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Canada Prescriptions Plus as the name suggests, is a Canadian online drugstore which promises all their customers big savings (30 to 80% off), easy ordering, safety as well as exceptional service. This drugstore is having its headquarters located in Surrey, Canada and it claims that it has been founded back in 2004 which means that they are offering quality medications at affordable prices for the last 13 years now in both Canada and North America. A bit of more research revealed that this online pharmacy is an accredited member of Certified Canadian International Pharmacies and they are offering safety and security by offering a list of legitimate pharmacies that are adhering American regulations either. They seem to be CIPA Rx certified and also a verified pharmacy by Pharmacy Checker too. From the information found on their website, the pharmacy claims to source the drugs from ground based Canada pharmacies but they are also having other international pharmacies that are all around the world which they are situation in India, Turkey, New Zealand, Mauritius and obvious the United States.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Drug selection

I wasn’t able to find what kind of drugs do they sell by categories, however each medication that their customers are interested in, they can use the search box that is available on their website and this way you can find the drug prices and availability. So I’ve searched for some of the most known drugs out there and some of them had the information shown: * This medication is a narcotic/controlled substance and cannot be supplied by* but then I went further to my drugs of interest: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and they seemed to have each one of them in both brand and generic version. I couldn’t find out what is their number of drugs found in the drugstore, but assumingly they should have quite a vast drug selection. As long as they had all Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in both generic and brand version, that was fine for me.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Drugs prices

All the prices listed on the site were in USD. Obviously I only checked for the ED medications prices and the lowest price I found for Viagra brand was 100 mg, 4 tablet sold for 44.30 USD and I think that this is indeed a very good price. the lowest price for Viagra generic was 100 mg, 88 tablets sold for 72 USD and that’s 0.81 USD per pill. Even though there are lower prices on other online pharmacies, I still think that the prices are good. I’ve also checked the prices for Cialis which were good either. Either all other medications have good prices I don’t know, but it seems that ED meds are sold at fair prices. Again, although they don’t have best prices, they are fair.

Do Canada Prescriptions Plus require a prescription?

As the domain address suggests that the pharmacy is located in Canada, the domain address also suggests, I think that the pharmacy do require a prescription for medications that needs one. Like for example, on the ED medications that I’ve searched for the *Prescription Required* message was there. For ordering medications from this site, you would need a prescription, of the medications themselves require one.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Shipping details

Either they ship worldwide or not it is not clear. I could find information that you can ship to US or Canada or also *International* either this means that they are accepting worldwide or not I am not sure. What is sure is that US or Canada customers are able to order from this site. What countries are *International* I don’t know – maybe a limited number but maybe all. they don’t seem to have other shipping options than just shipping via USPS (like for example Express mail service) and this has an added fee of 9.95 USD. However it is mentioned that this fee applies to North America. What are fees to Canada or International countries is not known. They have a policy of free shipping (only for North America though) for all orders that are over 300 USD. Deliver time, as promised, is within 14 days.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Payment options:

In order to order from this website you must firstly create an online account and after that you’re going to be able to pay via the following methods: money orders, personal checks, e-checks, bank certified cheques and obviously all major credit cards. So far, this pharmacy doesn’t seem to have bitcoin as a payment option but those listed are good enough.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Customer support

All their customers can contact them by email [email protected], by old fashioned mail at their address, by toll free fax: 1-877-979-7587 or also by their toll free number (special hours): 1-866-779-7587. They also seem to have Spanish service at same given number and also they have a toll-free Pharmacy Tech Help Line at 1-855-218-5085. No live chat support which is sad, but not a major problem.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Coupons, discounts and offers

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find coupon codes and that’s sad. No coupons means no discounts other than those given, however they don’t seem to have any discounts or special offers. The only offers they have is free shipping I mentioned above that applies only for North American customers and orders above 300 USD and they also have tell a friend policy. Each referral to the website is worth 10 USD and it obviously doesn’t have cash out option but the money can be used on next order.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Reviews

On independent review sites, although has been established 13 years ago, still doesn’t have any review. The fact that this pharmacy lacks reviews as it doesn’t have at least one real customer review, that’s a very big drawback! Since there is no real customer review I decided to search what do other sites such as scamadviser says about it and to be honest the results were sad because all sites had quite a low trust rating.

With an absolute lack of customer review and such a low web traffic I tend to believe that those other sites are right and having trust in such sites is hard. It’s extremely hard for me to judge either is a legit website or is scam, but since I can’t say anything, the only thing I can is that you are going to order at your own risk. But purchasing from low credibility sites is recommended to avoid.

What’s the conclusion?

The fact that there’s no trust in this site, no customer review although the website claims to have experience in this business for so many years, they don’t even have special offers or anything makes me say that a rate 2 out of 5 is what this site deserves meaning that ordering medications from this site is better to be avoided. Reviews

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