Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy which, as much as we can assume by checking its domain address name, is focused in selling Sleeping Pills only. But through this review you would be able to find out if the pharmacy is selling anything else, how trustworthy this pharmacy is, if the prices are good and many other useful information. So, the pharmacy is claiming to help people by saying that customers won’t have any more sleepless nights with Online Sleeping Pills. On their about page, you can find information suggesting that customers can get sleeping pills, anti anxiety pills as well as pain control medications. They are one of the leading providers of cheap sleeping pills in the UK and they are offering accurate information and competitive pricing to help customers deal and treat insomnia and associated conditions at affordable costs. So they claim to be a reliable sources concerning information regarding insomnia and how to purchase sleeping pills online. They have also shared a list of reasons *why to choose them* where they claim to offer> unbeatable prices; 24/7 customer support service; free delivery as well as quality brand names. On their main page; customers can read a lot of information about insomnia as they offer it all on their site. They offer the side effects of sleeping pills, types of sleeping pills and insomnia, insomnia explained a lot of other information on their website. On the bottom of their website I have found out they are sharing the company address which seems to be 47 Hope St; Leamouth Peninsula; London; E14 0QG. Another thing I noticed here is – customers can follow the pharmacy’s activity on social media pages as they claim to be active users of Google+; Twitter; Facebook; Pinterest; Instagram and Youtube. All of this sounds good, but we need to check it all more carefully through this review.

Assortment Diversity

As I said, I found information on their website suggesting that this online pharmacy is offering 3 different types of medications but all of them are associated with treating insomnia and other sleepless issues. The 3 types of drugs at this pharmacy includes: sleeping tablets; anti anxiety tablets and pain relief tablets. It seems that the full list of medications is shown right on their main page as seemingly, each of the 3 drug categories are having 4 different drugs. In sleeping tablets there is: zopiclone; zolpidem tartrate; diazepam and nitrazepam.

On anti anxiety tablets – Xanax; lorazepam; clonazepam and temazepam.

The last one is pain relief tablets where you can find codeine phosphate; pregabalin; tramadol and carisoprodol.

These seem to be absolutely all the medications you can find at this online pharmacy as there are no others. As much as we can see, there is a total of 12 different medications. Only due to the fact that this pharmacy is made just to sell such types of drugs, my rate for assortment of drugs is 3 stars as customers who are searching for medications at this pharmacy, can’t search for anything else. Yet, there are many other different medications in sleeping tablets, anti anxiety drugs and in pain relief drugs. So that’s why, 12 different medications can’t get more than 3 stars as the selection of medications seem to be pretty limited.

Prices Affordability

I am not an expert in the prices for medications that I found here, however I am going to try to compare the prices for a random product I found here with the same product on other online pharmacies. I have checked the price for tramadol 50 mg where I found out that the lowest possible price for this drug at this pharmacy is 0.78 GBP. Remember that this is an UK online pharmacy and all the prices are only in GBP. Converting the price would make it around 1 USD per pill of tramadol 50 mg. I have found out that at other online pharmacies, the price can be lower than 0.50 USD per pill. However, the price at this pharmacy for this product can be even higher if you are purchasing less quantity of pills. Here’s how it all looks like on their website.

Here’s another example – Zopiclone 7.5 mg where the prices per pill are a bit higher compared to tramadol.

Once again, I am not an expert in such medications and I can’t be sure about their prices. But I tried to compare them with other online pharmacies price and it seems that the prices are fairly good, I assume that compared with local pharmacies prices customers can indeed save money. But they are quite a bit overestimated compared to other pharmacies online. For all of this, I think that this online pharmacy is deserving a rate of 3 stars.

Shipping Options

While I was searching for information about the delivery information and shipping options that are offered by this online pharmacy, I have found out that they are offering a page which is named *delivery information* page. it is obvious I wanted to check that page and see more information. Customers should do the same to find more info on delivery. According to the information on the page, the packages are discreet without any indication concerning what’s inside the package.

They claim that the delivery time depends on your location of residency. Orders to UK addresses are usually shipped and received by their customers within 2 to 4 days of online order placement. On the other hand, orders to other countries within the EU are delivered within 4 to 7 days. For other countries outside the EU, it may take one to two weeks depending on the location of the country. Please note that Online Sleeping Pills may not be able to ship to certain countries due to import restrictions. If orders are placed from any such country, the company will further inform the customer through email or phone call.

