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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which claims to offer cheap medicines and they are claiming to offer cheap medicines *for a healthy you* or at least that’s what they seem to claim by entering their main page and searching for information on their site. They are a company which is making prescription drugs accessible to everybody because they believe that the medication is one of the fundamental requirements these days. Besides offering cheap prescription drugs online, they are also claiming to offer customer satisfaction and quality of medicines while following all of the medical and legal guidelines! They are also claiming not to be a regular online pharmacy but one of the most trusted online drugstores in USA and UK! This is a company working only with the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies out there like: Sun Pharma; Sunrise Remedies; Cipla; Abbott Healthcare; Cadila Healthcare; Torrent Pharma; Ranbaxy; Ajanta Pharma; Lupin; Intas Pharma; Pfizer; GSK and others. This is a licensed pharmacy which offers both generic and brand name medications and the cheapest possible prices – something I am going to check it myself later. The pharmacy is also having some social media pages on platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. People are also to follow them there if they wish to. This is a company which claims that customers are their topmost priority and they always put their customers first trying to make sure that absolutely all of their customers all over the world is getting quality health care products. They aim to be the leading online pharmacy in the world and they claim that they can achieve this only by offering 100% satisfaction guarantee with affordable drugs and without compromising on the quality! Plus to that, they claim to be a pharmacy which is taking the security very seriously meaning that the customers shouldn’t be worried about their personal data safeness while browsing and purchasing something from this online pharmacy.

Assortment of the Pharmacy

According to the information on their site they are providing a wide range of products which can cure many diseases, ailments and deficiencies. By checking the list of *all categories* of drugs I have found they indeed seem to have many different drugs such as: acid reducers, acne, alzheimers, anti virals, anti cancer, anti coagulants, asthma, immune booster, heart and blood pressure, pain relief, diabetes, hair loss, HIV and herpes and many others.

Being more interested in the erectile dysfunction medications I have found out that they offer 6 different categories of ED medications: the blue pill (sildenafil); generic Viagra; climax spray; vardenafil; tadalafil and herbal products. However, I could not find any branded products. I am not very sure if they are offering any branded products for other types of products but it seems they do not have any for ED drugs. However, they seem to have a lot of generic for the most famous ED drugs as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Since they are offering a lot of different drugs for different health conditions and there are lots of drugs for ED meds I am rating this unit with 4 stars and I can’t rate it with maximum because people who do not really have trust in generics they do not have the option to get the branded medications from this online vendor which is quite a drawback to my opinion.

Prices Affordability

I have been interested in checking the prices for ED medications, as usual, and hopefully all other drugs in other category are in the same price range. Well, I have seen that the prices greatly depends on which drug you are choosing. For example, I have noticed that the price for generic Viagra per pill varies from 0.5 USD per pill to anywhere like 2.3 USD per pill. This depends on the manufacturer, quantity and strength of the drug. For example for getting 40 tablets of Penegra Xpress 25 mg you would pay 2.3 USD per pill with a total of 91.3 USD.

However, you could get Cenforce 25, 90 tablets would cost you 0.5 USD per pill and that would be a total of 45.5 USD.

Whatever the case, the prices seem to be reasonable. There are generics with pretty expensive prices, but there are other generics with very good prices. I’ve also checked the prices for tadalafil which varies from 0.6 USD to 3.7 USD per pill or vardenafil that varies from 0.6 USD to 6.3 USD per pill depending on the same things as for generic Viagra. The same goes here – some prices seem to be overestimated, but there are really good prices if purchasing from other manufacturers. So, in the end, taking in consideration only the lowest possible prices that you can get from this online pharmacy and comparing them with the lowest possible prices that you can get from other pharmacies, I would say that these are some pretty good prices to be honest.

Since is indeed offering cheap prices for medicines I am going to rate them with 5 stars for this unit.

Shipping Options

According to the information on their website, the company is offering world wide shipping which means that absolutely everyone all around the globe are able to order medications from this website. On the FAQ page they claim that they will delivery your package either via EMS or courier depending pin the pin code corresponding to the shipping address. With this being said, it seems that people do not have different shipping options to choose from as the company decides which shipping option to use. Going on their checkout page, there was the *shipping methods* but I could not *select another shipping method* since there was only one available.

As we can see, the price is 15 USD. However, we don’t know what are the shipping delivery times as no information is given on their website. Plus to that, we don’t know what’s the price for EMS shipping option. All in all, I’ve got to confess that I’m pretty disappointed by this unit in regards to shipping policy.

The pharmacy lacks a lot of information about shipping like what are the shipping timeframes, what’s the cost for EMS shipping options, plus they do not allow customers to choose the preferred shipping methods and there is no overnight shipping option. In addition, the price for standard shipping option is quite high. I offer them one star only for the worldwide shipping policy and therefore, this unit receives 2 stars out of 5.

