Menu Close is the internet address of the online pharmacy that I will review now trying to determine if ordering here is worth it or not. People can go on their website and see more information about the pharmacy themselves or they could simply read my review as I am going to try to give all the needed information here. By entering on their website you can see quite a well done website, a user friendly interface, well arranged information on the site all of which makes it easier to navigate through it. by checking the information on the site it seems that this pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling ED medications as there seem to be only such drugs and plus to that, it seems that they are offering only generic drugs but that’s something I would check later. There is information on the website suggesting that they are an Australian website and therefore all the prices are in AUD, plus to this. The pharmacy has shared a google map where they claim there’s their headquarters located. The aim of this pharmacy as they claim is to help those men who are paying incredibly high prices for Erectile Medicine and the pharmacy can help by offering much better prices for such medications, as much as they claim. People are able to register an account on their website and login which would make it easier for people to order in future. Plus to this, the pharmacy promises the following: free shipping; order tracking; secure ordering by giving SSL website security and they also claim to offer bonus Viagra pills either. A lot much more information can be found on their website for those who are interested and so far, the pharmacy looks good, but there are many other things to check first. Selection of medications and prices

By searching for more information about their selection of medications I have seen that they are a pharmacy that is selling exclusively only ED treating medications and with this being said, they are not offering any other types of medications than ED drugs. Plus to that, they seem to offer exclusively only generic medications which as they claim, they are all from Indian but they have quality guarantee policy. There are categories: generic Viagra and a number attached – 7 suggesting there are 7 different forms of generic Viagra. There is generic Cialis – 10; kamagra jelly 2, priligy 6, and others. In total they seem to have around 40 drugs and I wouldn’t call that a wide selection of medications, I can only say that they have a *moderate selection of ED drugs*. I was interested in the prices for medications and I noticed they are offering only 100 mg viagra and 90 pills would be 159 AUD and that’s around 120 USD which is approximately 1.33 USD per pill. Compared to other online pharmacies that’s somewhere a *moderate* price. They claim that they are not requiring a prescription to send medications but they warn that Australian laws are warning that people should have a prescription to import medications. Shipping and payment methods

There’s no information suggesting that they are shipping medications worldwide, however according to the list of countries on the billing page they seem to ship worldwide as there’s a very big list. Seemingly, they are only offering a single shipping option and this option has a flat rate shipping of 20 USD regardless of order size and product. They claim that everyone is going to receive a tracking number to track your parcel online and delivery times are varying anywhere between 5 to 12 business days. Upon delivery a signature will be required either. They seem to accept credit cards and Direct Deposit as Internet banking and they seem to support Direct Deposit instead of credit cards. Customer Support Service

On their website you can see there is a phone number given and there’s the contact form available for all those people who are still having questions unanswered and they would want to get some answers by talking with one of their consultants. Except for phone number and contact form there does not seem to be any other ways to get in touch with them only if you could use that google map somehow in order to get in touch with them. Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are a great way for the pharmacy to make new customers as coupon codes are a great way for the customers to save money. although this online pharmacy does not seem to offer coupon codes to their customers, there seem to be other methods making people saving money and they include: the pharmacy claims to offer free shipping to everyone who is ordering more than 150 USD on their website and plus to that, they are offering free bonus viagra pills to everyone who is paying for their orders via direct deposit. Other than these I couldn’t find any other bonuses. Reviews

The customer reviews are a great way to determine if the pharmacy is reliable and in some way to be sure that you will not be scammed by trying to purchase something from the pharmacy. that’s why I was really hoping to get any reviews and I was hoping to get good reviews but unfortunately I didn’t. After doing quite a vast research I found a single website with 4 different reviews. Good news is that they were positive reviews, bad news is that those reviews were written a long time ago – over 4 years ago, over a year ago and most recent – 6 months ago. I checked information where I found that a malware report has been detected for this site and the site has been listed as rogue pharmacy on

Conclusion suggests that there is a risk ordering medications from and I think the same. This pharmacy is not considered legitimate and a malware report has been detected with low trust rate. It doesn’t seem to be popular with only 4 reviews and although positive – they were written a long time ago. All in all gets a rate of 3 out of 5 stars! Reviews

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