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Self-Introduction of is a Canadian online pharmacy as much as we can conclude by simply checking the domain address name of this pharmacy, plus to that, as much as we can see the first few seconds after entering the pharmacy’s site, the company is offering trust, savings and safety since 2004 meaning this is a 14 years old Canadian pharmacy – something I really hope is true as it is much easy to have trust in a long standing pharmacy. And I also hope their promises of trust, savings and safety are true. I would try to find this out through my review. The pharmacy is claiming that in all these 14 years they have already made a database of thousands of clients, all of which were satisfied. They claim that they are offering shipping to clients word wide and they are offering exclusively only high quality medications and good discounts meaning that customers can get high quality drugs for cheap prices. They are claiming that customers can save up to 80% by purchasing the needed medications from their site. The information on the site is suggesting that the pharmacy itself is located in Vancouver, Canada, with an exact address offered. The store claims to take customers privacy and security very seriously with customers satisfaction being their top priority, that is why the pharmacy is claiming to have an outrageous customer support service and a delivery guarantee offering a 30 day return policy and speedy delivery. According to the information on the site, there are 5 different factors they can guarantee to every customer which includes: safety, security, quality, delivery and accountability. They are claiming to have more than 2 million Americans who already save on their medications online so they recommend everyone else to do the same. I am going to check it all.

Assortment Diversity

The information on this online pharmacy is suggesting that the store is having more than 3000 different healthcare items, including prescription, herbal and OTC medications from Canada which are ready to be shipped in their stock. Except for the fact that the company is having a very wide selection of medications, the company is also mentioning that customers are having the option to write the customer support in case they are not able to find the desired drug on their drugstores, the pharmacy claims to do everything possible to add it to the site. However, they made it clear that they do not have and they won’t ever offer illegal substances.

They claim that all the medications are of a top quality and they are certified as the company works only with the most reputable manufacturers located in Turkey, Singapore, India, New Zealand, India and others.

From as much as I noticed, the pharmacy does not offer a list of categories, unfortunately, but the medications are categorized by the first letter of the drugs so you can find what you need by browsing by alphabet or finding a drug by its name using the search function.

An example of what types of drugs you can find in the letter “C” includes:

The pharmacy is also having a list of bestsellers of generics and branded medications which includes:

However, I have mostly been interested in checking the ED types of medications and I did have found out that the most famous drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are all located there in both their original (brand) and generic forms. The pharmacy does seem to offer a very wide selection of drugs, although there are no categories of drugs. Ultimately, I do think the assortment of drugs is very rich and for this reason my rate is 5 stars.

Prices Affordability

As it was earlier mentioned, there is information on their website that everyone who is going to do business with the pharmacy is going to save money both purchase generic or branded medications. On average, they claim that customers are going to save 40 to 50 % on their medications, however the savings can reach up to 80% discount. That’s the reason why they claim that this company is offering the lowest possible prices you can find. It is obvious I wanted to check if that’s true.

I have checked the ED types of medications and I noticed that the prices greatly depend 4 main factors: if you get generic or branded medications, the quantity of pills, the dosage per pill and the country from which the medicine is manufactured. As I said, the company works with manufacturers in countries such as: New Zealand, UK, Canada, India and others.

If you want to get lower prices, the pharmacy is recommending to get a higher amount of pills as therefore the prices are going to get lower, as I said it earlier. So order in bulk results you in saving more. So, I checked the prices for ED drugs and here’s what I found: Viagra lowest price is 13.8 USD per pill for brand and 0.9 USD per pill for generic. Brand Cialis lowest price is 3.9 USD per pill and 0.5 USD per pill for generic Cialis. Last is Levitra which costs no less than 8 USD per pill for brand and no less than 1.8 USD per pill for the generic form. To be honest, the price for Viagra generic, Cialis both forms and Levitra generic the prices are really good. While the price for brand Viagra and Levitra aren’t as good, compared to other online pharmacies.

Due to the fact that not all products are having the lowest possible prices and compared to other online pharmacies prices, some medications are by far not the lowest priced, my rate is 4 stars. I still think that customers can save here money.

Shipping Options

Canadian Prescription Drugstore is offering shipping world wide as much as they claim, but only with the exception of their own country: Canada. Maybe there are some exceptions as well, not very sure.

According to the information on their website, the new customers are able to get a one time free shipping. This is only offered once for new customers. All the next orders (standard shipping ) would cost you 14.95 USD and would take around 15 to 20 business days to reach you. Assumingly, the company doesn’t offer tracking for this option.