Payment Methods

According to the FAQ information that I have managed to find, they claim that is accepting debit card, credit card, e-cheque as well as direct bank transfer (DBT) as different modes of payment.

On their site I found an icon suggesting that they accept visa and master card as credit and debit cards

Other than that I couldn’t find anything as for going on the checkout page to check them I had to fill up the shipping/ billing address and go through medical form. Assuming they accept all those payment methods I think this pharmacy deserves 4 out of 5 stars.

Technical Characteristics of the Online Pharmacy

Website Loading Speed

Technical Data of a website is very important to analyze as long as you plan to be a long time customer of an online pharmacy. That’s because the page loading speed is very important since it has been proved that customers, do not like to wait for the pages to load, and if it takes too long, they tend to avoid such a website. Keeping that in mind, I checked PageSpeed Insights offered by google to check the speed and I haven’t found really encouraging information here. The page speed for mobile version is average while the page speed for desktop version (which is even more important to my opinion) is unavailable at all which usually indicates there are some problems with the page speed. The optimization for both versions is good, however none of them received a full score of 100 out of 100.

Technical characteristics aren’t by far the best I’ve ever seen, but they are not the worst either. Still, there is work that needs to be done to receive a better mark but so far, technical characteristics unit receive a mark of 3. Mobile Test seems to be a mobile friendly online pharmacy site. It is important to check this as customers tend to browse and purchase medications online from their smartphones, but it is very hard to do so when a site is not optimized for mobile version. Before actually checking this on my own smartphone, I checked this using the mobile friendly test offered by google where I discovered that the page should be mobile friendly. I’ve tried to access the site from my mobile device and indeed the page is easy to be used.

The icons are not too close to each other, text is easily readable and only main elements persists on main page while secondary information is hidden. Because of this, the company receives a score of 5 stars for this unit.

Secure Connection Availability

The secure connection is something exactly as important as, for example, the price for drugs, because if we’re going to browse an insecure website, there’s a chance that all our personal data information (including credit card info) might be stolen by accessing them. I checked the security connection levels for and it does seem that they are using a secure connection. People can easily check this using their browser as near the URL address there should be a green lock which indicates that the connection is secure., however, uses a lower security level of 128 bit SSL encryption technology compared to a higher level of security – 258 bit SSL encryption. Plus to that, the company owner information is hidden as well. Without a higher security level and without the company owner information provided, this unit is marked with 3 stars.

Website Antivirus and Security Solutions

The antivirus makes sure that no malware, spyware, virus or other internet worm would be infiltrated into our computer as long as we browse and purchase anything from a website. I checked for the antivirus presence on the site, as it is something super important and I found there is an icon suggesting that they are McAfee Secure. Having an icon on the site isn’t enough so I tried to do more research about it and the icon seemed to be clickable. There I’m redirected on (official McAfee website) and this is being confirmed: this site has earned the McAfee Secure Certification

Since this company does seem to care about their customers’ personal sensitive information by providing an antivirus on their website, I am gladly going to rate this unit with 5 * mark!

Simplicity of Ordering Online

What’s great here is the fact that although we do have the option to create an account on their website, nobody seem to be required to create and login to their accounts for ordering here and to my opinion this greatly saves time, accelerating and simplifying the purchase procedure.

Another very useful thing is the fact that you can change the website’s language into many other different languages than English. This allows people to change the entire content language into their preferred language and therefore the ordering procedure, to my opinion, is even more simplified.

For ordering here you should search your needed product using the categories of medications or the search box function which allows you to quickly search the needed drugs by their names

You could also search for the needed product by the generic or brand as well

After you have found your needed medication, click on *add to cart* and there you would see the pack size, quantity, the full price and what’s the price per unit. After taking a decision click *buy now*. You’re going to have an order summery and after carefully checking it you need to click on *go to checkout*. Except for the standard procedure where you need to fill up the shipping/ billing details and address and the payment details, you would also need to fill up a *medical condition form*.

The presence of this medical condition form is a bit more time consuming, and yet, the entire procedure doesn’t seem to be too hard or complicated. My rate for ordering procedure is 4 stars out of 5. Legibility

Checking Website Safety via ScamAdviser is a fraud warning engine site, which greatly helps in determining how trustworthy a website looks. For example, according to, has a high trust rating and this site looks safe to use. Overall, it has a trust score of 88% which means the site looks safe. The trust score is not perfect but it is still good. The website’s popularity isn’t very good but this might be due to the fact that domain age is only 2 years old which is a poor indicator for an online pharmacy as people tend not to have too much trust in newly appeared online pharmacies.

