While searching for reliable online pharmacies, I am often finding a lot of different pharmacies, some of which are being oriented in selling a single type of a product, and the pharmacy that I have found today, does seem to be among those pharmacies that sell a single type of a product. The pharmacy is named and only by checking its name I could conclude 2 different things: the pharmacy is oriented in selling Clenbuterol and it is located in UK, or at least those sites with domain are usually from UK. I have accessed their website when I read the message: genuine clenbuterol UK: is clenbuterol legal to buy in the UK. For those who don’t know what’s clenbuterol, there is a lot of information about this product on their website including what it is taken for, its side effects, clenbuterol facts and so on and so forth. But to quickly explain it all, clenbuterol is a nebulizer that it is used in breathing disorder treatments, however clenbuterol has never been approve by USA FDA due to some problems this product has. Anyway, I can assume that there is so so many information on their website that after reading it all you would know everything you need about this product. After checking for more information on this website, I have realized that they are doing advertising and recommending to use another website as they do not seem to offer medication on their own website although they claim that there is as *add to cart* option and *buy now*.


Since this site is offering their customers to purchase from a site I am going to give a few details about this site and about the other site they are recommending to use. seem to be a website that is offering a lot of information in a user friendly manner as people can easily find the information that they need on the website. But I was trying to search for information on the site checking if there’s a way to purchase medications. There does not seem to be one as they claim that you can purchase this medication on a site called Crazy Bulk Clenbuterol so there you would find the product that needed. I was trying to search for it and I saw that the product is priced anywhere between 53 USD to 63 USD and either is that a good price or not I am not sure. as much as it seems, that site is not requiring a valid prescription to anyone and to be honest, that’s usually a sign of illegal activity. Since this is a UK site, they are mostly talking on how you can purchase Clenbuterol in London and according to the information on the site, you are able to purchase the needed medications by using credit cards such as VISA, American Express, Master Card, Maestro and many other credit cards. There’s also information suggesting that *Clenbuerol is amazing product for weight loss and you can get it being delivered in 100+ countries along with free delivery in US and UK*. Since clenbuterol is banned in USA and they still ship it there then it means the pharmacy has an illegal activity and it is no wonder that you are not being able to find an exact address to be offered. Anyway, the site does not seem to be fully working, or the information is misleading. That’s because there’s the following message: you can buy clenbuterol from their online store with amazing discount offers. Besides the fact that I was not able to find a single discount being offered by this site, you are not even able to purchase anything from this site, as I said, they are mostly recommending people to visit the other site and purchase drugs there. This site seems to be overall strange as the information is misleading, there are options like *buy now* etc. and you can’t buy anything. To be honest, so far, the site doesn’t look reliable at all and I wouldn’t trust any information shared on the site. Customer Support Service

Even though there is information on the website suggesting that *in order to get some answers to the questions not discussed here you can contact the experts at our website* and yet, there is not a single way to get in touch with this website. There is no live chat, no contact form, no email and no phone number listed on the site. The information on the site is overall strange and misleading. Coupon Codes

The site claims that people who would purchase the drug in bulk are going to get discounts for bulk purchases but I couldn’t find a price list there and I couldn’t find anything else being offered by the site. I decided to check the other site that this website seem to advertise: Crazy Bulk and on the their site there is the coupon SALE20 which people can use to get 20% off. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews about this website to understand – maybe they used to be functional and they are not now, or maybe they are *preparing* to be functional I am not very sure. there is a review on but reading it, I realized that this is not a review but someone placed it as a review but there is only information about clenbuterol. On ripoffreport a person said that he got ripped off by this site and this makes me think that the site used to sell clenbuterol and they ripped off people.


So far nobody is able to purchase anything from this website but they give the false impression that you can. I can assume that people used to be able to purchase here but those who tried, as much as it seems, got ripped off. Whatever the case, I do not think this site is worth purchasing from even if there would be that option. I give my rating of 1 out of 5 stars. Reviews

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