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Another online pharmacy that I managed to find while I was doing my research for good and reliable online pharmacies is, an online pharmacy which seems to be having an user friendly interface of the website where everything is easily understandable and you can easily access all that you need, and for this reason, I decided to write a review about it trying to find out if it’s reliable or not. By checking their front page I have noticed that the website is or at least that’s what you can see as soon as you enter the website. Being curious I tried to access but it seems there’s no such page so I can assume that the domain address was either seized and now pharmacy moved to on their front page there are different medications being advertised and on photos of each of those medications there is the website as well which is quite strange to my opinion. Also the pharmacy claims to be an Online Pharmacy without prescription and while that’s good for some people, not requiring a prescription is a sign of illegal activity of the website. I have also noticed that people are able to register an account on this online pharmacy and login to their accounts here. On the bottom of their website I found an even stranger thing: powered by: a third website. To be honest, that’s all very strange to me. The pharmacy claims to be focused on selling only a limited number of types of medications, they claim to ship world wide, claims to have lowest prices for medications and they supply only 100% authentic and reliable medications. Selection of Medications and Prices

As I said, there is information that they are only supplying medicines for a limited number of types of medications and they include: acne treatment, back pain, birth control pills, dermatitis cream, hormone, hair loss treatment, fungal infections and thyroid and also a few others but that’s it. as much as it seems, this online pharmacy doesn’t have a wide selection of medications where many types of medications are missing. My biggest problem is that this online pharmacy does not sell any of the erectile dysfunction medications. There are no Viagra, Cialis or Levitra or any others and with this being said, I am not going to be able to comment on the prices saying whether are those cheap or expensive prices. so, simply to give an example, I’ve taken a random product which was called Tramadol HCl 50 mg 100 capsules in strip – the price was 85 USD. Once again, I am not sure if that’s a cheap or expensive price, I simply gave an example of prices. and then again – this pharmacy does not require their customers any kind of prescriptions for ordering medications here. Shipping and payment methods

As I said earlier, this online pharmacy claims to accept orders world wide meaning that everyone is able to order their needed drugs here. nevertheless, by accessing their *shipping and postage* page there’s information suggesting that they are not shipping to Canada, Sweden and Australia due to high security levels on *both countries* as they said, although there are 3 countries. This makes me wonder if someone ever checks the information on their website. There seems to be a single shipping option and it requires, as they mention, a timeframe of 3 to 4 working days for deliveries. There is no information whether or not they are requiring a signature or but they do offer a tracking information online. There is not a FAQ page and you are not able to go to checkout page without having an account here, that’s why I am not able to find out what are the payment methods available here. Customer Support Service

To be honest, I got seriously disappointed when I have checked their customer support, I mean, when I have checked what are the methods available for customers to get in touch with the pharmacy. that’s because the only available method to get in touch with the pharmacy, as much as it seems, is through contact form available on the website. There are no phone numbers, emails, exact addresses or anything else in this matter. Coupon Codes

According to the information on their website, there are some medications that are having some special prices. like for example, there is Divigel estradiol which used to cost 75 USD but they are selling it for 65 USD. By checking other products with special prices I found out that there are none except for this. No coupon codes, seemingly no free shipping and no free pills either. There’s nothing I can mention except that divigel estradiol claiming to have a special price. Reviews

Been trying to find some customer reviews about this online pharmacy but I couldn’t find any and that’s rather very strange to my opinion, in fact, pretty much as anything else on this website. Except for not having any customer reviews anywhere online (which to my opinion is already a big problem) I have then found an even bigger problem when I checked its reliability on the domain age is less than 2 years ago, the site is rarely visited and biggest problem: the owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity. All of this made the website have trust of less than 70% which is not enough personally for me to have trust in this. according to this is a new site with limited and hidden information.


The website is having a lot of hidden information, it is all strange with many other sites being mentioned on it, it has no customer reviews and no way to reach them except contact form online, the website is overall strange and it is rarely visited with no medications of my interest. To be honest, this website doesn’t seem to be reliable at all, and that’s confirmed by all along with no customer reviews. I rate this pharmacy with 1 on a scale from 1 to 5 and I would stay away from it. Reviews

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