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Another online pharmacy which I have found by doing my every day research for an reliable online pharmacy is and pretty much as the address name of this website implies, this is an Canadian online pharmacy which as soon as I have entered it and analyzed its front page, the pharmacy shared top 10 reasons why it is going to be a good idea to shop at Lowest price guarantee; exceptional customer service; certified Canadian international pharmacy; open 7 days a week; certified privacy with TRUSTe; 100% secure transactions – SSL Encrypted; quick and easy to use website; over 90,000 highly rated reviews; $50 referral bonus for you and your friends! and lastly trusted pharmacies and international suppliers. These are all very good claims and I am going to try to find whether each of them is true or not. I have analyzed the front page more and I found out that this is, claimable, a CIPA approved online pharmacy and I went on website to find out if that’s true. well, according to CIPA website, is indeed an active member of CIPA. The website of this online pharmacy supports Spanish language for those who need it. They also seem to have a Facebook and Twitter page. The pharmacy shared their exact location which is in Surrey, BC Canada. There’s no information about when this pharmacy started to operate but I hope we would find out this with the help of scam warning websites. As for now, I go further finding out more information about the pharmacy and its services.

Selection of medications and prices on

On the front page of this website there are 2 *popular prescription medications* and they are: Cialis 20 mg and Viagra 100 mg. By checking a bit more you can also find *top 50 medications*. But you can easily find the medications that you need by researching via search box for the medication that you need or by clicking on *shop medications* on their front page and there you can find *prescription drugs*, *over the counter drugs*, and *pet medications*. By checking each of them I would say that they have truly a lot of different medications for different conditions and a lot of those drugs are available in both brand and generic and different strength. In regards to ED medications there is Viagra and Cialis both available in brand and generic but Levitra is only available in brand form. What I didn’t love is the prices. Like for example, generic Viagra of 50 mg 32 tablets would cost you 199 USD. 4 tablets – 38 USD. Needless to mention that you would need to pay much more for the brand. Checked the prices for Levitra and Cialis and they are also high in my opinion. I’ve checked if this online pharmacy requires their customers to show a valid prescription and they do.

Shipping and payment methods on

Unlike other online pharmacies, this one is not offering regular or express shipping but it is offering 3 different shipping methods as: regular shipping 10 USD, 1 year shipping 20 USD and lifetime shipping 50 USD. Which means that you would get shipping for free for a year or lifetime depending if you would like those options. In addition to that, there is a processing option as well: regular processing that doesn’t have a fee but there’s also front of line processing which would be 7 USD. And lastly you can also submit for Canada care enrollment plan. No enrollment would be 0 USD but gold would be 20 USD and platinum 30 USD. On their website you can find more info about it. I couldn’t find out what payment methods they accept.

Customer Care department

You’re able to talk with them via one of their social media pages, you can call them at their toll free phone number (but make sure you do it in operating hours) and lastly you can talk with them by mail. There is no live chat function but I can assume that writing them in social media pages would be quite the same. Coupon codes

A good deal from the pharmacy is the fact that you can pay $ 20 USD and get a free year shipping or pay $ 50 USD and get a lifetime free shipping which is a good deal for those ordering often. In addition to that, the online pharmacy is also offering coupon codes which you can find online. What I don’t like is that ordering in bulk doesn’t give you discounts and generally except for this shipping deal and coupon codes there is nothing else. Customer Reviews

The 90,000 highly rated reviews that I have mentioned in the beginning of my review (the claim by the pharmacy) are actually testimonials on their own website and I am sorry if those are actual customer reviews but I give 0 credit for those 90,000 highly rated customer reviews because I think that those are reviews written simply to manipulate with people for pharmacy’s benefits. I have searched for customer reviews on external websites and I did found some on facebook,, and even though there were up to 10 reviews on each of them. There were some reviewers saying that they are very happy with this pharmacy’s services and prices, saying that they have got a lot of help by using them. However there are a lot of other people complaining on them with lots of them recommending never to order from this company ever again. People complained on the fact that company bothers you so much that some of them changed phone numbers. Others said terrible customer service and etc. People said that this online pharmacy is legit and still recommends to stay away from it.


From as much as it seems this online pharmacy is legit and many users (even among those who were angry at this pharmacy) said that it is legit and got their medications. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people who wrote negative reviews (there are more negative than positive reviews) and this is a sign that you have more than 50% chance for being disappointed if you would use their services. In addition to that the prices are really high compared to other online pharmacies and these are 2 reasons why I think that deserves a rate of 3 out of 5! Reviews

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I order Aripiprazole from this pharmacy and the service and product quality has never failed me. I found out about this source from a friend about 3 years ago and I have never had a bad experience. I love this pharm for their service and cheap prices on generic meds! Thanks again!
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