They claim to offer free delivery and when trying to checkout, the delivery is indeed seems to be charged with 0 GBP.

However, that’s only if country selected is UK. Choosing any other country is going to have a shipping fee on checkout of 7.99 GBP.

In the end, I doubt that this pharmacy deserves anything more than 2 points for the shipping policy information I found. That’s because no overnight shipping option is offered – in fact, no multiple shipping options are offered. The free shipping is only offered to UK residents and no world wide shipping options with many other information missing on the site. My final mark is 2 stars.

Payment Options

I have been searching for information about the payment methods and I have found that this pharmacy is offering information on any on their pages with the payment methods accepted by the company. As much as it seems, they claim to accept the following payment methods: bitcoin; visa and master card. So the pharmacy seem to accept only a cryptocurrency and 2 credit cards.

So, to be honest, I doubt that the payment methods accepted by this online pharmacy deserve anything else more than 3 stars. They should add other credit cards, and other payment methods in general such as wire transfer, echeck and others.

Technical Characteristics of

PageSpeed Insights Test Data

The technical characteristics of any online pharmacy is extremely important and that’s why, I am going to check them through this review. The first characteristic that I am going to check is the page speed loading of this website and I will use the google service to do it. Below, I am going to share a screen with the results that I’ve got for this website which look like this:

We can notice in the screens above that this online pharmacy is having very big issues with page speed data loading and that’s especially for the mobile version which is having a slow page speed data. It is scored with only 46 and red marked. The desktop version is a bit better – yellow marked and having a score of 76 out of 100. But this indicates the pharmacy is having an average page speed for desktop version. Since customers would most likely have big issues with page loading I am going to rate them with only 2 stars.

Mobile Version

Another very important technical characteristic to check is the mobile version of the online pharmacy. The mobile version is extremely important to check because a lot of customers may arrange orders online using smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Without a mobile version, arranging orders from such a device can be near to impossible or at least – very hard, which is very inconvenient. The mobile friendly test offered by google discovered that the page has page loading issues and this is very inconvenient for customers to arrange orders here. The page is indeed mobile friendly and it is easy to use on a mobile friendly device since clickable elements are arranged far enough from each other, text is not too small or not too big exactly as the images on the website are. However, I had to reload the pages several times until they open up. That’s really inconvenient.

So, for the mobile version of the website, I am going to rate them with 3 stars because the page is mobile friendly, but they have big issues with loading them.

Is the Connection Secure?

For checking if an online pharmacy website or any other website is offering a secure connection customers can check for a green lock near the domain address name in your browser. A secure connection means that all your personal data sent is secured and no third party users like hackers can access it. As much as we can see on this website, there is a green lock and this means that Online Sleeping Pills is a website with secure connection. That’s really good but there is other information I have to check.

For example, I checked if they use a lower or higher security level and I found out that they used 128 bit SSL encryption and that’s a lower security level, unfortunately. In addition to that, there is no ownership information shared. Every page is secured but without owner information and without a higher security level my rate is only 3 stars.

Antivirus Presence

According to the information on their website, the pharmacy is VeriSign Secured meaning that every transaction is secured by an antivirus and plus to that, the site has Norton Secured antivirus installed on the site. This means that customers browsing through the website are secured from viruses and other internet malwares.

However, I cannot click on those icons and there’s nothing which could confirm the fact they are secured by an antivirus. For this reason, I can’t be sure that they are having an antivirus but I also can’t be sure they do have one. My rating is 2 stars for this unit.

How to Order from

A really good thing is the fact that this pharmacy didn’t make the registration mandatory on their website. This thing saves the customers a lot of time and energy as there’s nothing to delay the ordering process. So, to start ordering here, customers should select the needed drug from the 12 drugs you can see on their main page and click on *buy now*. After you choose the needed quantity of drugs, click on *add to cart* near the amount of pills you want to purchase. This is going to redirect you to the shopping cart where you can see the total order amount, apply a coupon code if you have one, continue shopping to add other items if you need and then proceed to checkout.

On checkout there are 2 more steps: billing/ shipping address and then the payment option. After this you’re done – the order has been placed.

The order process is very easy and very fast but what I do not like is the fact that you cannot see the price per pill, you cannot change the language and you cannot change the GBP currency. For all of this, the ordering convenience is pretty good, but not perfect. That’s the reason why my rate is 4 stars.