The company is claiming that there is another shipping option which is expended that should come with a tracking, it takes around 10 business days to reach you and in case the delivery is delayed, your shipping fee won’t be charged – however this shipping option is super expensive – 39.95 USD. These seem to be shipping options for USA customers as those living outside the USA should choose the international delivery service that would cost you 39.95 USD which is very much with delivery of around 20 business days. One very interesting thing to mention here is the fact that customers have the opportunity to pay 49.95 USD and they can get a lifetime free shipping. That’s a really helpful option which allows to save a lot of money on shipping for regular customers.

They claim that all the ships are sent via registered Untied States Postal Service and they do require a signature when delivered. The 30 day delivery guarantee only applies to US customers as they claim.

The shipping options really seem to be attractive, but the standard and especially the expedited shipping fees are extremely high feed. Plus no way to get overnight shipping option. In the end, my mark for shipping terms is 3 stars.

Payment Options

According to the information on their website, the customers are having several ways to pay for their medications and it includes: echeck (electronic check), International Money Order, Personal Check as well as Wire Transfer. They claim that they are not accepting credit cards at this time. They claim that people paying with check by mail would have an approximately 2 week delay and no discount is given. people paying with wire transfer have no discount either, and no delay, however there’s 40 USD fee. Seemingly, the only payment method that is worth using is Echeck which has no delay in processing, no extra fee but a discount of 5 %.

The payment methods receive a rate of 1 point. They do not accept the most used payment method – credit cards, plus they accept money order which has a delay of 2 weeks, they accept a payment method without a delay but 40 USD extra fee which is a lot and so I can say that they only accept echeck which not all customers are using.

Technical Characteristics of

Website’s Loading Speed

The technical characteristics of an online pharmacy, and especially its loading speed, is something very important to me and I can imagine it is same important for everyone else as we all love to order products from fast websites. Using Google Page Speed Insights test I have checked the loading speed of this online pharmacy and I have analyzed the indicators discovered for both mobile and desktop versions. Luckily, both versions are green market with a score of 96 and 99 out of 100 meaning that customers shouldn’t have any problems during their browsing through the site.

As much as we can see in the above screen, the site does not seem to have any technical issues that should annoy customers and that is why, I am going to rate this company’s site with 5 stars out of 5.

Mobile Version

A big number of customers are ordering medications and everything else from their smartphones. To make it possible, the website from which the customers are ordering should be mobile adapted. Unfortunately, not all pharmacies have realized the importance of a mobile version of their sites that’s why, I have to use the google mobile friendly test to check it out. The google test showed this:

I checked it myself by using the mobile device browsing through the site. The mobile version doesn’t have secondary information on their main page, the navigation is easy from the small screen, no too large or too small texts or other elements, I can easily click on whatever I need. I only noticed that the page speed is not really good for mobile version. This problem is discovered by google test as well. Anyway, my rate for a good mobile version is 5 stars.

Is the Connection Secure?

In order to check if the online pharmacy is offering a secure connection, you should access the website and check if there’s a green lock near the domain address name. A green lock means the site is secured, if the green lock misses then the site is not secured.

This means that is having a secure connection. I checked for more info and I found out they use 256 bit SSL encryption which is a high security level. I just didn’t love they have not shared the owner information. But in the end, since the encryption level is advanced and customers personal information is kept in safe and secure, my rate is 4 stars.

Checking Antivirus

Reputable online pharmacies should use an antivirus on their website to protect customers from getting their devices inflicted with internet viruses and malwares. Unfortunately, is not using any antivirus software on the site, which makes this website risky for clients. I recommend the site’s owner o take some actions and improve customers’ security by adding this software. Until that, I am not able to give more than 1 star for this unit.

The Convenience of Ordering via

According to the information that I managed to find on their website, those customers that are planning to get OTC medications are able to order them without registering on the website. However, customers that do want to get a prescription medication they won’t be able unless they register on their site first. The pharmacy is suggesting everyone to register on the site as only registered users are able to get maximal discounts on the site and to get the special prices so people should register. Nevertheless, I think that the registration is annoying for many customers, making them lose time by entering all the necessary data.

As much as it seems, there are 2 ways in which people can order here – either online or by fax too. Customers are able to find detailed information on how to order using both methods meaning that customers should follow the guide and they should get to place the order. Talking about ordering online there seem to be 3 steps including: first one is to find the needed drug, either by letter or by name and add it to the shopping cart. second step is to check the order information and after that to click on the checkout button.

After you’ve done it you either should login to your account or register if you don’t have one. Here you should fill all the information needed. After doing it all finalize your order. You should receive a confirmation email. The third and final step is the prescription that should be emailed to the company.

