USD. To be honest. I can’t say if that’s a good price or not since I’m not an expert in this product and its prices. I let everyone decide if the price for this product at this pharmacy is worth it. instead, I am going to pay more attention to the products that I am more familiar with and its prices.

So, as I already mentioned – the pharmacy is offering only brand Viagra (sildenafil) and brand Levitra (vardenafil) so here’s what are the prices:

Brand Viagra – 49 USD for a single unit including 4 tablets of 25 mg or 59 USD for a single unit including 4 tablets of either 50 mg or 100 mg. They claim that purchasing more  you can save more.

With this being said, a single tablet is more than 10 USD for a pill of 25 mg and even expensive for either 50 mg or 100 mg tablet. To be honest – that’s quite a big price to my opinion.

There’s also brand Levitra (vardenafil) where the price per unit including 4 tablets of 5 mg would cost you 49 USD, the price per unit including 4 tablets of 10 mg would cost you 54 USD and the price per unit including 4 tablets of 20 mg would cost you 59 USD. The exact same *buy more save more* policy works here as well.

I have big doubts that this is a price we can call affordable. There are other places where you can get the exact same medications for a lot cheaper price. As I said, I am not sure if Ventolin is affordable here, but if it’s in the same price range as these 2 ED drugs then they offer too expensive prices.

Shipping Options

I’ve been searching for the shipping information when I found the *delivery* page so I obviously accessed it. There I found out that the goods are delivered by Registered Priority Mail and need to be signed for upon arrival. All packages have tracking numbers, which will be provided to you once the package is shipped. In the unlikely event that your goods are not received in good time, as much as they claim, customers need to email them quoting the order number. They claim that if they are not able to track the order then they will replace the goods free of charge.

They are offering 14 day money back guarantee in case the incorrect or faulty order is received by the customers. The orders are shipped within 24 hours after the transaction is validated – excluding weekends and holidays. They made it clear that they offer shipping via Registered Priority Mail only. They do seem to offer world wide shipping with an absolute maximum time for arriving of 30 days. But usually Continental Europe is receiving them in 8 to 15 working days while the rest of the world in 10 to 18 working days.

I have tried to find out how much this shipping option costs and this is what I have found out:

With this being said, it seems that the pharmacy is offering free shipping to everyone around the world, but not sure if that’s regardless of the order amount. They seem to offer world wide shipping and only a single shipping option. My rate is 3 stars here only because it seems that all orders receive free shipping and they offer world wide shipping. I don’t like they don’t offer multiple shipping options for people who may want to get medications faster.

Payment Options

While I was searching for the payment methods I have noticed that right under the *add to cart* icon they are sharing 4 different icons suggesting that they are accepting 4 different payment methods which include: master card; visa; visa electron and American express.

I honestly think that it is very good the fact they are accepting most famous credit cards and yet, my rate for this unit is 3 stars because I’m pretty sure these payment methods can’t satisfy all customers as other payment methods should be added, such as wire transfer, echeck, maybe cryptocurrencies and others.

Technical Characteristics of

Google Page Speed Insights Test Data

The technical characteristics, and especially the page speed data is extremely important to check before deciding to become a loyal customer of an online pharmacy and that’s because doing permanent business with an website that has slow running pages can be extremely annoying. For this reason, I used the google page speed insights test and there I have found out that the mobile version of this pharmacy has a few issues and for this reason it is yellow marked, scored with 80 out of 100 and this indicates an average page speed data.

However, there is the desktop version of which seems to be flawless. It is scored with 100 out of 100 and of course this means it has a fast page speed data meaning that there shouldn’t be any issues at all loading the pages. Indeed, while doing my research through their site, I didn’t noticed any loading issues.

Nevertheless, google test discovered that the mobile version might have some issues and that’s the reason why my overall mark here is 4 stars.

Mobile Version

The google service that I am going to use now is the mobile friendly test which can greatly help us determine if the pharmacy’s website is using a mobile version. According to the test results, is a website which page is mobile friendly and this indicates that the page is easy to use on a mobile device. That’s great as mobile users are able to easily use the website from their smartphones.

I have tried to check it myself by accessing the site from my own smartphone and indeed, they do seem to offer a mobile version as the page seem to be optimized for the smaller screen. Nevertheless, I still think that the mobile version has a bit of issues. For example, I think that some clickable elements are too little and plus to that, the image presented on my mobile screen is too large – it doesn’t fit all on my screen.

My rate here is 3 stars since they do offer a mobile friendly version, but I can’t say that it is very well done.

Is the Connection Secure?

For checking if this online pharmacy is offering a secure connection, customers need to check for a green lock near the domain address name in your browser. The green lock is a sign that the pharmacy’s website is having a SSL encryption and this ensures  a secure connection with them. If there’s not a green lock the connection is not secure as the SSL encryption misses. Luckily, it seems that every single page of this pharmacy is 256 bit SSL encrypted and that’s really good since the 256 bit encryption is considered to be the highest encryption level.

I really appreciate the fact that customers can feel safe in terms of encryption as every single page is having a high security level. What I do not love is the fact that they have not shared the owner name. That’s the only reason why my rate is 4 stars.

Antivirus Presence on

An antivirus soft is very important to be installed on a website, every self respecting pharmacy that’s legit and famous uses an antivirus software on their site. That’s so important because customers need feel safe when ordering from an online pharmacy in terms of not getting a virus or some other internet malwares into their devices. regretfully, I found nothing on this pharmacy’s site that could prove they are protected by an antivirus. This means that ordering from this online pharmacy can be quite risky since you may get viruses. I recommend installing an antivirus on your own device before browsing this site.

