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There’s a pharmacy which, although they sell drugs and they arrange shipping, they don’t call themselves an internet pharmacy or an E Commerce site, this is which tries to help people save money by providing them generic medications at low costs. They claim to have a lot of drugstores in *your neighborhood*, however even if they are not there then they are offering free shipping to you. So since there is nearly no difference between this and other online pharmacies that I have prior reviewed, I will still call it an online pharmacy as it does seems like one. They claim not to be an internet pharmacy because their customers are going to need to get a prescription from their doctors and to send it to the pharmacy. Lots of online pharmacies require licensed doctor’s prescription. This pharmacy has been opened by the current Pharmacist as well as CEO of Marley Drug, Inc. - Dr. Dave Marley. Their location is in Winston- Salem, North Carolina, but seemingly they have more stores in USA. The pharmacy has been opened up in November 2003 therefore they should have a good experience in pleasing customers as 14 years is enough time to learn all the pharmaceutical business details. This pharmacy is accredited by (Better Business Bureau) and they seem to be the winner of 2013 of something I am not familiar with: Piedmont Business Ethics Award so that fine. Anyway, I thought that I could start with an obvious question which I already answered earlier: requires a prescription?

Yes they do, they are not an online doctor or face to face doctor service and they cannot write you a prescription, however they do require all their customers to have a valid prescription from their licensed doctors in order to purchase medications (meds that require prescription) from this drugstore.

Customer Support Team

There are 2 ways of getting in touch with this pharmacy unless you decide to go visit them at their Marley Drug Headquarters in North Carolina (as they wrote the exact address) – by email at [email protected] or by the single phone number listed: 800 – 286 – 6781. But on their front page there’s another phone number: (366) 711 – 7672 and they are working only in specific hours.

Marley Drug Coupon codes, discounts or bonuses?

From the information I have found on their website: Marley Drug is offering generic sildenafil (generic Viagra) in 20 mg tablets for *ONLY* 2 USD / tablet. To be honest that’s a big price because I found online pharmacies which offered them for less. So that seemed like a discount but to me it is not. They don’t offer coupon codes or bonuses and that’s very sad, they just seem to offer EXTENDED SUPPLY DISCOUNT GENERIC PROGRAM which means that the more you purchase the more you save. This pharmacy claims to offer is low prices for generic alternatives of your medications and free shipping but under which circumstances you’re being offered free shipping I couldn’t find out.

Drug selection Marley Drug

I wasn’t actually able to find what kind of medications and how many of them they seem to have. They just seem to offer sildenafil, I also found they have Cymbalta and when comparing the prices with Walmart (on their website there’s a table) they offer a number of other drugs like Gabapentin, Donezepil, Metoprolol, Sumatriptan and some others. However, whether is that a full list of drugs that you can find in their drugstore or not I am not sure as they don’t have categories of drugs or search box. I haven’t found Cialis or Levitra but on their site there’s *Sildenafil* page which I accessed. Again, all of the pharmaceutical products found on Marley Drug are all generics.

Marley Drug prices

Since I have only found drugs that I am not familiar with I am not able to comment on those prices, I can only comment on the price for the sildenafil (generic Viagra) that I found on their website and as I said earlier: 2 USD for a tablet of 20 mg of generic Viagra and 10 USD for a 100 mg dosage pill. They seem to have only these 2 types of sildenafil (generic Viagra). Compared to other online pharmacies that I have found generic Viagra – these are very high prices. But compared to the prices you can get your Viagra in your local drugstore these are indeed good prices.

Marley Drug Payment methods for shipping requests

In fact, on payment methods I haven’t found absolutely any information at all. Unfortunately there’s no information listed about this. If you want to arrange shipping I guess you need to talk with them first and ask in which ways you’re able to pay.

Shipping details of

I couldn’t find out how you’re able to pay in case you want to have shipping from this drugstore (because if you go yourself buying them from the store then it is obvious you can buy with cash) but I tried to find shipping details and so I managed to find that they are shipping only within USA (and not to all states, but to a majority of them), they have free shipping (but as I said, I am not sure if all orders are having free shipping or only some certain ones), and all packages are shipped Priority Mail using USPS. They are not responsible for packages that are being stolen or lost. They can give tracking numbers upon request.

As said earlier they are accredited by and they are winners of another thing which unfortunately I personally I am not familiar with but that still means something. That means a lot which greatly decreases the chances that they are scammers. The fact that they have brick stores where you can go yourself and buy the medications that you need means that there is no chance that they are scammers and this is an actual pharmacy.

Marley Drug Reviews

There are a lot of reviews on their Facebook page and this means a lot and there are also other reviews on as well as there are reviews on other external sites. According to yelp, only half of people who wrote reviews are happy with this pharmacy, but according to their facebook page reviews – most reviewers are happy. Like for example many people were saying that they are happy with the prices and with the services offered by Marley Drug. Some people call it to be the best pharmacy in the town and other person named Betty said that she loves this drug store and she loves the prices and she thinks that those people working there are really caring about your situation. But there’s another side of the coin in which a lot of people think otherwise. From my observation, most people were complaining on the drugs quality because most of those who were unhappy were unhappy because the drugs weren’t working for them. another person named Tom said that they *clobbered him with both delivery and dispensing charges for a 30 days refill his doctor ordered*.  Other person named Tony that he wouldn’t want to take non FDA approved meds. There is much other positive feedback, but there are also many other people who wrote negative feedback.


The fact that they have brick stores and they are accredited by that’s amazing. They also have a lot of positive reviews and that’s amazing as well. However there are big problems with this: lots of unhappy people. There’s a reviewer who said that this is not a real pharmacy at all and many others were very disappointed with the quality of the medications. Since this is a pharmacy that you know you’re going to get your medications that’s very good, but because you can’t be sure that you’re going to get GOOD medications I can’t rate it with more than 3 out of 5. Especially since the prices for generic here aren’t the best prices on market! Reviews

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