Another Canadian pharmacy that I have found while I was doing my pharmacy research is and it is obvious I called it a Canadian pharmacy because of its name. As much as we can see, this is a Trust Pharmacy which is World Famous or at least that’s all the information that I was able to find while I was analyzing its front page. The problem is that after checking it for a little while I realized that I’ve already reviewed pharmacies with a very similar design of the website and even though this is a user friendly interface and well made design of the site, that’s usually a problem when other pharmacy had this design as it could be the fact that the pharmacy has stolen it from somewhere else. anyway, the website supports different languages and currencies in case people would need to change any of them. What’s very important to mention here is the fact that there are over 1,000,000 happy customers and to be honest, that’s a really really big number. They claim to have low prices and fast delivery either. According to the information I could find on the website after checking it for a little while, the pharmacy has been around since 2001, it is run by Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. And what’s more important is their claim that they are selling only FDA approved meds, they are verisign secured, they are verified by visa and also, they are top rated by and also they are certified/ accredited by MIPA and CIPA. In order to see if all of this is true, I simply went on official CIPA’s website I checked this. Unfortunately, this was a lie, and I definitely do not like lying online pharmacies. Selection of medications and prices

As much as I was able to see on this online pharmacy, there are a lot of medications which are able to treat/ cure a lot of health conditions such as asthma, anxiety, depression, cholesterol, heart diseases, pain pills, insomnia and others. I honestly think that selection of medications is very wide, or at least that’s what it seems. In case the pharmacy turns out to be reliable then people can search for medications for a lot of conditions at this pharmacy and that’s good when you can find different meds in the same place. I checked erectile dysfunction medications to see the prices and there I found generics and brands of famous and less famous drugs but I noticed there are truly a lot of ED drugs and what’s more important is I noticed the prices are very good for medications. For example, I can mention that the lowest prices for generic versions of Viagra is 0.27 USD; of Cialis is 0.68 USD and for Levitra 1 USD per pill. Very good prices to my opinion. This online pharmacy is claiming that they are not requiring anybody to show a valid prescription for sending them medications – just pay for the drugs. Shipping and payment methods

Although this online pharmacy is offering 2 shipping methods, there’s just one that people all around the world can use which is airmail shipping that has a delivery timeframe of 2 to 3 business weeks and unfortunately it doesn’t have online tracking, the flat fee of this option is 10 USD. The second shipping option which is available only to a limited number of countries is EMS shipping that costs 20 USD but it does have online tracking if you need and has a delivery timeframe of 3 to 8 business days. The pharmacy claims to access only credit cards: visa and master card. Other payment methods are not accepted. Customer Support

People might have lots of questions before actually ordering and that’s something understandable. Questions might even arise after you’ve got your package or in the meantime you’re waiting for it. all these questions should be addressed to customer support service which can be reached by either US or UK phone numbers listed on the website or via contact form online which is available on their contact page. But except for the phone numbers and for the contact form there are no other ways to get in touch with the pharmacy. Coupon Codes

Upon going to the checkout page, the pharmacy *asks* you if you have coupon code that you can apply and get some facilities. As much as I could find, the coupon codes are given only to returning customers to get a discount. The pharmacy is also offering bonus pills (ED pills only) and free standard shipping at orders above 200 USD and free EMS shipping at orders above 300 USD. Purchasing in bulk pills would make you save money either as the pharmacy is offering less price per pill. Reviews

I have been searching for customer reviews as they are very important in determining whether is it worth using the online pharmacy or not and I’m very glad that I did it. according to the multitude of customer reviews that I have found online I was not able to find positive reviews but I did have found negative reviews – people saying that this pharmacy is a rip off, scammers who steal money. these people are saying that contacting them results in getting no answers or getting some vague responses. If you have already paid and you’re asking for refund or re order, they would always tell you that you need to wait and in the end still nothing. The completely agrees with those people who are saying that having trust in this pharmacy isn’t a good idea.


It is obvious that with such a bad reputation online given both by and by customer reviews it is impossible to rate this pharmacy with more than 1 out of 5 as much as it is impossible to recommend this pharmacy to anyone, unless you want those people to lose money. I won’t purchase meds here and I don’t recommend anyone doing this! Reviews

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