Is Legit? about Online Sleeping Pills

According to the information that I managed to find on, this online pharmacy is not fully trustworthy. There maybe a small chance of risk and that’s not a good news. The site seem to be rarely visited and it is Hong Kong based. It has a trust rate index of 62% so customers should check summary on Domain address is 14 years which is good, but the organization, owner and other important information misses on the website. What’s really strange – they claim to be from UK but the site doesn’t seem to have anything to do with UK.

All the information I managed to find on is pretty strange and not very trustworthy. For this reason, my rate is 2 stars only for the trust rate more than 50%.

Prescription Request

The company claims to be from UK and we all know that it is absolutely against the law to sell such medications as Tramadol, Codeine and other medications found on this website without a valid prescription. The information on their website suggests: “It is always advisable to visit your doctor and have your condition professionally diagnosed before purchasing sleeping medication, however, it is not necessary to provide a prescription in order to purchase medications from this website.”

However, recommending to have a prescription is not enough. Since no prescription policy is present for ordering here my rate is 1 star. Approval Status

According to the information that I managed to find on, this online pharmacy is a rogue internet pharmacy website. A rogue internet pharmacy shouldn’t be trusted because such pharmacies may be selling counterfeit drugs or breaking other laws and customers’ rights. I don’t recommend purchase anything from any website that may be breaking the customers’ rights. Obviously, they deserve 1 point for this unit. Customer Reviews Reviews On-Site

The reviews are extremely important to check because they show how trustworthy an online pharmacy is and the overall performance of the pharmacy. I started to search for them on their own website but I couldn’t find any. I think that site owners should add the opportunity to read and write customer reviews on their own site but without them my rate is 1 point.

Customer Reviews on Foreign Sources

I was searching for customer reviews on foreign sources since I couldn’t find any on their own website and I did found some reviews there. For example, one of the sites I found reviews is on There seem to be 80 total customer reviews with an average rate of 4 stars.

There are lots of positive reviews which indicate that this website is offering excellent service and great product. There seem to be fresh reviews as well.

However, on there seem to be a lot of negative reviews as well. But I also found other sources with other reviews where it seems that nearly all the reviews are negative. I even found one on which suggests they are sending not products that they advertise.

All in all, the reviews I managed to find on foreign sources deserve a rate of 3 stars because there are some positive reviews, but there are also lots of negative reviews.

Coupon Codes

I couldn’t find any coupon codes and that’s even though they claim that customers have the opportunity to apply one. At very least, I have found out that the more pills you’re offering, the less the price per pill it gets. Plus to that, they claim to have free delivery, unbeatable prices and one last thing which I have noticed is that purchasing a high quantity of pills would give you free pills. Like for example purchasing 180 pills of zopiclone would give you 20 free pills. So that’s pretty much it as much as I could find.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information

I went on their contact information to find out what ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy includes and I found out that they are having the contact form, the email, a phone number and the working hours 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm. In addition to that, you can also find the mailing address located in London.

The contact information is full, but what I don’t like is that the information on simply doesn’t coincide with the one shared on contact information. That’s too suspicious so my rate is 4 points.

Getting in Touch

I have tried to get in touch with this online pharmacy asking for a coupon code and where to find them because they are offering a field to apply coupon codes to customers but there is none anywhere online. I asked them through the contact form and I waited for a response back to my email. They claim to work every day so 24 hours is more than enough to answer an email. Nonetheless, more than 24 hours have passed and no response ever arrived to my email. For this reason, the customer support department seems to be inexistent and my rate is 1 point.

Conclusion: Hong-Kong Based Pharmacy claiming to be from UK is an online pharmacy that is offering sleeping pill medications and other medications in the same category. All in all, there seem to be 12 different medications on their website and the prices for medications seem to be average compared to other online pharmacies but they still seem to be affordable compared to local pharmacies prices. According to the information on the site the pharmacy is from UK, or at least they shared an exact address in UK, but this doesn’t add up with the information that I managed to find on that claims the site is from Hong Kong. Also, a lot of important information about this company is hidden and that’s a huge problem.

Other big problems include that they are a rogue internet pharmacy on, they do not ask for a prescription even for potentially dangerous medications and they have a lot of negative reviews, although there are some positives. Plus to that, customer support service doesn’t seem to answer customers questions. All of this doesn’t sounds too good and doesn’t seem to be a pharmacy that is legitimate. I wouldn’t risk ordering from Online Sleeping Pills. Reviews

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