Menu Close is a Canadian online pharmacy which is dispensing medications at affordable prices, or at least that’s what the pharmacy claims. This online pharmacy also claims to have over 100,000 customers and therefore they are the leading online provider of Canadian medications from our affiliated Canadian pharmacy and International medications from our regulated international fulfillment partners. The main reasons that they claim to be the leading online pharmacy is the fact that they offer low pricing for medications, excellent customer service as well as fast shipping. According to the copyright information, this Canadian drugs provider has been around since 2004 meaning they have 13 years of experience. Also they have mentioned the name of this pharmacy manager and plus to that, there’s the exact address of pharmacy which is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. In addition to that, by analyzing their website there are a couple of seals like: pharmacy checker which means they are a top rated pharmacy by this website, they also claim to be a certified Canadian international pharmacy (CIPA member) and also some security seals like GeoTrust and Security Metrics. According to another seal on their front page, the online pharmacy is being recommended by 183 people on facebook. Went on CIPA official website to check it out and this is what I have found there: * is an active CIPA member* and that’s very good. Their website is pretty well made with good features and everything seems to be understandable. The clients of this online pharmacy can create an account and login and I can assume that you must do it for ordering something from this online pharmacy.

Selection of medications and prices for them on

Right on the front page of this online pharmacy you can see the top generic medications that are being sold by this online pharmacy and the top brand medications being sold here. tadalafil (generic Cialis) and sildenafil (generic Viagra) are the first top 2 generic being sold with Cialis being the top 1 brand being sold. Although you cannot find medications by health conditions or something like this, you find the medications that you need by searching by name. I have searched for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and I found each of them in both generic and brand form, in different dosages and from different country manufacturers. In regards to the prices; 50 mg of Indian generic Viagra 88 pills would cost you 125 USD and that’s the lowest price per pill because buying higher dosage or from another country manufacturer (like United Kingdom or Canada) it is going to be higher. The pharmacy required their customers to show a valid prescription before ordering from this website.

Shipping and payment methods on

By analyzing the list of countries on the checkout page I can assume that they are providing shipping world wide and even if there are some countries to which they don’t provide shipping, they still provide international shipping to most countries. The shipping fee has a single flat rate of 10 USD while the delivery times in Canada are anywhere between 10 to 14 days while international deliveries take anywhere between 14 to 18 business days. There’s a single shipping option: regular ground shipping. In regards to the payments, this online pharmacy is only accepting checks and international money orders.

Customer Support Service on

One method of getting in touch with this online pharmacy is, of course, via phone number, they are having a toll free number listed on the website. In addition to that there’s the mailing address if you want the old fashioned way or there’s toll free fax (for sending prescriptions). Lastly you can talk with them via email as well. Make sure that you call them in their business hours. There is no live chat function, unfortunately. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately this online pharmacy is not offering coupon codes and that’s very sad because it is my favorite and easiest way to save some money. Instead of coupon codes, the online pharmacy is offering $ 25 for everyone who is going to refer this pharmacy to their friends/ family. Every friend/ family that is going to be able to purchase something from Canada Drugs Online is going to give $ 25 to the person who referred them. As much as it seems, it doesn’t matter how many people you refer you would still get $ 25, however those are only in-money which you can use to purchase something from this pharmacy. As much as it seems, there’s nothing else than this referral program.

Canada Drugs Online Reviews

This online pharmacy doesn’t have too many customer reviews, in fact, it barely has any customer reviews at all and what’s the biggest problem is that there are few customer reviews and they are all different. On, a person named Albert said that he has used this online pharmacy and there’s nothing to complain about and he will be using it further. However there’s another website with 2 other reviewers recommending staying away from this website. A person said that purchased something worth $60 but his credit got charged $ 180 and what’s the biggest problem is that he didn’t got anything. Another person said that he did has got his package, but he has ordered and paid for brand and he has got generics – something that doesn’t work for him. Paying for brand and getting generics is a fraud. What’s a bigger problem is that according to, this online pharmacy owner is using a service to hide their identity and real location with a trust rate of only 51% which is fairly low.


Even though this online pharmacy is a CIPA active member, they still doesn’t seem to really care about their customers when those are paying for getting brand names and they end up with generics or as another person – get his credit card charged thrice as much as should and doesn’t get anything. There is another person who said that everything went smoothly but I am not wishing to play Russian roulette when it comes to my money and to my health. Therefore I think that this online pharmacy deserves a rate of 3 on a scale from 1 to 5. Reviews

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