In the end, the information on makes me give this company a rate of 4 stars for the current unit.

Prescription Request

It is very important for every online pharmacy to have a strict prescription requirements otherwise the pharmacy is putting the customer’s health and lives at risk. According to the information that I managed to find on their website, the prescription is needed in order to order prescription medications from this online pharmacy.

They claim that people should upload them while placing an order or they can be sent by email as a scan at their address. They claim that if the prescription is not received in 5 days after placing the order, your order is going to be cancelled. Since the pharmacy has a strict policy for prescription requirement, I am going to rate them with 5 stars.

Checking Website Safety via LegitScript

I’ve been searching for website’s legitimacy on but unfortunately, they do not have any information about this online pharmacy in their database.

This does not mean the site is illegal nor does it mean that the site is legal. Without any information on about this point, I am not able to rate them. Reviews

Customer Reviews on

Searching for customer reviews on their own website I succeeded to find the *testimonials* page where they claim to have 101 total testimonials which is great. Without surprising me, every person who wrote a review, never wrote a bad thing about this company. This doesn’t surprise me as usually, administrators of online pharmacies do not make bad comments appear on their site. What’s super strange is the fact that all those 101 customer reviews were written in a period of half a year and that’s it. I mean, from 06-2017 until 12-2017 those reviews appeared (with only 2 of them before 06-2017) and there were no other reviews. Plus to that, most of those reviews are too short without anything too detailed.

I am rating this unit with 3 out of 5 since the reviews have dates and are unique, but I can’t rate them more since they are too strangely written in a too strange time period. Reviews on Independent Websites and Medical Forums

There is information on their website suggesting that people should read the 72 customer reviews they are having on I did have read them and there the reviews seems to be much more trustworthy. Out of 72 reviews, 67% rated them excellent with 5 stars, 15% rated them bad with 1 star and  the rest 18 % rated them with either great or average (4 and 3 stars). All in all, the online pharmacy got an average rate of 4 out of 5 stars.

People explained they have great prices, great customer service and great medications

However there were those who think otherwise, suggesting that this is a scam pharmacy

I have tried to check other customer reviews on other sources but there is not any feedback about this site anywhere else except for Since the average customers’ rate is 4 out of 5 – I doubt I can change it myself. Coupon Codes

Right before clicking on *go to checkout* people are able to *apply a discount code* by entering it in the box and then click on apply discount. Problem is – I am not sure where to get that discount code. I can assume that only people who previously ordered here will get the code and will be able to use it for discounts for further orders.

Except for the discount code, people will receive free shipping on orders of 200 USD or above

The last thing that I can mention here is the fact that the pharmacy offers a little discount if you’re purchasing more pills at once meaning that the price per pills are getting a bit better.

Since they offer discounts, free shipping options and coupon codes, I am rating them with 4 out of 5 stars as I’ve seen pharmacies offering much more than this. Customer Support

Contact Information

The contact information on their contact page is displaying 2 phone numbers, one is USA toll free the other one is international and it also can be used to chat on WhatsApp for those who use this application. In addition to that, you might also find a fax number (I can assume for sending the prescriptions). On the same page, you can find the contact form and 2 email addresses being mentioned which you can use to get in touch with them.

Everything is good, except for the pharmacy that the site does not specify any pharmacy addresses and this quite a problem. My rate here is 3 stars.

Online Customer Support

Except for all the methods that I have mentioned up there, the pharmacy is also offering a live chat function as well which is my favorite way of getting in touch with them. I have used the service to get in touch with them, instead, they have contacted me first, the first few minutes I entered their site. As soon as I wrote them – I got answered all the questions in a matter of a few seconds in a professional manner. Such a good customer support service deserves all the 5 stars rate!

Conclusion: Great Customer Support Service but Strange Reviews and Shipping Policy is an online pharmacy which is offering a lot of generic medications but they do not seem to offer branded medications which is quite a problem to my opinion. They are offering quite a strange shipping policy in which the pharmacy decides which shipping option to choose, plus they offer high shipping prices. There are good customer reviews but the testimonials on their website are strangely written in a strange period of time, plus the negative customer reviews suggests they haven’t received anything using the company. Instead, the pharmacy offers great prices, high security measures, coupon codes and great customer support services. There are many pluses, but there are also some minuses the company needs to review. All in all, the average rate is 3.5 out of 5 stars that deserves. Reviews

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End of june 2020 I placed order but still do not received it!Every week I got in touch Sofia but she just to makes up reasons like probs with customs and update soon.She lies every time when I got in touch her by chat or she switched off chat when i asked exact question.i had bad expierence with cheapamedicineshop-dear customer be careful with this company-they are thiefs!
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