Menu Close is the online pharmacy that I will review now and I hope that I have found a good/ reliable online pharmacy that it is worth purchasing medications from. That’s what I am going to try to find out by writing this review. As soon as I have accessed the front page of this online pharmacy I saw the claim that they are offering safe and high quality medications, something that’s very important – I am looking to get high quality medications only. Also, by analyzing the front page I have seen the few reasons mentioned by the pharmacy as to why the pharmacy is worth using and they include: free pills for every order, money back guaranteed, highest quality generic drugs; fast and free delivery and lastly; safe and secure payments. This is all very good and it is important, but so far these are only claims so I hope that the pharmacy keeps their promises. Trying to find out more information about the pharmacy, I found their claim to be in business for the last 7 years, sending only good medications and they are also offering refunds. This pharmacy claims to be run by Europharm Group Inc. which is located in Praha, Czech Republic. If my memory serves me right, I’ve already written reviews about pharmacies that were run by EuroPharm Group Inc.. Whatever the case, I have went further checking for all the rest this pharmacy has to offer. The pharmacy claims to be a CIPA approved pharmacy, nevertheless, official website couldn’t find in their database. Selection of medications and prices

All of the medications on this online pharmacy are being categorized by health condition and therefore, people are able to search for the needed medication either by using the search function available on the website, or by using the drug category by health condition you need. There are antibiotics, anxiety drugs, birth control, depression drugs, heart disease drugs and many others. All of this is really good and I’m talking about the fact that the selection of medications at this online pharmacy seems to be really wide which is very good as many people might find many different medication here. talking about the prices I have checked the ED medications where I found quite a good number of medications including Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all in brand and generic forms available here. I have checked the prices for these drugs and I made the conclusion that the prices for meds here are quite good. just to give example: generic Viagra 90 pills 50 mg is priced with 1.12 USD per pill - 101 for all pills. That’s a very good price to my opinion and the same thing goes to all other meds. The pharmacy claims to send you a prescription if your order is approved so I am not very sure if they require you to have a valid prescription or not. Shipping and Payment Details

This online pharmacy is claiming to have world wide shipping available to all countries around the world, but every is able to use only one shipping method which is registered airmail that has a shipping fee of 15 USD and does not have online tracking available. But there’s a limited number of countries which can change the shipping method to EMS shipping (express mail service) that does have online tracking, this shipping option has a fee of 25 USD and it does have online tracking. The registered airmail has an estimated shipping period of 2 to 4 weeks while EMS estimated shipping period is 5 to 7 business days. In terms of payment methods this online pharm is only accepting visa, master card and Bitcoin. contact methods

There are several ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy and they include either by phone number or contact form which is available on their contact page online. There are 2 phone numbers available and the contact form online as there’s not email listed, online live chat function or something in this matter. Unfortunately, I would honestly appreciate more contact methods than the ones I have found. coupon codes

According to the information that I was able to find on their website, the pharmacy does offer coupon codes, however those are coupon codes offered only to people who have previously ordered from this pharmacy and so, by receiving that coupon code, the people are able to get a discount. Except for this, the pharmacy is offering free bonus ED pills with every order, they are also offering free shipping if your order sum exceeds 200 USD (registered airmail) and lastly – they are offering discounts by ordering in bulk. The more the pills you order the pharmacy claims to offer more discounts/ cheaper prices per pill. Reviews

Except for the testimonials on their own website, there are absolutely no customer reviews anywhere else online on independent websites. With lack of customer reviews, it is extremely hard to have trust in this pharmacy as there’s nobody to confirm their authenticity and legitimacy, to confirm the fact that someone has actually got anything good from this pharmacy. with this being said, I already do not have enough trust in the pharmacy, but I still checked the information. There I found information that this is an extremely low trust pharmacy with a lot of negative things going around it such as: new website that’s been around for less than a year, high risk country related, high number of suspicious websites on the server and plus to that, the owner uses a service to hide the identity.


There’s absolutely no way that I could recommend this online pharmacy due to all the reasons I mentioned above, lack of customer reviews is a big problem, but combined to all those alarming things I found on makes me think that this is most likely a scamming pharmacy which I will never use and I definitely recommend against it rating it with 1! Reviews

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