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Previous Names is the domain address of another online pharmacy and from its domain address you we can easily understand that this is an online pharmacy accepting Bitcoin. However as soon as you enter the website you can see that this website is also accepting litecoin, dashcoin, peercoin as well as dogecoin.  In order to facilitate foreign customers’ understanding of how much they need to pay, they also have the option to choose the local currency. The price for bitcoin is updated every 30 minutes. You can also create an account and login to the website. I’ve tried to find out on their website where they pharmacy is located and when it has started to operate but I failed to do so due to lack of information and *about us* page. The website claims to sell the best generic medications at the best prices.

Selection of drugs and prices on

The medications are being categorized by health issues on this online pharmacy, but you can also click on *view all products* and then choose the medications by their first name. They don’t seem to offer brand medications as all of them are generic, or at least that’s to my observation. The selection of drugs seems to be big. In regards to erectile dysfunction medications there are: generic Viagra, generic Cialis, generic Levitra and other generic ED treating medications. lowest price for generic Viagra 50 mg is 0.84 USD per pill which is equivalent of 0.0001 BTC per pill. 20 mg of generic Cialis would be 1.20 USD per pill which is the same equivalent of BTC as for Viagra. Levitra is priced with 1.51 USD per a pill of 20 mg and that’s 0.0002 BTC per pill. This online pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering any medications.

Shipping and payment details on

Due to the fact that I was not able to go to checkout page without logging in, all the information is only from the FAQ page. There are 2 shipping options: EMS seed post with tracking that has a delivery time of 10 to 15 business days, it is offered for free and they ship to most countries world wide with exception of a few like: Canada, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands and some others. The EMS isn’t available in all countries so there’s a list of countries where EMS is available. You can track order only via EMS option. Shipment guarantee is only in Australia, United Kingdom and USA. Except for Bitcoin payment option which is obvious that they accept, they also are accepting: Bitcoin Cash; Litecoin; Dogecoin; Dash (formerly known as Darkcoin); Peercoin. They do not accept any other payment options, however there is a way to pay with debit or credit card as well.

Customer Support on

You are able to get in touch with them only by going to the contact page and use the contact form indicating your email so you wait for a response back. They seem to have live help, however they were offline at the moment so they suggested me to leave them an email which is basically the same. However their email is not listed, exactly as there is not a phone number or anything in this matter. Coupon codes

This online pharmacy is offering Free EMS shipping on orders but there are certain restrictions that apply. In addition to that, they are offering 10% save and that’s because you should receive 10% of your order back. So you’re sent back 10% of the bitcoins spent here. Or at least that’s their claim. Unfortunately, these are the only ways to make you save money as there are no discounts, free pills, or coupon codes available on this online pharmacy. Reviews

This online pharmacy seem to enjoy a little bit of popularity online as it has some customer reviews on foreign websites except for the testimonials that you can find on their own website. The exact same thing suggests who says that it has lots of visitors, and that’s even though the trust rate given by is 0%, exactly as it is from As in regards to the testimonials, people following my pharmacy reviews know that I tend not to believe in testimonials on their own website since I think that they are fake, made to manipulate with people into making them believe that this is an actual pharmacy. I found the customer reviews and I have got mixed results, there were some people who said that they have ordered from this website and they have actually got their medications and they were actually of a good quality. However there’s the other side of the *coin* with negative customer reviews who said that they paid and never received anything so their bitcoins were lost once and forever. On different websites there are people saying that this is a scam website and warning other people not to buy if they want to keep safe their bitcoins. As I said, there are good customer reviews as well, like for example a person said that they have great customer services, prices and variety. This person also said that they have fast delivery and easy to order and he indeed got his 10% back. Anyhow, too many people said that they are scammers.


The online pharmacy’s location is undisclosed and they are accepting only cryptocurrencies – methods to pay that are impossible to track from where it goes and where exactly the payment goes. There are no phone numbers on the website and not even an email listed. All of this leads me to think that the online pharmacy can disappear any given minute at their wish, and I assume – when they would rip off enough people. Plus to that, there are positive reviews, but more of them are negative. So we got an online pharmacy that we barely know anything about it that is impossible to track and a bigger number of negative reviews compared to positive reviews. It is obvious that I can’t recommend this pharmacy to anybody and I won’t risk with my money and health either. I rate it with 2 out of 5 and that’s only because of some positive reviews I found. Reviews

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