How to Make an Order at

To be honest, I have big doubts that the ordering convenience from this online pharmacy can be *convenient*. There are multiple reasons why I think like that and I am going to exaplain them here and write the guide of *how to make an order*. First of all – the registration is mandatory and that’s what I don’t like at all. You cannot go further on the checkout if you are not going to either sign in if you have an account or you need to create an account.

Another thing that I do not like – they are not sharing the price per pill. Assuming you want to get 50 pills of the same drug, you need to calculate what’s the price per pill on your own. There’s only one good thing that I can mention here – the pharmacy is offering the currency change option on their website if you wish to.

So, to start ordering – add the needed quantity of items in your shopping cart first. You can find the needed drugs using the search function or the categories of drugs. Find it and click on the needed drug. Add the quantity of pills/ boxes/ units you want to add to cart and click on it. you either go back shopping now or checkout. After this, see all the needed information and click proceed to checkout. That’s the moment when you need to register. After singing in there seem to be 3 more steps until you finish your ordering process.

In the end, the ordering process is going to be rated with 2 stars.

Is Buy Online Ventolin Legit and Safe? Information about

Been searching for information on and there I found out that the site is involved in a high risk country: Turkey. The overall trust rate of this pharmacy seem to be 72 % which is not perfect, but it is not good enough so recommends to use caution. I did not loved the fact that they lied about how much time they were online. They claimed to offer medications world wide for at least 3 years, but the domain age is only 2 years. Plus, there’s a list of alarming notes shared as well.

My rate for this report is going to be 3 stars.

Prescription Requirements

As I said it earlier, there’s a question on their main website which sounds like: *how to sell without a prescription* and clicking on in you’re given the answer: *This rule differs from country to country, can be reached without a prescription in our country. You are not taking an illegal action by buying.*

While it is true that it differs from country to country, selling prescription items without a prescription is illegal! My rate is 1 point. Approval Status

Unfortunately, doesn’t have any information about this online pharmacy. Not sure what’s the reason but unfortunately, we cannot estimate the legitimacy of this pharmacy without any information on Here’s the message I’ve got there:

Buy Online Ventolin Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews On Website

While I was reading information about this online pharmacy on their own site, they claimed that customers can read the customer reviews about them and make sure that they are trustworthy. I started to search for the customer reviews on their own website but it seems there are no reviews anywhere. I did have noticed that customers are allowed to write a review specifically about a product, but there is no testimonials page or anything in this matter. Plus to that, I couldn’t find a single product to have a single customer reviews. maybe they were recommending to read customer reviews on foreign sources, but I still think they need to add the opportunity to read and write reviews on their own site. My rate here is 1 star.

Customer Reviews on Third Party Sites

As I earlier said, they recommended to read reviews but there are no reviews on their own website, so it is obvious that I wanted to check if there are any reviews on third party websites.

By searching online for customer reviews I’ve found a few of them only but that’s still better than nothing. The problem is that a customer review said the following: they have made the payment a month ago and still has received no answer from the pharmacy although the customer wrote them. Well, that’s really alarming.

But it seems that the site administrators itself has answered to it.

But there are also people who said they did received the items, however they are not sure about the item’s quality. The review was written on

All in all, the customer reviews on third party sites receive 3 stars. That’s because most of the reviews are outdated, there are negative reviews and plus to that, I expected much more reviews.

Coupon Codes

I’ve been trying to search for coupon codes about this online pharmacy and unfortunately I couldn’t find any and after realizing that there are no coupon codes I have then realized that there is nothing which would make you save some money, or at least that’s what it seems like. The only thing that I can mention here is the fact that this online pharmacy seems to have discounts if you purchase more boxes of Ventolin and the “buy more save more” option.

But except for this, there’s nothing at all, or at least that’s what it seems. I doubt that this option receives anything more than 2 points.

Customer Support Department

Contact info

For finding out what are the contact methods with this online pharmacy I have clicked on *contact* page because there are no phone numbers on their main page or anything else which would indicate on methods to get in touch with them. Unfortunately, I’ve then realized why. On their contact page there is no other way of talking with them or asking questions except for filling up the contact form which would then require you to wait for their response in your email. The contact information is heavily missing. My rate is 1 point.

Getting a Consultation

It is obvious that to get a consultation from this online pharmacy I have used the contact form. I have asked them if they are offering anything else at all which might allow customers to save some money except for the *buy more save more* thing. I have also asked them if they are from Turkey.

Waited 24 hours for a response - nothing. 36 hours now passed and still nothing. My rate is 1 point for no responses

Conclusion: Seemingly a Turkey Pharmacy with Doubtful Reputation is a pretty strange online pharmacy to my opinion. They are mostly offering Ventolin, however they still offer many different types of drugs. They do not seem to have a wide selection of drugs as the total number of drugs doesn’t seem to be too high. What I do not like is the high prices for medications that I’ve noticed here and that’s with no coupon codes or anything else to save money except for buying more and saving more. The pharmacy has average technical characteristics of their site but the ordering convenience isn’t very good with mandatory registration. recommends to use caution when using this site, has no information and the pharmacy doesn’t ask for a prescription which is against the laws. They have no reviews on site but there are few mixed reviews on third party websites.

What’s the worst is that the customer support service doesn’t seem to be really helpful as I have used their contact form to ask 2 questions about coupon codes and about the pharmacy’s location since they didn’t shared it on their website and I got not answers back. With all this information, I am not sure how trustworthy this pharmacy can be. Reviews

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