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Unverified is the online pharmacy that I am going to review today and as soon as I have entered their main page I read their motto which is *America’s Doctor-Trusted Online Pharmacy* and I can conclude that this is an online pharmacy operating in USA by their motto. Well, later we would find out if this is true as for now I can say that they are having a very well done website with clear information, well arranged, user friendly designed interface all of which facilitates the navigation through the site. Customers can create an account on their website and sign in to their accounts. According to the site information, you are going to pay less for prescriptions when you are ordering from them, without insurance and that’s really good if true since I’m searching for reliable online pharmacies because I want to save money while getting medications, otherwise I could simply go to my local pharmacy and get whatever I need – however the prices at local pharmacies are much higher. They claim to be a licensed US pharmacy and according to the information on their site, they are located in Florence, KY, USA. They are a licensed pharmacy which is authorized in selling medications in all 50 states and that’s because they are a VIPPS accredited pharmacy, and also they claim to be a BBB accredited pharmacy and a approved pharmacy. I checked to see if this is true and it does seems to be so. They claim that they have started to operate since 2008 or at least they have become America’s Trusted Online Pharmacy in 2008. They claim that they are having only happy customers and people are able to follow the pharmacy’s activity on social media pages. Plus they claim to offer only FDA approved and legal drugs in the United States. So far, all of this sounds amazing to my opinion. Selection of medications and prices

When you enter their website you can see that the products are being categorized and there are: pharmacy with prescription services, pet rx drugs, what are the best sellers, medications etc. there is also the category: diabetic supplies, over the counter, home medical and lastly pets. Each of these categories have their own sub categories as well. as much as we can see, there are a lot of medications for different needs and health conditions. There are also brand names and generics as well even including medications for pets either. Therefore I can assume that the selection of products at this online pharmacy is extremely wide. As much as we can see, the pharmacy does require a valid prescription and it is confirmed by *prescription required* sign when I was searching for such products. I tried to check the prices and so I checked for ED medications. I got disappointed to see the prices: generic Viagra (sildenafil citrate) 50 mg would be 36 USD for a single pill and 290 USD for 10 tablets! Compared to other online pharmacies, that’s one extremely high price! Shipping and payment methods

This pharmacy is offering shipping only to valid addresses within the United States and US territories meaning that nobody else is able to order here. all the orders are shipped from Florence, KY and they can ship to all 50 states and they ship orders Mon – Fri only. Those who require a tracking number would get their products shipped via UPS for a flat fee of 12 USD but there are 4 other shipping options: USPS/ UPS 4 USD per order, UPS tracking – 12 USD per order, USPS priority 10 USD (including weekend delivery), 2 day UPS – no shipping on Sat-Sun and costs 18 USD and lastly – next day air UPS – 30 USD up to 20 pounds no shipping on Sat-Sun. they accept major credit cards like Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover and they also accept payment from Check Gateway and mailed paper checks and money orders. Customer Support Service

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy shouldn’t be very hard as they are offering different phone numbers, live chat function, fax number as well as mailing address too as well as a contact form available too. With all of this being said, there seem to be enough methods of getting in touch with the pharmacy. Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy is claiming to offer the best prices on the Internet for medications and I guess that’s the reason why they do not consider to have coupon codes policy or any other forms of discounted prices. what I can mention here is the fact that this pharmacy is claiming that you save 19% if you order 10 tablets and another one is that they offer free shipping if you choose standard ground shipping and opt for their monthly newsletter. Reviews

The customer reviews can help us a lot in judging this pharmacy especially when I personally never used their services so I doubt that I have any rights to judge this pharmacy without using it. according to the information on,, VIPPS’s official website and other sites, this pharmacy does seem to be reliable and legitimate. I have then went checking the customer reviews. On facebook it has an average rate of 3.7 out of 5 based on 211 reviews. On it seem to have 8000+ reviews and there are very few negative reviews all the rest being positive. On there are also more positives than negatives as there are 60 positive and 34 negative reviews. People were complaining on rude personnel or incompetent staff. They complained on late deliveries and other things as well. but in the end that’s very good that the pharmacy has more positives than negatives.

Conclusion is a reliable online pharmacy and everything confirms it – the number of customer reviews, the content of reviews, scam warning engines etc. and that’s amazing. Plus, there seem to be more positive reviews than negatives and that’s another very big plus for the pharmacy. nevertheless, I rate with 4 stars because it has no coupon codes and the prices here, compared to other online pharmacies, are much higher (but they still seem to be lower compared to local pharmacies prices). Reviews

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