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Costco or Costco Wholesale Corporation it is an American multinational corporation which is operating a chain of membership-online warehouse clubs or that’s the information I could find on Wikipedia. By going on Costco website, the first thing that I’ve noticed is that there are multiple Costco departments which you can choose from and I obviously have chosen for Pharmacy. While on Costco Pharmacy’s website you’re offered to search for medications via search function, you can create an account and sign it, you can choose different Countries which would refer you to Costco website according to that country: United States, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, United Kingdom and South Korea. While on their website you can manage prescriptions, you can search for locations, you can get email offers shop medications and many other things. Costco is a very big company in USA which has bene founded in 1976 firstly being named Price Club. It has its headquarters in Issaquah, Washington, United States but as mentioned earlier, it serves other countries than USA with a total number of locations of 741 warehouses (as of 2017) most of which are still located in USA.

Selection of medications and prices at Costco

I guess there’s no reason to comment on selection of medications since I can assume that they should be having nearly all types of medications there, or at least those that are being approved by laws to be sold. I assume that regardless what health condition you have, Costco Pharmacy should be able to find a medication for you. As in regards to the prices, Costco Pharmacy website offers to search medicines on the website and I did searched for Viagra with I found only Viagra brand (no generics) and the price for 10 tablets was 658 USD which means that a single tablet is more than 65 USD. Well, these are the reason why people are searching for online pharmacies, such high prices for medications people can’t afford. As in regards to the prescriptions, Costco is a 100% legal pharmacy and for this reason all their customers need to show a valid prescription before ordering prescription medications.

Shipping and payment methods on Costco

Payment, of course, can be done with cash if you go to one of their store yourself, however if you’re ordering online then they are accepting credit and debit cards like visa, master card, discover and Costco credit card. For ordering online you need to create an account and sign in. Not sure what kind of shipping options they are offering and what are the shipping fees for them, however the delivery time is 6 to 14 days and there is also expensive shipping but for an additional charge.

Customer support at Costco

Right on their website you can find a page *customer service* where you can access it and depending on what you need you they have multiple phone numbers, they can be found by social media platforms, emails and plus to that, they are also having chat support, but make sure that you want to chat with them in their working hours. Costco is a big company so getting in touch with their customer service should be extremely easy, what’s more important is that customer service to actually be helpful.

Costco Pharmacy Coupon codes

I am not sure if the Costco is offering coupon codes as there is no information about it, however you’re able to sign up for email offers and they claims that you’re going to get in your email great offers from Whether they are going to send you coupon codes as well or something else I am not sure, but what matters is that Costco seems to offer some deals and that’s better than nothing.

Costco Pharmacy Customer Reviews

Except for those websites suggesting to read what reviews wrote actual employees of Costco, there are websites suggesting to read what customers said about Costco Pharmacy via their reviews. On consumer affairs’ website there is a total of 767 customer reviews but in the last year there were submitted 69 rating with the overall satisfaction rating of nearly 3 out of 5. According to yelp website there are 23 total reviews with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5. According to lots of people the pharmacy is worth using and they are happy with Costco Pharmacy, but according to even more people Costco has lots of unprofessional people, rude staff and, as I already mentioned earlier – big prices. According to this is not a BBB accredited business and on their website there are 4 positive reviews, one is neutral and 41 are negative reviews. Lots of people experiences are negative with Costco and that’s not a good sign at all. They still have at least some positive reviews and that’s making the pharmacy at least a bit more worth using.


In my opinion there are only 2 minuses in regards to Costco and it seems that are 2 main minuses of all big pharmaceutical companies: big prices and negative customer reviews and to my opinion these are 2 huge minuses and that’s why people go searching for online pharmacies although there is a risk of getting scammed. The maximum rate is 5 but there are 2 big minuses and that’s why I rate Costco with 3/5. Reviews

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I've been recommending their pharmacy for nearly 2 years to my friends, colleagues, because they are the best. Costco has reliably and promptly filled and refilled my prescriptions on every order. I'm very satisfied and impressed with Costco. The generics they provide are are competitive with any online supplier, and usually lower than any of the brick-and-mortar pharmacies.
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