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Unverified is the domain address name of the online pharmacy that I have found today by doing my pharmacy research for reliable pharmacies and it is the pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing today. I have accessed their main page and I have seen a really well done website to my opinion, the information is well arranged on the site, the design is user friendly and generally, the site itself looks pretty good which is facilitating my navigation through their site. I have seen that this online pharmacy is offering registration on the site and as much as I have noticed, to unlock just to see some products on their site, requires registration, so this means that people who want to purchase anything here would need to register first in order to unlock some features. Except for registering option on their site, there’s also the option on the site to choose and change the language and the currency on the site which is very good and that’s especially for foreign customers. Plus to that, the site, seemingly, offers the language and the currency needed according to your country the pharmacy’s site is determining from your IP address. Very good features to my opinion. There are just a few problems. Like for example, I could not find any information on their website suggesting where this online pharmacy is located and for how long it has been operating, however I just hope that scam warning engines will help us determine these points as they usually do help us. There are no pharmacy’s claims such or reasons why to choose them as much as I could see from their website. There are also no accreditations or anything else that, usually, online pharmacies are offering. All I found is the claim that they do not sell controlled medications. Selection of medications and prices
As I have earlier said, in order to see all the products that are being sold on this online pharmacy you would firstly need to register on their site,  anyway, it seems that the products that are locked so far are Over the counter (without a medical prescription) and WHO 2017GP which is strange that prescription drugs are unlocked while OTC drugs are locked. Anyway, according to the list of categories on the site, there are the following types of products: medical supplies, foods normally sold in the pharma, hygiene and body care, veterinary supplies, pesticides, pharmacy supplies, formulation, family planning, medical devices, pharmaceuticals for special treatments and veterinary medicines. As much as I have seen, this online pharmacy is offering quite a big selection of products. I have used the search function to search for Viagra where I did found a lot of types of Viagra but they were all locked so I had to register an account to unlock them. Unfortunately, I could not determine the price as they have not shared one. Since these products are in the *prescription category* I can assume that the pharmacy does not offer any prescription medications to customers without showing a valid prescription first. Shipping and payment methods
There’s a very helpful page *shipping details* named and by accessing it I could determine that this pharmacy offers world wide shipping. Or at least, there’s a list of countries and they offer the average shipping time and maximum shipping time to for each country and there’s a really really big list of countries. The shipping times are anywhere between 4-5 days to maximum of 45 days depending on the country you decide to ship your medications to. There is no information suggesting what are the shipping fees, either or not they are offering tracking online and lastly, no information if they are offering multiple shipping options or there’s just one. However, on my checkout page there was only one shipping option and it had a fee of 7.44 USD. There was absolutely no information about payment methods, unfortunately. Customer Support Service
There’s a contact us page which I have tried to access and the following message was offered: *How to contact us: Please register yourself as a Customer and submit us your queries via the Customer Support Form.* This means that you can get in touch with their customer support service only after registering and only via contact form on their site. To be honest, that’s by far not enough, to my opinion. Coupon Codes
Quite a big problem that disappointed me while searching for coupon codes or any other methods to save money if deciding to use this online pharmacy is the fact that I could not find any. As much as I have seen, there are no coupon codes, no discounts, no free pills, no free shipping or anything else in this matter that could make us be determined to purchase medications from this pharmacy. Reviews
I’ve been searching for customer reviews online and it seems that I did have found quite a good number of reviews online, then I realized why: according to this site has a lot of visitors. suggested that besides this site that may be related to a number of high risk sites, it doesn’t seem to have any other problems and therefore has a trust rate of 81%. Among those customer reviews I could read online, there are a lot of mixed reviews. While there are some people who said they have previously ordered from them and everything was perfect, there were other people who said that they have got fake products, never got anything, they are illegal, the pharmacy doesn’t respond to emails and so on and so forth. All in all, the reviews are very mixed as much as we can see.

In the end, it seems that this online pharmacy has a lot of things to work on as there are a lot of customer reviews that are negative. Another thing I did not like is the fact that they are pretty *mysterious* with no location given, no prices given or something like that. Plus, they do not offer any coupon codes, discounts etc. I rate it with 3 out of 5 stars because of a good number of positive reviews and high trust rating by Reviews

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