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I was searching online pharmacies I could have trust in so I could safely get medications for discounted prices and by doing this research I found an online pharmacy named an online pharmacy which seem to be mostly oriented in Fertility Medications, but later I am going to find out if they are selling any other types of drugs or not. According to the information on the website, Freedom Fertility Pharmacy has some reasons why they claim to be among the best: freedom MedTeach where you can follow video instructions to help you administer injectable fertility medications, they offer you: ask a clinician and they also have 24/7 support as well. according to the information on their website, their specialized, registered pharmacists average more than 10 years of experience in fertility therapy, nevertheless, on copyright there’s 2015 – 2018 so I can assume that the pharmacy has been around for the last 3 years. I was searching whether or not this online pharmacy has shared an exact address and they did it, with an address in Byfield, MA, USA. The website of this Freedom Fertility Pharmacy seem to be very well done, it is all user friendly and this gives a sense of reliability of the pharmacy, exactly as it is the fact that they shared their exact address of headquarters. There are pharmacies having cheaply made (looking) websites with no addresses offered and to me that gives a sense of scamming pharmacies to my opinion. This all sounds good but I still need to check the pharmacy. I could not find any accreditations on their website so I am not sure if this means they do not have any or they simply haven’t shared this info. Selection of medications and prices

There is a page on their website: Fill Fertility Prescriptions which means that by getting fertility drugs you would need to fill the prescriptions on their website first. With this being said, you can get prescription drugs only by providing a valid prescription. I could not find, unfortunately, a list of medications and a price list for those medications. With this being said, it seems this pharmacy does offer exclusively only fertility drugs, but either are there lots of drugs or only a few of them – I am not sure. there is a *pricing and quotes* page, but the pharmacy doesn’t offer any prices you would need to discuss with their customer support and then, depending if you do have an insurance or not, and also where you live, they might give you a price. The problem is that, as much as I know, such pharmacies might offer slightly better prices than those in your local pharmacy, but usually they are far worse compared to prices for medications you can find at other online pharmacies. But since I do not see any numbers, I can’t say this with certitude. Shipping and payment methods

I have clicked on *order refills* and there you need to fill up the shipping information. However I do not see any other countries than USA (in fact, you cannot choose the country but only the state you live in) so with this being said, this online pharmacy is only selling medications in USA and not anywhere else. I could not see an option to choose the delivery option and that’s why I can assume that they are only offering a single shipping option but I am not very sure as there is not any information confirming this. There is also no information at all about payment methods and for this reason I am not able to comment on this. I just can assume that they are accepting credit cards but either is this true or not – I’m not sure. For more info you might talk with customer support service. Customer Support Service

As much as I could see, this online pharmacy seem to have a good customer support service, or at least in terms of methods to get in touch with them. you can get in touch with them by calling them toll free number, toll free fax, or if you need immediate assistance there’s also a phone number. you can also use the email for getting in touch with them either and there’s also a business address where you can go directly or write them a mail. Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are a great way of saving money and I really appreciate those pharmacies that offer them or anything else that can make you save some money. This could include free shipping, free sample pills, discounts or anything else. Either because this pharmacy doesn’t display any prices or maybe because they simply do not offer anything – but I couldn’t find anything on their website. There does not seem to be any coupon codes, discounts or anything for free offered by this pharmacy. Reviews

There are some customer reviews online and this pharmacy seems to be quite popular as I could find anywhere between 10 to around 80 reviews on each independent websites that I found reviews about this pharmacy. although there are positive reviews as well, it does seem that the amount of negative reviews is bigger. Like for example, on BBB (and this is not BBB accredited business) it has 9 negative reviews and one neutral. On all other reviewing websites (like yelp and birdeye) it has a rate of 2 / 3 out of 5 according to the reviewers. Some people say that this pharmacy is among the best, but there are other people (more of them) who found a lot of problems about this pharmacy such as: waiting time on hold; extra charges, no answers, charging credit cards instead of insurance; rude personnel etc.


Freedom Fertility Pharmacy seem to be popular online which is why I can assume this pharmacy is reliable, nevertheless, I still cannot recommend ordering anything from this pharmacy since, according to the multitude of negative customer reviews, you stand an extremely high chance that you would be disappointed that you tried their services. I rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5 because they are reliable but can’t rate it higher because of so many negative reviews. Reviews

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