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While I’ve been searching for ED medications I was also using such keywords as sildenafil citrate tablets and by doing a bit of research I have found another online pharmacy which sells medications treating erectile dysfunction and that’s going to be the pharmacy I’m going to review now – This pharmacy has a mission of providing the best quality meds at the lowest prices. is run by Fortune Healthcare company and they claim to be a $150 million turnover company that is manufacturing pharmaceutical products since 1986. This is a certified company which runs multiple websites and manufacturers more than 300 products, however today I’m only going to talk about this specific online pharmacy and that’s why I won’t talk about the company. As much as I could find from the information on that website, they have opened this website in 2013. Anyhow, is an online pharmacy which is selling only the product called Fildena in multiple versions. So let’s talk about the drugs you can find here. Selection of Drugs

As I just have mentioned this, on this online drugstore you’re going to find only a single type of medication – Fildena (with the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, the same that is found in Viagra) which is helping with male impotence (inability to maintain or get an erection during sexual intercourse). They have a total number of 10 drugs there: Fildena 100, Fildena 50, Fildena 25, Fildena CT 100, Fildena CT 50, Fildena XXX, Fildena Super Active, Fildena Extra Power, Super Fildena and Fildena Strong. They are basically, as much as you can understand, all the same (with same active ingredient) but with some little differences, mostly in coating and in dosing. In case you don’t search for a sildenafil citrate product then you’ve entered the wrong website. prices

Fildena 25, Fildena 50 and Fildena 100 stands for the amount of dose found in a single pill. And since this is sildenafil citrate, the normal and usual dosage for sildenafil citrate (Viagra) that I take is 50 mg and so the prices for Fildena 50 are between 0.80 USD and 2 USD per pill. It depends on the quantity you want to purchase: starting from 10 tablets to 360 tablets. The exact same thing goes for any other Fildena products, with prices differentiating depending on the dosage and the quantity. Assuming that this is Generic Viagra and you can get it at 0.80 USD at the lowest price per pill of 50 mg that’s a fairly good price. I’ve seen prices lower, but I also saw much higher prices either. Customer Support Team

In case there is something wrong with your parcel delivery, or maybe you simply have some questions to this online pharmacy then you can do it by contacting them via submitting a form where you indicate your email address and your phone number and you’re going to get a response as soon as possible as they claim. They also had shown the address of Fortune Health Care headquarters which is located in Gujarat, India, I guess if you live anywhere nearby you can go and talk with them personally. However, for the rest who don’t live anywhere near and don’t want to wait for a response then you can call them by their toll free number USA, by their regular US number or for the EU customers there’s also an UK number either. requires a prescription?

I couldn’t find information here. Usually ED treating medications requires a prescription in UK and USA but I’m not sure if they are going to send you any Fildena product without a valid prescription. But to be honest, I assume yes – they will send it to the customer without asking for a prescription and that’s because on their FAQs page there is not a single word about a prescription requirements. Plus, I was already on Checkout and there was none a single word about prescription.

Fildena Shipping options

They have 2 shipping options, as usual: international unregistered mail which has a fee of 10 USD and doesn’t have a tracking system, they haven’t mentioned what’s the delivery time, but usually that’s anywhere between 14 to 21 days or so. and there’s the second option: trackable courier service which, of course, is a trackable service, again they haven’t posted what’s the delivery time but I assume anywhere between 8 to like 14 days or so and this option has a fee of 30 USD.

Fildena Payment options

As with Shipping options – they again have 2 payment options: credit card and Bitcoin. I absolutely love Bitcoin because it is super easy and super convenient for me, and there are some reasons for that. however if you don’t love or simply don’t know how to use Bitcoin then you can use the credit cards which you can choose from: VISA, Master Card, American Express or JCB.

Does offers some discounts, do they have coupon codes?

No they do not have coupon codes policy and although this is not a very big problem, I will still miss the coupon codes because by simply writing a code you’re getting saved some extra money. That’s amazing. anyway, instead of that they do have some discounts and bonuses: discount includes 5% for your second order with this pharmacy and 7% discount for your third and further orders. Bonuses include: 4, 10 or 20 free Viagra pills for orders that are above 20, 60 and 100 pills respectively. And the last special offer is free standard airmail service for those people who order sum is above 150 USD. That’s fairly good when you get a discount, free pills and you don’t pay for the shipping. Reviews

I’ve checked their testimonials and it wasn’t a shock for me to see that 100% of customer reviews I found there are all positive. That’s because I tend not to believe testimonials written on the online pharmacy itself. However I do believe those customer reviews that are written on external sites. Unfortunately I haven’t found any, writing customer reviews on google doesn’t give you customer reviews about the website but about the product itself. The lack of customer reviews is a big problem personally for me and I tend to avoid such online pharmacies. anyhow, I went further checking what scam analyzing websites would tell me about and I found that only has trust in this website. 90% trust with the message: *High Trust Rating. This Site Looks Safe To Use.* however scamner and legitscript do not actually agree with this. scamner has a trust of 0% with the message: *Browsing and buying in this website is not recommended.* with legitscript calling it a rogue internet pharmacy website that is not safe to purchase from. 0 customer reviews with 2 scam analyzing websites recommending to stay away and only one website saying that it is safe that’s not a good thing.

What’s the conclusion? is an online pharmacy that is by far not for everybody because it sells only a sildenafil citrate medication and for someone like me that wouldn’t be a big problem because that’s exactly what I am searching for. However for me it is a very big problem the fact that most of scam warning websites do not have trust in this website and there are no customer reviews about this online pharmacy who could say that it is indeed worth ordering here. The fact that Fildena is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare company might be true and the fact that this company is a really good that produces very good quality medications might be true as well. However I cannot have trust in the fact that this company runs this website, especially when the website has low credibility. That’s why I think that it deserves 2 out of 5 – mostly because it think that it might not be safe to purchase from this website. Reviews

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