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An online pharmacy which is mostly oriented in selling modafinil is and it is the online pharmacy that I will review now. This online pharmacy is claiming that they are having a sale of modafinil where you can get it at a very cheap price, they claim to ship all orders within 2 hours, they claim to have fast delivery, offering full refund and 100% delivery guarantee. Or at least this is all the information that I was able to read on their website as soon as I have entered their front page. I have also noticed that you are able to create an account on their site and sign in to it. The website seems to be really well made with a user friendly interface and design where you can easily access everything that you need and read information. There is information and blog about these drugs and many others. The reasons why this pharmacy claims to be one of the best online are: they are selling highest quality generic modafinil at very good prices, they claim to offer the faster shipping, they are accepting both credit card and bitcoin, they are able to offer people free samples of these drugs they sell, they are offering full refunds and lastly they claim to have discounts! Unfortunately, there is no information about how long they have been online or where this pharmacy is located, however I just found out their claim that they are having more than 500,000 of happy customers who ordered here. If all of this is true then it is indeed good.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

Unfortunately, this is an online pharmacy that doesn’t have an extremely wide selection of medications but in fact, the selection of drugs is pretty limited as they are only selling 4 different medications: modalert 200 mg, modvigil 200 mg, artvigil 150 mg and waklert 150 mg. They are also selling modafinil / armodafinil combo pack however it includes the same drugs. So if you’re not looking for any of these drugs but for anything else then this is not a pharmacy for you. When I was trying to search for these drugs prices I have then found a few other drugs found in their drugstores (medications that are similar to those I mentioned previously) which includes: modaheal, nuvigil and provigil. Talking about the prices –price for a pill greatly depends on the quantity of pills you order – the more you order the cheaper it gets. For 300 pills you would pay 299 USD, for 500 pills you would pay 449 USD but for 10 pills you would pay 29 USD if talking about modafinil 200 mg. I am not very sure how good of a price this is. This online pharmacy doesn’t seem to require their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering prescription drugs here.

Shipping and payment methods at

There’s a bit of a problem with the shipping from this online pharmacy and it is the fact that only US people can order here, so people living in other countries are not able to order here. But US people, before ordering, can choose between 2 shipping options which include: express shipping which comes with a tracking, has a delivery timeframe of 7 to 10 days, it costs 39 USD however it is offered for free if you order more than 150 USD. There’s also another shipping option which is regular shipping (that has a delivery timeframe of 10 to 18 days) and it also have tracking, but it costs less – 29 USD and it is offered for free for orders over 80 USD. In terms of payment methods I can mention here that this online pharmacy is accepting VISA and Master Card as well as Bitcoin.

Customer Support Service

Those people who are having some questions, they are having, unfortunately, a limited number of methods to get in touch with this pharmacy and, in fact, it includes only one method: contact form on their website. There’s no other way to get in touch with them like phone numbers or live chat function, except for this option.

Is Modafinil XL a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I have already mentioned earlier through my review a few ways which can make you save money by ordering here and it includes: free shipping both EMS and regular (for orders above 150USD and 80 USD) as well as the prices for pills can greatly drop down by ordering medications in bulk. In addition to these, the pharmacy claims to send you an email with a coupon for 25 USD off on your next order after you’ve successfully placed your first order. In addition to this, they would give you another coupon for 30 USD off on your next order if you write them a review on the website. one last thing they are offering is 35% additional discount on bitcoin payments as well. Reviews

I have been trying to get customer reviews on independent websites because although the reviews on their website might be written by real customers, there’s still a high probability that they are not and they are fake. In order not to guess I simply searched for customer reviews on independent websites but regretfully, there doesn’t seem to be any reviews anywhere as I only found people asking if this pharmacy is worth using or not. The only thing I found a bit more helpful is a forum discussion where I found out that viabestbuy and modafinilxl is the same site which might be true because their templates are the same, but this is not 100% true. Whatever the case, I found people saying that they have got what they ordered and I found people saying they are scam. Plus to that, on there’s a long list of alarming notes like rogue internet pharmacy, free email address used, website is one year old, malware report and high risk country.


It seems that some people have trust in this pharmacy, but there are other people who do not and are calling it a scam pharmacy. So we have got somewhere like 50/50 negative/ positive reviews. This is already not a good thing but also considering the info on I am just going to rate this pharmacy with 2 out of 5. Reviews

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