So, to order here you cannot find the drugs that you need using the categories of drugs, you cannot change the currency or the language on the site and before ordering you should give personal and maybe sensible information to the pharmacy. Another big minus is: the company is not offering what’s the price per unit. This means that I have to do the calculations myself to find out what’s the price per unit.

Taking in consideration everything I mentioned above, especially the register and finding out the prices myself, I wouldn’t say that ordering here is very convenient. I am only offering them 2 stars because I have seen pharmacies where ordering were much harder.

Is Legit?

Rating on recommends everyone to use care when using this website as the trust rate index is 53% which is not too much. The site has been threat listed and although they claim to be a Canadian pharmacy, the real location of the site is being hidden for whatever the reason. The domain age is indeed 14 years but the owner country, organization, owner etc. is hidden information. Phone number is US although that’s a Canadian pharmacy. plus, a malware report has been detected as well.

I think that the rate this report deserve is 2 stars which I give only because of more than 50% of trust.

Prescription Request

The pharmacy has made it clear that absolutely all prescription products should be accompanied with a prescription. Nobody can get prescription drugs without a valid prescription. The pharmacy makes it clear which drugs are Rx Required. A serious attitude over selling prescription drugs deserves a rate of 5 stars out of 5.

Checking the Status on LegitScript

As much as we can see, the status of this online pharmacy according to is unapproved. At least, the store did not received the ROGUE status which is way much worse. Nevertheless, unapproved is still not a good status. I am rating it with 2 stars. Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important as they are going to make us understand if a pharmacy is worth using or it would be better to stay away from it. By checking for customer reviews on their own website I have only managed to find 4 different reviews and that’s it. There are the names of the reviewers and from where they write those reviews.

Nevertheless, there are absolutely no proof that those reviews are written by real people. First off, there are no dates, those reviews may have been written in 2004, we don’t know. Plus to that, we have no idea how they appeared there, as no possibility to write a review is on the site. Those 3 reviews might be composed by the company just to misinform customers. I can’t have trust in those reviews. My rate is 1 point.

Canadian Prescription Drugstore Online Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Since I had doubts in the authenticity of the reviews that I found on their own website, I was searching for customer reviews on third party sites. I have found 7 different reviews on (mostly complaints about this company) and 429 different and hopefully unique reviews written by real people on The average rate of all those review is 3 out of 5 with many people explaining that the store is worth using offering high quality drugs

But there are many others who said that they had awful experience with this company so they recommend to stay away.

There seem to be a lot of customer reviews on about this pharmacy and there are a mixture of different types of reviews. Plus, there are complaints filed against the company on as I said, the average rate of all customer reviews is 3 out of 5 stars.

That is why, I doubt that I can change this rate for customer reviews so it remains 3 stars. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I was not able to find any coupon codes on their website or anywhere online so I can assume that they do not offer coupon codes. The only way to save money is: pay 50 USD and get free lifetime shipping and free shipping for first time customers. Honestly talking, that’s by far not enough to call it *way to save money* to my opinion. My rate is 1 star.

Customer Support Service


When you get on the *contact us* page, you should see something like this:

As much as it seems, the company is offering a mailing address, email, fax and phone number which is available only in the working hours. I consider that this is enough and for all the information I got here, my rate is 5 stars.

Trying to Get a Consultation

The pharmacy is having the live chat function, as much as you can notice in the screen above. I tried to get a consultation by using the live chat function since, as much as you can notice, they were online. What made me ultimately say that to my opinion the customer support service receives 1 point is because I wrote them using the live chat function and without getting an answer, in the next 5 – 10 minutes, they gone offline. Even in the screen below, we can notice that they were online then they disappeared without answers.

My rate - 1 point.

Conclusion: Long Lasting Pharmacy with Mixed Reviews and no Customer Support is a Canadian online pharmacy which tries to hide their location from sites such as but shared the address on their own site which is strange. The owner information is not available anywhere and that’s alarming. The pharmacy has a rich assortment of medications with pretty good prices but no ways to save money and no coupon codes. showed an average report and the pharmacy is unapproved by

It has good technical characteristics and a good mobile version with high security but no antivirus and no owner information. The pharmacy has a lot of mixed reviews on different sites as trust pilot or BBB indicating the pharmacy is risky to use as there are chances you might get positive experience, but there are pretty much same chances that you would get negative experience. The pharmacy is by far not the worst pharmacy I’ve ever reviewed, but it has some drawbacks. In the end, ordering from a site that is 50/50 you would be pleased isn’t really good. Reviews

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