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  • Visa is a Canadian online pharmacy that is dispensing prescription medications since 2007 meaning that the 10 years of experience they currently should have must greatly help them in pleasing the customer needs. I’ve checked the front page of this online vendor more closely and I come to the conclusion that the website is user friendly, it is pretty easily understandable with no problems in navigating through it and the reason why I mention this is because this, in my opinion is very important as I personally don’t really like to have any kind of business with those online pharmacies that has a hard-to-understand and navigate page. Anyway, I went on their about us page and there I found out that this online pharmacy is claimable a CIPA approved member. By checking it out on cipa official website I found out that indeed, is an active member of CIPA and this is very good. According to the information I found on their website, they have over 250,000 customers and they are continuing to grow year over year. Having such a large database of customers is very good because that’s a sign of trust and good service, but we can’t be sure if that’s true so I’m going to try to find it out. According to the logo information, they claim that they are your no. 1 choice for affordable international medications. Hopefully, all of this is true.

Selection of medications and prices for them on

Searching for the drugs that you need you’ve got to use the search box function as their drugs are not being categorized and that’s what I have done searching for the terms *Viagra*, *Cialis*, and *Levitra*. By searching for them I have found all 3 medications in both branded names and generic forms meaning that they have medications in both these types. They also seem to have lots of different medications for different needs and health conditions. Giving examples of prices I stopped simply by checking the generic form of Viagra. The price for 50 mg of generic Viagra 88 pills is 209 USD and that’s one of the biggest price that I have ever seen. More than 2 USD per pill by purchasing a quantity of 88 pills that’s an unbelievable high price, compared to nearly any other online pharmacies (or simply to other Canadian pharmacies). Buying here prescription medications requires their customers to show a valid prescription.

Shipping and payment methods on

They are offering a single shipping method which has a shipping fee of 10 USD per package and it has a delivery time of 7 to 12 business days for delivery in Canada and 14 to 18 business days for international orders. There is no information shared about the payment methods unfortunately but I can assume they accept credit cards.

Customer Support Care

They are having several methods of getting in touch with their customer care department such as toll free number, international number, fax number, email support and mailing address as well or also by filing up the contact form. Unfortunately there is no live chat function. Coupon Codes

There’s nothing that could make my interest in ordering form this online pharmacy get higher. They are having one of the highest prices for medications that I have ever seen online and yet, they are not having any promotions, no coupon codes, no discounts and not even a free shipping. In short, there’s nothing that could make you save at least a little bit of money by ordering from this online pharmacy with their big prices. That’s a big minus. Reviews

The homepage of this vendor suggests their customers to read the789 reviews about their website which had an average rate of 4.5 out of 5 based on those review. I did have taken a glance at them but to be honest it is very hard for me to have trust in their authenticity and for this reason I started to search for customer reviews on independent websites and I did found them on with a total of 18 reviews and the worst part now is that absolutely each of those 18 reviews were all negative. A person named djorders0525 said that had a total time of 35 business days to get his order because it took them 20 business days to simply start shipping. Other person named PGWSS said that they have awful customer care service. Other people were calling them scammers, liars and each of them recommends to stay away from this pharmacy. Well, I doubt that it is just a coincidence that there are 18 customers reviews and none of them are positive. In addition to that, also had a low rating for this pharmacy and that’s a bad thing either.


I can’t recommend an online pharmacy that doesn’t have trust from its customers and doesn’t have trust from scam warning websites either. In addition to the fact that it doesn’t have trust from anyone, the really high prices with absolutely no discounts and promotions is another big problem. These are all the reasons why makes me think that this online pharmacy deserves nothing more than 2 out of 5. Reviews

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