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When somebody is having big claims and gives big promises we’re all expecting and hoping that they are going to be accomplished. However we all do know very well that, unfortunately, not all promises are kept so today, I’m going to try to find out whether is worth our trust or not. I’m going to do that by writing this review which hopefully would help people who are in search for a good healthcare drugstore. In fact, this pharmacy claims that they are much more than simply a regular health store as they are providing some secure transactions between their customers and medical providers. They are providing a large selection of medications that claimable are of the top quality and they are at some affordable prices. Unfortunately there is no information listed when this online pharmacy has started its business and also there’s no information about where it t is being located. I had a thought about asking these questions their customer support, but I didn’t and that’s simply because for me this is not the most important about an online pharmacy. I’m quite sure everyone can do that by contacting their customer support. So now, that I’ve started to talk about their customer support service, let’s check it more carefully.

Drugs-RX Customer support service

As I said, I wasn’t desperate in finding out some answers to my barely important questions and that’s why I haven’t contacted them. However, in case there are some people who are desperate enough to find some answers then you’re always able to call them by the 2 phone number listed on their website which claims to be working 24/7. You can reach them by the toll free number 1-855-306-9027 or by the other phone number 1-774-270-2818. In case you still have a question but you’re ready to wait a little bit then you can contact them by writing a form by email and wait a response in your email. They claim that you won’t be waiting too long for getting the response.

Drugs RX selection

Even though this is an online drugstore that has a lot of generics for a lot of different medications, they are also selling brands too. The medications are categorized and exactly as a lot of other online pharmacies – by health condition, mostly. There are all sorts of drugs, for ADHD, muscle relaxers, detox, men’s sexual health, blood pressure and a lot others including ED Trial Packs. Each Med category seem to have quite some drugs meaning that this online pharmacy has a good drug variety. But I am mostly looking at the ED medications and among Men’s Sexual Health I’ve seen lots of drugs. Different types of Levitra, Viagra as well as Cialis (both generic and brand). There are other forms of these drugs either and as I said earlier – there are ED trial packs too which can save you some money. Talking about money:

Are the prices good on

Yeah they seem to be. Viagra by Pfizer (brand) is from US $: 7.38 while Viagra (generic) is from: US $ 0.94. These are some competitive prices compared to other online pharmacies. For Levitra by Bayer (brand) from US $ 6.38 and Levitra generic from US $ 1.61 these are not worse prices which make me think that all the medications that you can find on drugstore are good. Honestly, I found some online pharmacies having lower prices, but has competitive prices, especially compared to other online pharmacies that had much bigger prices. Judging only by the prices – I would recommend shopping here.

Drugs-RX Payment options in case I decide to make a purchase here

There are 2 payment types and as usual they are VISA and Master Card. However, unfortunately, besides these 2 payment options there are none. Even though most of the people are paying via Visa and Master Card, I would still prefer if there would be other payment options. Anyway, that’s still fine.

Drugs-RX Shipping options

Unlike most online pharmacies that have only 2 shipping options, has 3 shipping options: express royal mail which has a delivery time of 3 to 6 business days and would cost you 30 USD; EMS Europe which has a delivery time of 7 to 10 business days and would cost you 20 USD and lastly there’s Reg mail EU that has a delivery time of 22 to 30 business days and would cost you 25 USD. They are having free shipping for big orders. Regardless of the shipping option you choose, you can also add shipping insurance which costs 10 % extra of your order sum. From the list of countries I’ve been given to choose I can say that they do not ship world wide to all countries, but they still seem to ship to biggest countries with an approximate number of 20-30 countries to where they are shipping.

Drugs-RX Coupon codes and discounts

A special offer that offers is: FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING on 99% of all orders. What depends I don’t know but free shipping is always good to save money. The bigger the order the more the discount. Purchasing more pills means that price per pill is lower. And lastly they are having discount codes (coupons) and that’s very and very good because for me this is the easiest and the best way to save money. You save money simply by writing a coupon code in the coupon box and apply it.

Drugs-RX Reviews

I found only a few customer reviews but that’s still enough because this means that there are real people who had real experience with this online pharmacy. Since those reviews were positive I think that the pharmacy, therefore is legit. There’s a person saying that she’s happy with this online pharmacy because the products are delivered on time and they are working well. that’s why I guess I can answer the next question:

Is Drugs-RX fake, scam or maybe legit?

You can’t say that 100% unless you had an experience yourself and since I haven’t had an experience myself with I can’t say anything with certitude. However judging by the positive reviews that other people wrote on other sites about this pharmacy I think that it is legit and it is worth purchasing here.


Since people have trust in this online pharmacy and since I think that the prices are really good and plus to that you can get discounts with coupons then my conclusion is that is a very good online pharmacy which I put my trust in and give it 5 out of 5 stars rate. Reviews

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